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# 1 Crush

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TITLE - # 1 Crush


MAIN CHARACTERS - Geoff/Lucas and others

RATING - don't know yet, probably A

GENRE - Drama


WARNINGS - violence/language/sexual content

SUMMARY - After Lucas & Ric let Geoff walk home with them, Geoff becomes obsessed with Lucas and even starts stalking him.

Okay before i get started chapter one and two are a little like another fic i did but don't worry it'll soon change.


Ric was waiting for Lucas outside at the front of the school. He was a little pissed off that he had to wait so long.

"HEY BITCH" Ric head Luke yell out

"Sorry, Armstrong had stare at my arse for 20 minutes before agreeing with Sally about giving me an intershool suspention." Lucas told Ric

"I swear that guy loves you" Ric replied

"Come on let's go" Luke said

"Hold up, there's one more" Ric said

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh who?" Luke asked trying to make it sound sexy, he was also hoping it was Lee. The girl he had a crush on since as long as he could remember , but was too afraid to ask her out.

Ric tilted his head to the right and raised his eyebrows

"No" Luke said with dissapointment

"Yeah sorry" Ric replied

"Please tell me you didn't, not him please" Lucas stomped his foot and started walking up and down in a straight line.

"He's not that bad" Ric said "And what was else could i do?. He cornered me, he was crying Aden picked on him. He added

"Wow Aden, what's new, come on Aden picks on everyone, even you" Luke said

Ric sighed "Luke"

" Come on Ric he dobbed me in for sinking dad's boat among other things, he's so annoying Mattie said he even tried to sign her and Cassie up for bible class, come on let's just go and pretend we forgot he was coming with us"

"Hi" A voice said, it was Geoff

"Hey Geoff, i'm soooooooooo glad you're walking with us. it'll give us a chance to know each other" Luke said sarcasticly while reaching out and hugging Geoff

"Come on" Ric said as they started to walk

"It's been an emotional afternoon" Geoff said wiping his eyes

"Yeah" lucas said smiling "All you afternoons are emotional" He added while patting Geoff on the back



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"So is Belle angry with you?" Ric asked Lucas as they walked around the corner.

"No, well i don't think so, it's not like she had to stop the callendar" Luke replied

"Why, what did you do?" Geoff asked

"Well, you know how Belle's doing a nude callendar for art?"

"No" Geoff answered.

"Well Armstrong walked in while she was taking pictures so i yelled 'get a good look why don't ya', ofcouse he thought it was offencesive and gave me an interschool suspension, then told me i'm not allowed to be in the callendar, i don't mean to sound sure of myself but i'm the hottest one she had, so i feel sorry for Belle now".

"Well you never know what he'd do to you over it anyway" Ric said

"Yeah well he does want me" Luke said

"OH HE WANTS YOU, HE WANTS YOU, HE WANTS YOU" Ric said as him and Lucas started rubbing up against each other making moaning sounds, before erupting into laugghter.

they turned and looked at Geoff who was staring at i'm in disgust

"Um" Luke said

"Yeah" Ric added

"Guys here's the bus stop, i gotta stop here" Geoff said.

"Okay mate" Ric said

"Later dude" Luke added

Geoff watched Lucas and Ric walk in the other direction, staring at Luke arse, he noticed they were laughing about something he wondered if it was him.

he looked down at the ground and saw luke's art book full of photos of Luke from when he was a baby up until now, he made sure the other people at the bus stop wern't looking and then slipped it into his own bag.



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Lucas woke hearing banging on the door.

he sighed and looked at the clock which said 8 : 10

he got up walked slowly to the still groggy, he triped and then opened the door.

Geoff was standing thee "Morning Lucas" Geoff said

"What are you doing here?" Luke asked.

"I was hoping we could walk to school together" Geoff said while looking at Lucas stang there in just boxers

"I mean after yesterday i think we share this special connection it's like..."

"You're kidding right" Lucas interupted but geoff just stood there still staring.

"No, walk by yourself" Luuke said as he slammed the door in Geoffs face.

Geoff turned and walked away in dissapointment



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