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Wed, 7 Nov 07 - Episode # 4543

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Gunning For Trouble “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 7 Nov 07 - Episode # 4543)

BEACH : Dan catches up with Ryan, and insists that they need 2 talking bout this. Rain tells Dan that he is annoyed tat he wasn’t even asked his opinion etc, but when Dan wants to noe talk bout it, Ryan insist that he will be late for school.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Lewis is keen for he & Rachel to spend time together, and even suggest that they should take the day off work.

Jack returns home, with Sam, Rory & Tony. Jack is intrigued when he discovers that his gun was never taken back to the police astion [it just remained with the personal belongings that were removed from him when admitted to hospital].

Tony tell jack that there are messages form lots of ppl – incl several form Lara, but hack seems disappointed that there’s none form Martha.

DINER FLAT : Martha is about6 to phone jack [can see his details on her mobile screen] when Michael enters the room. Martha rather quickly bails form the roo – saying that they’ve run out of milk.

DINER : Leah talking to Tony about the whole USA job offer, and Ryan’s reaction, whilst Martha is intrigued to overhear that jack is now out of hospital. Martha garbs some mil form the diner frge and heads back upstairs.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Dam tells jack that Martha had the divorce finalised whilst he was in that coma, and jack looks surprised when Sam tells him that she is keen to go ahead with their wedding plans as soon as possible. She’s even inverted reverend hall to their house today.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Tony & Dan talk [corridor] about the USA job – incl; the news that ruin called Amanda who isn’t excitedly impressed with any of this either.

Tony then asks Dan form some school work that Geoff said that Dan has for him.

In a classroom, an unknown female teacher asks that students to think about who are their heroes, and after she leaves the room for a bit, tome of the students talks to Rory about what happened to jack – Rory’s kinda boasting about how bloody the wound was etc.

DINER FLAT : Michael can just tell that Martha isn’t exactly “with it” today, and he suggests that she shouldn’t botte up her feelings – no mater what they are. Martha insists that jack is with Sam, and theta she is V happy with Michael.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rory eagerly tell jack that he is going to do his “hero” project for school about jack, but jack insist that being shot etc isn’t heroic.

Rory bails, as Tony enters, and as jack tells Tony about how Sam is back going full steam ahead with the wedding, Rory returns to te house briefly – he “borrows” jack’s police pistol!!!!

SUMMER BAY HIGH : After we see Rory put THAT gun [in a bag] in hi locker, dan approach Ryan, who insist that he’s been to the USa before so it’s not the big adventure [for him] that it will be for Dan & Leah. Dan wants to talk more – but the bell rulings and Dan has a class to attend to.

DINER : Leah isn’t exactly plaes that Dan just let Ryan run off like that, but both will now be muchly trying to keep an eye out for ryan.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Reverend Hall wonders [no right answers he says] what marriage means to both Sam & jack, Sam says that it’s all of love and trust and alltose kinds if things, whilst when jack is asked, he says tat that [what marriage means] is a very complicated type quaertyion.

NOAH'S : Rachel & Lewis talking about a place where they won’t be treading on other ppl’s toes, as neither Rachel’s place or where Lews is living is really appropriate.

Dan enters, looking for Ryan, but Martha, Rachel & Lewis haven’t seen him today.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Reverend Hall insist that he’s taking partic inertest in jack & Sam as they’ve both been married before, and that the whole marriage thing is scared etc.

As Rev Hal talks jack is distracted, by an audio flashback of when he was shot. Jack gets up, and monument later, realise that his gun is missing.

NEAR DINER? : Although Rory inlet keen, Ryan suggest that he should have a go and firing jack’s gun – at a glass bottle. Rory fires the weapon – and the bullet almost hits Lewis.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack & Sam WAAYYYYY have a go at Rory [and Ryan] for what happened, and in the middle of it all, Martha arrives, but Sam insist that Martha should com back laster [family crisis]

DINER : Leah & Dan rad “the riot act” to Ryna, but he uses this against them , eg “man many many ppl in the US have guns”. Ryan storms off – and Leah gives chase.

BEACH : When she catches yup with him, Ryan admits that, even now [being in the bay] he’s missing Amanda, and would “die” id he had toy be as far away as the US form her.

NOAH'S : Jack approach Amt, but although he is keen to get back tougher, Martha insist that she doesn't want to go there. Michael then approach, and Martha insist that jack was just about to bail – which jack does.

DINER FLAT : Michael wonders if all is totally OK with Martha & jack, especially since Michael LOVES Martha. Martha almost can’t believe that he said that L word, and they muchly kiss.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack & Sam are in bed asleep, but form the looks & sounds of things, jack is having nightmare. We then see a flashback of when he was shot, and jack suddenly wakes.

DINER FLAT : There’s someone banging rather fastly on the door. Martha opens the door – its’; jack who tells her that when she told him ages ago that she still has feeling for him, jack say that he felt the same but just couldn’t tell Martha.

Jack insists to Martha that he LOVES her – but Martha suggest that jack should just go home. After he does bail, and Martha shuts the door, she looks like she is holding back tears.




Rory overhears jack saying that he has felling for Martha!!!

Ric is in the shower – and it looks like Viv is about to join him!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Sam – red low cut spaghetti strap top/white [black tropical motifs] kini top/green shorts

SILVER : Martha - black satin (gold crest on the back) nightrobe

BRONZE : Tony - white (with aqua & grey on chest) polo shirt


Dan – dark jacket/white button up shirt/brown long pants

Jack - green “Feel The Need” t shirt

Leah – peach low cut thin strap top/bone knee length shorts

Lewis – red long pants/white [red & black rock band? motif] t

Martha – black scoop neck [with 2 red bands near waist] dress

Michael – dark shorts/white singlet

Michael – olive green button up shirt/white singlet/denim jeans

Rachel – black vest/red blouse

Rory - SBH uniform

Ryan - blue (school) button up shirt

Sam - bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top

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