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Fri, 9 Nov 07 - Episode # 4545

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Just When I Think That Aden Couldn’t Get Any Worse … “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 9 Nov 07 - Episode # 4545)

GARAGE : Ric insist to Viv that she shouldn’t be in her, and Ric really not like in when she starts to run her hand trough some of his wet hair. Ric bails form the shoer cubicle.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle is trying to select an outfit for her 1sty day at her new job, but Irene thinks that belle is silly to ask drew for advice. Irene also thinks that belle’s photos will do a lot more “talking” for her than her clothes.

Drew sense the belle isn’t exactly over the moon excited – and she admits tat she IS worried about Dom [how they left him out there].

NOAH’S : Noel enters, and as soon as he sees that rather dressed up Maddie, he starts “hitting on” her. Ric enters, and quickly makes noel aware that Maddie is ric’s g/f.

Maddie then confronts Ric about hi not telling her about noel’s suggestions that they should come over to his place for dinner tonight.

BRAD’S : Rachel talks to heather about her great new job, before heather heads posturers.

Brad enters the main room, and he tells Rachel that also he didn’t score that job arty nearby Reefton lake, he HAS been offered a teaching job in TASMANIA!!

NOAH’S : Noel & Ric are peric wondering where Viv is, and when noel has waited long enough, he tells Ric & Mads that he is bailing, but they see him seriously flirt with another ][blonde] unknown to us woman.

As Maddie & Ric bail, Maddie admits that she almost feels sorry for Viv.

SBH : Next day, brad tells sally that – thanks in part to her good reference – he has score dtaht job in Tassie. Brad tells sally tat he is worry about tam, esp. since she seems to be settling in here at summer bay.

Out in corridor, tam is talking to Annie when she sees Aden. Annie suggetsnthat tam shouldn’t talk to etc Aden because of his past, but tam approaches Aden, and he eagerly ask him t9o the yr 12 formal. She tells him that she will have to check her diary, but when she goes back and talks to Annie, the latter is not impressed. Indeed, when tam walks away, Annie was a gorgeous look of worry on her face.


BEACH : As Ric & Maddie chat about the previous night [noel etc], Ric is distracted – when he sees [in distance] drew & Viv gets out of her car. Ric is just Abe to cover up being districted, and he & Maddie agree to meet up later.

BEACH HOUSE : Ric enters, and wonders if he really did see drew with Viv eerier. Drew admits that he was just doing some errands for Viv, but when Ric suggest that it’s a bad move, drew thinks that Ric is just jealous. Ric insist that thus is so not the tooth.

DINER : Aden enters, and tam tell him that she accept [go to formal].

Aden walks away when he & tam see brad & Annie enactor, and when tam tells bard that she is go to formal with Aden, he tells her that he FORBIDS it.

BEACH HOUSE : Bell tells drew & ire that her 1st day is goo well so far, but when she goes into her room, she finds the ring that Dom gave her on the window sill.

Belle goes back into main room – wonders if Irene or drew touched a ring that she pout in bin in her room. When they say no, she bails – and drew go after.

BEACH : Drew catches up with belle, and he tell him that the ring was given to her by doom and that she found it on the sill, which means that Dom was in her room. Drew hugs the wooired belle.

DINER : Ric gets a text form Viv ”we need to talk” and as Maddie & Cass enters, Ric tells them that he realises theta he left something at work.

Sends after Ric bails, Cass agrees with Maddie – that Ric IS acting weird!!

NEAR DINER : Ric sits on a bench next to Viv, who asks him if noel left noah's last night with anyone. Ric admits that he did see noel chatting up a blonde woman [before Maddie & Ric baled]. Viv tells Ric that she thinks that this woman is slos that e that noel was with on her birthday.

Viv asks Ric if he’d go for a walk with her – and Ric agrees to do so.


RACHEL’S : Tam enters, and Rachel & tam talk about how well things are going for tam, heather & brad at the moment. Rachel then makes a comment about brad’s job in Tassie, and tam WAAAY reacts negatively, and rich realises that brad obviously hadn’t told tam yet.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHERF : Ric & Viv are waling & talking. Viv thank Ric for being a kinda shoulder t9o cry on, whilst Ric tells Viv that she has listened to him more than his family & fronds have of late.

When Viv suggest that she & ric should get together, Ric says tat he knows what its like to BE cheated on, and he not what to put Maddie through that. Viv comets to ric that THAT [not cheat] is why she likes Ric soooooooo much.

DINER : Heather & brad are talking when rachel enters – she reveals that she let the cat out of the bag about the Tassie job [as thought brad would have told by now]

NOAH’S : Tam & Aden are siting are a table when the on duty Cass approaches, and she tells tam that she shouldn’t be hang out with a loser like Aden. Cass even references her own fling with Aden.

When Cass has walked way, Aden suggetsbthat tam needs a bit of a party starter, and he puts some alcohol on both his and tan’s drink. He then eagerly drinks it out, whilst tam is more cautious, but she does start drinking her now amended drink,


BEACH : Tam is stiting with Aden and his mates around a bonfire, when Aden suggests to tam that they should move way from the group a little.

After they have, the dunk tam lies on her back, and Aden eagerly takes advantage of her [kissing her etc] – and one of Aden’s low life mates uses a mobile phone camera to film the kissing!!!!



We got a repeat of the preview for the ep we’d just seen, i.e.

Did Ric cheat on Matilda?

Every man and his dog [incl Cass] is warning Tam to stay away from Aden!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel – purple satin v neck top

SILVER : Matilda – black low cut spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE : Tam – vibrant green long pants/black sleeveless jacket/white [various colors boxes] t


Aden – black jacket/aqua [white crest] t

Aden – black t/grey jeans

Annie - SBH uniform

Belle – black [The Emilys] mid thigh length dress, with red t neath/black cap

Belle – red [black Emily the strange motif] singlet top

Brad – grey long sleeve top

Brad – light blue long sleeve top

Cass – yellow halter top

Cassie - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Cassie – tan (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Drew – black & grey horizontal stripes [with yellow horse head? motifs near each shoulder] t

Drew - grey (unknown black motif) t

Heather – red blouse, with black singlet top neath

Heather – red low cut singlet top

Irene – green leafy scoop neck long sleeve top

Irene - red long sleeve scoop neck top, with black top neath

Matilda – white [black check] low cut spaghetti strap top/light pink shorts

Noel – black button up shirt

Rachel – black v neck long sleeve dress

Ric – grey [with black collar & “YD” logo] polo shirt

Ric - light green [with darker green forest motif] t

Ric – way way light pink button up shirt [that Mads bought for him]

Sally – dark suit/black scoop neck top

Tam - SBH uniform

Viv – cream long sleeve jacket & matching long pants

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