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Light Dawns

Guest Miranda

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Story Title: Light Dawns

Story description: Lucas Holden, Geoff Campbell

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Lucas Holden, Geoff Campbell, [Tony Holden and Alf Stewart appear briefly]

Genre: Angst, Romance

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Lucas and Geoff suddenly realise that they don't hate each other, quite the opposite

Hello. I am completely new here so sorry if I am doing anything wrong. I am addicted to Home and Away, it is a nice bit of escapism from normal life and miserable winter weather. I am English so if this story includes any words/ phrases that don't sound right, blame the language barrier ;-) Also, as we've only just seen the episode where Geoff moves in with Lucas and family, it is probably a bit out of date, so sorry for that aswell. I'm sure there's something going on between them though :lol:

The Story

It wasn't the words Geoff remembered, but the way Lucas turned away, his brooding profile, his back defiantly declaring his hatred.

Geoff had always been taught that men married women, had children and grew old together respectably. He had assumed he would meet a modest, Christian girl and his life would follow the right path.

But Lucas was getting in the way of all that. He was always there: interfering, arguing, helping.

Geoff was ashamed of crying in the diner and surprised that Lucas had come back to comfort him. Well, not surprised. His hurt and grief and guilt had welled up inside him into a great inner howl, and only Lucas had heard. Geoff had only ever hugged Annie before when she was crying. Pops was never affectionate to him or Annie, just the odd pat or hair ruffle. He hadn't realised how much he'd needed affection and closeness, and Lucas had given it to him. He'd led him out of the diner like a child, saying 'don't cry, it'll be alright.' Then words had failed them both and they had just hugged each other, outside the diner, while no-one else was around. Geoff hadn't expected it to feel like that. He'd relaxed, felt safe, looked after. For once in his life! But after that, nothing. Lucas had pushed him gently away, and he'd been distant and business-like since then. And finally stated that they couldn't be friends.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Geoff was shaken out of his dream. He answered the phone and it was Belle, asking for Lucas.

'He's not here,' Geoff almost shouted. He felt like shouting 'Leave him alone!'

Just as he put the phone down, Lucas himself walked in. He didn't need to say anything, his eyes said it all. Flicking from phone to Geoff and back, he meant 'what are you doing using my dad's phone?'

'I- I wasn't-' stammered Geoff. 'It- I- er-' He wouldn't tell him Belle had been asking for him. It wasn't telling a lie, was it? Just keeping something to himself.

Lucas snorted scornfully and went into his room. Geoff wilted, his hopes dashed. Whatever he'd been hoping for- he wasn't sure.

But Lucas came back within minutes.

'Here, have this,' he said, throwing something small and black at Geoff, whose sportsman's reflexes caught it without him having to think. It was a mobile phone.

'It'll stop you using ours,' said Lucas, with a nearly-smile. 'You can have my SIM card.'

'Th- thanks. What's a SIM card?' Why couldn't he think of something intelligent to say? What an idiot he was.

Lucas sighed and came over to him.

'This.' He opened his hand to reveal the tiny card, and took the phone from Geoff. Their hands touched and they both jumped, but Lucas continued taking the back off the phone, fitting the card, putting it back together. Geoff didn't move away, just stood close. When Lucas looked up again, he was right there.

'Thanks,' said Geoff quietly. Lucas gave a rare smile and they stood there looking at each other. Geoff could see the darkness in Lucas' eyes. I can save you, he thought, and put a hand out to stroke his hair back from his face.

There was a sudden rattle at the door.

'Yeah, the surf club would be brilliant, mate,' said Tony, as he and Alf opened the front door.

Lucas and Geoff leapt apart in a flash. Geoff was used to moving quickly and went to the cupboard, as if looking for something.

Lucas was not so lucky though, and fell back onto the table.

'Strewth!' exclaimed Alf. 'What are you young hoons doing?'

'Oh- er- nothing. Tripped over.' stammered Lucas, flustered.

Geoff gave a cough, which sounded suspiciously like a laugh, and watched Tony help his son up whilst Alf supervised. Lucas tried to glare at Geoff but his mouth twitched with amusement.

'I'm just going to my room,' said Geoff. 'I've got to finish that -er- thing- you know Lucas?' He looked questioningly at him, trying not to hope.

'Oh, yeah. I'll help you,' said Lucas, that intense dark look in his eyes again. He crossed the room.

Alf and Tony were discussing surf club matters in a boring, elderly type of way. They didn't notice the two lads hurrying out of the room together and shutting the door firmly.

As the door shut, Geoff was beset by guilt and shame. What was he thinking? His mind was fuzzy and he could not remember any passages from the Bible to reassure him.

'So, what's this thing you've got to do?' asked Lucas innocently. His hand, however, was on Geoff's back, pushing him, stroking him, so he couldn't think.

'Belle phoned,' Geoff blurted, clutching at straws. 'She wanted to speak to you.'

Lucas sighed. 'When's she gonna remember I'm not her boyfriend anymore and Drew is? I can't keep sorting out her problems.'

They were at the door of Geoff's room now.

'Come on then,' said Lucas. He had his arm round Geoff and pushed the door open with his other hand.

'This is wrong!' blurted Geoff, 'I shouldn't be doing this!'

'Doing what?' Lucas' voice had a slight edge of irritation.

Geoff blushed as red as he ever had. Lucas didn't feel the same. It was all his own deviant thoughts and desires and Lucas still hated him. He looked away, overcome with embarrassment.

Lucas gave a sharp laugh. 'I'll show you something.' He stepped out of the room.

Geoff tried to control himself and stop breathing heavily, stop blushing, stop thinking those thoughts.

Lucas was back in a second with two box files.

'Look.' He put them down on the bed. One was labelled 'Naomi', the other 'Geoff'. He opened both. In the Naomi file was the story he'd written about her, letters from her, pictures of her. In the Geoff file was a variety of hand written stories or articles, many of them scribbled on with lots of exclamation marks.

'You make me so angry!' Lucas snarled suddenly. 'I can't get you out of my head. I can't stop thinking about you and nothing distracts me.'

Geoff looked through the papers in wonder. He hadn't realised how passionate, how powerful, how deep Lucas was. Or had he? He'd always known Lucas had darkness in him, how he was capable of going over the edge, and he, Geoff could prevent this.

'I'm here now.' He sat down on the bed and Lucas flung himself down next to him, angrily, but looking into his eyes. Geoff smiled, gave in and put his arms round him, and they fell back onto the bed.


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