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Wed, 14 Nov 07 - Episode # 4548

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Imaginary Friends “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 14 Nov 07 - Episode # 4548]

VAN PARK : Its morning, and ric [in her van] [is way regretting sleeping with Viv.

In the park itself, lil pip is wonder when brad will come over, and sally tries to tell lil pip what happened [again] to no avail.

After hearing from sally that ric not come home last night, Cass goes to viv’s van. She demands to know if ric is here. Viv suggest for Cass to go, but Cass – before bail – insists that ppl like Viv [nightgown very sim toy one I rem Josie wearing at times] give women a bad name.

DINER : When sally is about to sit down, lil pip tell her that brad is sitting there. Sal goes to counter and colleen comments about the situation, incl mentioning Sal’s own imaginary friend Milco. Sal ins that this is different, as brad is a real person.

VAN PARK : Cass sees ric and confronts him. He insists that ppl shouldn’t always blame him for issue that he & maddie are having. Ric storms off.


VAN PARK HOUSE : Viv arrives at the door, and Cass – before bail – tells Viv off again.

Sally then also has a more subtle word of warning to Viv – but the latter insist that if Maddie’ric were so strong, Viv wouldn’t have been able to connect with ric.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Lewis enters the kitchen and is rather surprised that Rachel IS so serious about them cleaning this place, but seconds after she tells him to go and clean bathroom, she follows after him, and the laughter etc indicates that Rachel does want to spend some not so serious alone time with Lewis.

BEACH : Ric & Viv encounter each other – during a decently long talk, Viv tells ric that she & her hubby have talked, and they are both willing to give their marriage another chance.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Colleen enters, but she soon bails – after 1st Rachel, then Lewis [both messily dressed etc] come halfway down the stirs.

VAN PARK : Cass enters vim’s van, to get the linen. She finds the tie that ric wore to formal amongst vim’s sheets.


VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric approaches ric on back patio. She wonders where Viv/ric are at at the Monet. He insists that he not love Viv, but he likes that she listened to him of late. Maddie agressthat she has been take ric for granted of late.

As they really start to talk for 1st time in ages, we gaer Cass [off screen] yell to ric that she has found something in the vans., but when Cass sees maddie, she just says that she found some money in one of the vans.

HOSPITAL GROUNDS : Rachel is rather surprised, yet pleased, when Lewis suggest that they take over the lease of brad’s place [and move in together] when lease expires in 2 weeks.

NOAH'S : Maddie & Ric continue what they started at the vph – their 1st real chat in ages. Maddie jokes that it’s taken them to break up for them to do this.

Tiny approaches – and comments on how the surf club looks normal again p[after formal]. Her ads that it took ages to get it back this way.

HOSPITAL : As Rachel check out lil pip [post THAT hit & run incident], lil pip insists to sally that its brad who holds her hand.

Rachel & sally go into corridor, and sally wonders tehhjat if her plan of just keep on telling lil pip that brad is gone is the right way to go. Rachel says that lil pip is still just trying to deal with the idea that adults can leave. Sally then mentions her OWN imaginary friends, but has to correct Rachel who that that the frind may have been a milkman.

Rachel suggests to sally that she should bring lil pip over to brad’s old place to show her that he is gone. Sally is please when Rachel tells her that Rachel & Lewis could be moving into that place. Rachel then suggests sallying to show lil pip pics etc of Tasmania.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric enewtyrs and encounters a fired up Cass. Ric insist that he has sorted things with Viv, and is sorting things with maddie, so maddie not need to know. Ric then reminds Cass how GUTTED he was when he discovered that she was REALLY REALLY cheat on him with Macca.

HOSPITAL : Rachel & sally show lil pip tourist type brochures of Tassie, and talk about going on to9 ferry across bass strait to vast brad, but lil pip insists that she’d rather go there via airplane.

Rachel looks not so good, so she soes into the corridor, and tehn she starts talk to nurse Julie that she is feeling unwell. Rachel then all but collapses.


HOSPITAL : Nurse Julie enters the treatment room that Rachel is in – and informs Rachel that she is PREGNANT!!!



Sam’s suspicions that Jack & Martha still feel somoething for each other WAAAY aren’t helped when she finds Martha in her [sam’s] wedding dress

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

Rachel : purple [faint black floral] satin top/dark jeans - GOLD

Viv : pink [black floral motifs near collar] satin nightgown - SILVER

Rachel : electric blue satin night gown - BRONZE


Cass : rainbow colours horizontal striped long sleeve scoop neck top/denim short skirt

Colleen : red top/dark blue [purple floral] blouse

Lewis: brown leather jacket/white [black pin stripe] button up shirt

Lewis: brown leather jacket/white button up shirt

Little Pippa: sky blue [pink “I’m pretty” slogan] t/dark long pants/baby pink shoes

Matilda: baby pink wide strap low cut top/faded jeans

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Rachel: electric blue blouse

Ric: way way light pink button up shirt

Ric: white [back “3” inside upside down triangle on left shoulder] polo shirt

Sally : peach low cut top/dark jacket/dark blue jeans

Tony: white [sB gym] t shirt

Viv : cream [black floral pattern, with see trough black lining at the bottom] cross back wide strap dress

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