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Tues, 13 Nov 07 - Episode # 4547

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Three To Tassie “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 13 Nov 07 - Episode # 4547)

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric enters, and see Matilda – her hair is already done up for the formal [way stylish] but ric says that he’ll have to grab a tie form taby creek this arvo.

Cass and ric talks about how Viv is staying in one of the vans – ric thinks it’s a silly decision form Cass to let her, and he urges Cass NOT to tell Matilda that Viv in here at the park.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Tam tells bard, heather & Rachel; that she DID rally want to be with Aden, but also wonders why everything has to go bad in her life. Tam says that banning Aden form formal does nothing – as he’s already “scored points” with his mates. Tam adds that this will reinforce to his mates that tam is a skank, and aden's a legend.

Brad suggest too tam that he’d like to speak to heather & Rachel, so tam go upstairs.

VAN PARK : Ric confronts Viv in here van about her renting palace here. He insists that she can’t be here, but she suggest that they work something out while she takes him to yabby creek to get a tie.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Brad ask heather is she is sure about “this”, before calling out to tam to come downstirs.When she his downstairs, Brad asks her if she’d like to [with heather] come with him to Tassie. Tam is overjoyed and way hugs Brad. [note – you just have to love the misleading preview, ie will sally go to Tassie, for this ep]

ROAD : Viv’s BMW has broken down again. Ric is REALLY annoyed – and there’s not chance of getting a tie now. Viv tells him to look in glove box if her car, and ric finds own of Noel’s ties.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Matilda arrives downstairs as both she & Cass tell each other that they looking amazing in the formal dress. Sally agrees with their call.

Cass’s date, Sean arrives. He does kinda look as geeky as the way Cass had described him. Sean gives Cass a small precent.

DINER : Belle & Drew enter [in their formal gear] and Leah comments that they look GREAT, and wants some photos of them. He trio go outside.

Tam is further over the moon [on top of Tassie thing] when she asks her to accompany him to the formal.

Drew, Belle & Leah re entry – and Drew gets a text form Ric.

ROAD : Viv helps ric put that tie on the right way, before they see Drew [belle’s car] approach,

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally tells Matilda, Cass & Sean that she is about to head over to brad’s place – with a dress for tam. Cass & Sean go with Sally – as Sean’s sister or mum dropped him off at van park. Matilda insist to Cass that ric will be back soon.

ROAD Ric gets in Drew’s car, and he tells Drew that Matilda can NOT find out bout this.

VAN PARK HOUSE Matilda anxiously waits for Ric.


SURF CLUB : May ppl are already having a great time at the formal when the likes of Sally, Cass, Sean, Tam & Brad arrive. Tam accidentally bumps into Sean – and discovers that he is wearing make up [his sister suggested it he says]...

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric finally arrives, and he tells Matilda that the scooter had issues which he had to fix etc. as thy bail, Matilda comments that she LOVES Ric’s tie.

SURF CLUB : At the formal, Drew/Belle is rally geeting close, amd then Matilda and ric arrive.

As ppl are dancing etc, izzy approach Tam – and way verbally lays into her [as tam is why Aden is banned form the formal, izzy says] Cass way defends tam.

To the kinda official part of tee evening – Brad gets the awards for best teacher [Dan heckles that decision]; Matilda/Ric are best couple [Drew/Belle has something to say bout that]; Belle gets warded “most temper” [their words, not mine] whilst Sean gets that gong for the person most likely to succeed – but he’s way been drinking, and his acceptance speech is a bit of a disaster.

The lights go out – and in the unlit frenzy, izzy takes a tumble [the icing etc of some of the cakes etc covers part of front of her dress.

Meanwhile, Dan locates the culprit of the power outage – Aden.


SURF CLUB : Belle is kinda distraught that her camera is broken [] knock over in confuioson] whilst Aden isn’t letting on where the fuses form the surf club are.

Drew enters the room with a portable stereo – he cranks up the music, whilst Cass approach rich, who says that the viv things isn’t rtresolved, but ric insist to Cass that maddie can’t know.

VAN PARK : Noel arrives at Viv’s van, and he “suggest” to Viv that she won’t be able to live the luxury life tat she loves if she is with ric, but viv tells noel that ric gives her that one thing she doesn’t get form Noel - REAL love.

SURF CLUB : Sal & Brad are slow dancing together, and both admit that although they know that they won’t get back together, both gave the other a reason to live [after Flynn & Emily].

Cassie’s interesting night with Sean continues – he vomits on her shoes, and then Noel turns up and has a go at ric, and Maddie is somewhat appalled when Noel comments that ric is waeing his tie. Things gets worse when ric is forced to admit that it was viv whose car broke down [to him to buy tie] this arvo. Maddie flees the room is disgust.

SEAPLANE WHARF : When Ric catches up with the WAAAAAAAY emotional Maddie, she insists that she just not trust him anymore, and that they are OVER!!!!


MONTAGE : The likes of Cass, Leah, and Dan etc say goodbye for now to Brad & Tam [Noah’s], before sally & Rachel [brad’s place] also bid a fond farewell to brad and co.

Meanwhile [wharf] Cass tries to console maddie, whilst [kinda nearby] ric rips up the “best couple” certificate.

When Cass returns to the van park house she finds a presies from henk – a bracelet, and Ric knock on Viv’s van door – they are pashing within seconds of her opening door.



Will Cass tell Matilda that Viv & Ric were together?

Someone is preggers – sounds like its close friend of Leah’s

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam - gold meatal headband [horizontal across the middle of her forehead]/red low cut spaghetti strap dress

SILVER : Rachel – purple long skirt/black low cut thin strap top

BRONZE : Cass – white [with swirl pattern around “collar” halter neck mid thigh length dress


Aden – dark shirt/white jacket

Belle – black & leopard print [black on bust, leopard print the rest] halter neck mid thigh length dress

Brad – grey suit/white button up shirt/sky blue tie

Brad – white v neck t

Cass – tan low cut top, with orange singlet top neath

Dan – dark suit/apple green button up shirt

Drew – dark button up shirt/choc brown suit

Heather – dark green scoop neck elbow length sleeves top

Izzy – royal blue strapless dress

Leah – white [black leaf like motifs at the top] poncho

Matilda – dark blue [pre formal] dressing gown

Matilda – red [green horizontal swirl at the very top] spaghetti strap mid thigh dress

Noel – black button up shirt

Ric – way way light pink button up shirt/gold [white double triangles] tie

Sally – black low cut wide strap dress

Sally – royal blue v neck top

Sean [Cass date] – white jacket/white button up shirt/blue bow tie

Tam – black [white & red “red hot chilli peppers”] singlet top/red jacket

Tam – white t/ black [grey ppl-like motifs] jacket/denim jeans

Viv – black thin strap top

Viv – bone long pants/black & grey [black on the bust, grey the rest] halter top

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