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Thurs, 15 Nov 07 - Episode # 4549

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jack, Annie Is Going To KILL You!!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 15 Nov 07 - Episode # 4549]

Notes –

1. I missed the 1st few mins of this ep [buses, traffic etc]

2. You just had to LOVE that, in “who is pregnant?” preview for ep #4548, they suggested that Sally might have been the one who is - would help if she still had a uterus.

FARM : Jack & Martha were clashing when I got home. Martha insists that she & Sam just aren’t going to ever be friends, and that Sam just doesn’t want Martha at the weeding.

RACHEL’S : Jack enters, and confronts Sam. He knows knows why Martha hasn’t RSVP’d to their weeding, as she didn’t receive an invite. Sam insist atat she just doesn't trust Martha, esp. after the comments that Rory recently overheard that Martha doesn't think that jack should be getting married so soon to what happened to him [coma etc].

DINER : Martha & Sam lock horns once more, and Martha’s mood isn't helped when colleen tells Sam how elegant and classy that she believes that Sam’s wedding dress is – compared to Martha’s slightly out there cowboy boots look at her & jack’s weeding.

BRAD’S : Rachel enters and she tries to call Lewis, but its just goes thought to his message bank. Rachel gets upstairs into the kitchen, and she begins to feel really ill. She tries phone Lewis again – but just get msg again. Rachel then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay doubles over in pain.

DINER : Jack is talking to one of his yellow male uniform cops about jack started back at work soon., talks trunks to Sam’s [i started writing Martha’s initially] wedding dress. Colleen &* Irene thinks jack is kinda brave for agreeing to pick it up form yabby creek. Jack then also agrees [since it’s on the way] to take Michael’s parole papers [ro him to sign] out to the farm.

FARM : Jack arrives and gets Michael to sign the parole papers. Jack, Martha & Michael clash over what’s been happening with Sam – both Martha & esp. Michael insists that all of this is jack's problem to sort out.

Jack gets in her car – but seconds after he back up the vehicle a little, we hear a thud. Jack gets out and he [along with Michael & Martha] is shocked to discover that jack has ruin over [Annie’s dog] scruffy!!!

Michael gets in the back seat of jack’s car – carrying scruffy, but for Michael to sit there, jack or Michael handed Marsha’s [enclosed in clothes bag] wedding dress. Jack starts the drive to vet

BRAD’S : Leah enters, and racvhel is all distraught on the stairs. Rachel [totally in tears] tells Leah that she has lost the baby.

RACHEL’S : Sam is sitting on the front porch when Reverend Hall arrives. She can’t believe it when he says that they had pre wed appointment booked in for today. After Sam explains that Jack isn’t here, Rev Hall eventually gets Sam to open up about her issues with Martha. After Sam does that, Rev Hal suggest tat sam should go out to the farm and offer the hand of friendship to Martha. Sam agrees to at least try this idea.

FARM : Martha carries a metal box onto the shed where THE dress is hanging up. Martha can’t help herself – she approaches and starts to unzip the cloths bag contain THAT dress.

BRAD’S : Lewis enters – Rachel is fighting back tears on the couch. Rachel can’t believe that Lewis just bailed on her last night [that must have been one of the scenes that screened before I ghost home] but Lewis responds by saying that although he thinks he & Rachel make a good pair, he’s soooooo not ready to be a father.

Rachel tells lewis that he doesn’t has to worry anymore – as she is 99.99999% sure that she’s lost the baby [has an ultrasound booked to coniform suspicions]. Rachel then insists that Lewis should just get out of her house [and out of her life, form tone of her voice]

FARM : With a dreamy, ethereal song playing, Martha is in a total wonderland - WEARING Sam’s wedding dress!!!!

Martha is sooooooooooooooo bought back to earth when she sees Sam – who is WAY death starring her!!!



Michael confronts Martha bout her feelings for Jack


The hospital attacker strikes again!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

Martha: white waaaaaaaaaaaay beaded & floral etc low cut [both front & back] wide strap wedding dress - GOLD

Rachel: electric blue satin night gown - SILVER

Sam: black & grey [horizontal striped] low cut v neck top/purple shorts - BRONZE


Colleen: blue [white floral] top

Irene: brown mottled scoop top

Jack: denim jeans/black v neck t

Leah: orange (silver spots across the bust) spaghetti strap top

Lewis: brown leather jacket/dark button up shirt

Martha: red [white check] button up shirt/denim short shorts

Michael: denim jeans/grey singlet

Rachel: red low cut v neck top [with black top neath]/black long skirt

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