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Mon, 5 Nov 07 - Episode # 4541

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Cabin Fever “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 5 Nov 07 - Episode # 4541)

RURAL GARAGE : Drew muchly can't find Belle anywhere at the garage – neither can a woman who I gather is the owner of the business. Drew tells the woman that he is going to go back to his car, and for her to call him if Belle turns up. Drew, with a jerry can of fuel in hand, starts walking.

ROAD : As Dom is driving, Drew leaves a message on Belle’s mobile ]which doom has in his hand].

Belle, who is tried up in the boot of car. Bell calls up for help, but doom “suggest” that she should be quiet.

ANOTHER ROAD : Drew arrives back at his car, but there is no sign of Belle.

ROAD / DINER : Drew phones Irene, and wonders if Belle was called Irene. Annie listens on intently, and went the call is over, Irene suggest to Annie that it sounds like Drew & Belle have had an argument.

BUSH CABIN : Dom pulls up his car outside the smallish wooden structure, and we caries the tie up Belle inside and puts her on the bed. Belle is naturally way not impressed but all of this, and tries to get free on doom’s hold on her, but she can’t.

Belle also way isn’t favourable of the way that Dom has tries to set up this place hust that way she would like it, with all kinds of things [fave flowers etc] taken starlight form her My Space page.

Dom says that he will untie bell if he knows that she won’t run away, and she agrees. After being untied, Belle suggests that they should put on some music, and Dom lets her choose. As he talks about the concert they both went to earlier this year, Belle [whilst occasionally flicking thought the CDs that Dom has] is actually secretly try to send a txt msg. Dom notices that – and smashes the phone on the ground.

BUSH CABIN : Dom tell Belle that he just knows that they were meant to be together, as THAT kiss they shared [where Belle kissed him just so he would tell the cops all he knows] wasn’t just one way

DINER : As Leah speaks to Irene, she is weighing up the pro’s & cons of going to the USA with Dan with this amazing job opportunity.

Drew enters the kitchen, and since there is still no sign of Belle, he asks Irene if he can use her phone chargers. Moments later after talk to Irene, Annie etc about what’s happened], Drew check on his phone. There’s enough charge to see that he has a txt msg form Belle. Its says “Dom has” and Drew just KNOWS that Dom is responsible of her disappearance.

BUSH CABIN : At the start of the scene we saw is close up of Belle’s face form a side on view. I must say that, with the red tinges in her hair these days, Belle reminds me, in this shot, of Kit.

Dom insist that Drew doesn’t love Belle like Dom does, and Dom will further prove it – with a night of romance starting with a romantic dinner.

Belle says that she has to go to the bathroom, but Dom enjoys telling her that there’s no way [windows etc] of that room.

DINER : Drew sees Ray [Dom’s uncle] enters, and wonders who he knows about all of this. Ray insists that Dom’s familly turned him way when he got out of prison recently band that he has no idea where doom is.

Irene has to break up Roy & Drew when the letter grabs Roy. Drew insists that ray will b in trouble with police if he knows something, but isn’t telling.

DINER : Roy tells Drew that, although it’s a long shot, Dom could have taken Belle to a cabin that they went to when Dom was just a young kid.

BUSH CABIN : As Dom & Belle sit down to eat the meal that Dom has make, Dom gives Belle a present – a ring, that she puts on her finger. Dom comments that it’s a prefect fit. Btw, this entire night time scene is lit only with candles.

When Dom starts talking about THAT kiss again, Belle says that she will kiss him again, but if she feels noting this 2nd time around, Dom has to let her go.

They start kissing, with turns slowing into French kissing, just as Drew approach the car in Belle’s car.

Just before Drew calls out to Belle, she has already broken of the kiss, and insists that this time there was nothing there.

Belle is relieved to hear Drew call out – and after a struggle, Drew is able to help Belle escape. They get in the car, but before tey start moving, Dom fiercely knocks etc of the window wiher Belle is sitting.

Drew starts driving – and in his rush to leave this place, Drew hits Dom with the front of the car. Belle can’t believe it when Drew just keeps on driving away.

NEAR then AT BUSH CABIN : Belle urges Drew to go back, and he eventually turns the car around. When they get back to outside the cabin, Dom is not near where they hit him, but Belle IS distraught when [even if the darkness] she feel blood on the ground.

Once more, Belle is NOT pleased when Drew insists that they get in te car and bail, and as they drove away, you can see the looks of anguish [for different reasons] on the face of both Belle and Drew.



Will Leah go to the USA with Dan??

Dom isn’t finished with Belle just yet!!!

The official site has an interview with actor who plays Dom

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah - silver (dark mosaic patterned) top

SILVER : Belle - red [gold “Juice 23” logo] scoop top/black {Emily the strange] motif] jacket/denim jeans

BRONZE : Annie – grey [with a white & light blue vertical striped bow at the top & a similar coloured single vertical stipe down the centre of the front of the top] singlet top/black short shorts


Dom - blue [white check] button up shirt

Drew - brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t/dark long pants

Irene – black [red &white floral] v neck elbow length sleeves top

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