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Fri, 2 Nov 07 - Episode # 4540

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Insistent Annie “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 2 Nov 07 - Episode # 4540)

HOSPITAL : Martha almost can’t believe in when jack says that he was waiting for her to arrive [before he woke up].

Martha goes into corridor slightly – and calls out that jack is awake. Lewis & a nurse enter the room mad begin to check up on [vital signs etc] jack.

CAMPGROUND : Belle ^& drew are lying arm in arm by a campfire chatting about various things, incl belle joking about how she’s not sure sure of how well put u their tent [which drew did] is.

HOSPITAL : As jack chats to Martha, Sam & Rory enter, jack seems a bit shocked when Sam immediately gives him the biggest kiss in the universe.

Martha exits the room – and she tells the about to enter jack’s room Tony that its waaaaaaaaay true, that jack is awake.

CAMPGROUND : Next day, Belle [“dressed” only in a blanket] approaches the nearby drew. When he starts talking about her next move in life, Belle insists that she is planning of taking some time away from studying etc, esp. after hust completing year 12 etc.

BEACH HOUSE : As Annie, Geoff & Irene have breakfast, and Geoff says that there is too much going on right now, so he’s not going to play in that trial rugby match.

Irene answers the phone, and tells whoever is on the line that belle is gong to be WAY excited ait the news.

HOSP : Martha talks to Lewis about jack, and how he seems to think that he & Martha are still together. Lewis insists that it’s not a clear cut science as to when jack full memory will return.

Sam walks by – telling Martha that she had coffees for everyone.

ROAD : After they’ve stoped for a bit of a break, belle tries to start the car, but it won't she think that they are out of fuel [as that is why gauge is saying] drew tell her that although gauge is faulty, that are only really low in fuel if warning light is on, which its not.

Belle tries to start car agiun, it does this time – and all the while, DOM !!! is watching them from in the bushes nearby.

HOSP : Jack seems a bit pining for her when Martha bails for the room – despite that fact that Tony, Rory and esp. are in the room.

ROAD : Drew isn’t exactly keen when belle starts take photos of him whilst he is driving, but when she starts plying his guitar that seem to be even worse. Belle then check he phone, and sees that she has a msg form Irene bout a cadetship.

All the hile, Dom is [form a safe distance [] following them.

BEACH : Annie approach Lucas, and she thinks that he should tell Tony etc about the writing scholarship letter than he received, esp. since this is the same scholarship that he received an offer form earlier this year – knocked it back as Beth has just passed away.

DINER : Martha tells Michael about that happened at the hospital – when jack woke up. Martha wishes that it were Sam who was wish jack when he woke.

As this jack talk reminds Martha t call Morag,

HOSP : Irene brings in a hamper form the diner, which jack seems to like, and whilst various chat are going on [as Tony, Sam, Rory, Geoff, annie & Irene are by jack’s bed], Annie lets it slip about how luc rec’d THAT scholarship letter.

Jack then accidentally spills the drink that he has, and jack takes offence to everyone trying to help him.

Lewis hears that commotion and makes it clear to that entire jack should only have one visitor at a time]. Jack asks Tony to stay in the room – Sam doesn’t exactly look impressed.

ROAD : Belle is beside her car – and she is on phone. She sounds ecstatic, and when off phone she tells drew that she has scored that photographer cadetship with the Coastal News. They want he to start next week though, and drew isn’t keen on there road trip being cut short.

HOSP : Jack insist to Tony that although he could kind hear all the other ppl;’s [sam, Tony etc] voices when I coma, Martha’s voice just “cut through” as soon a he heard it.

Tony suggest that jack should hold back on making any decisions about his love life for now – esp. since Sam had been by his bedside almost 24/7 since he went into the coma.

ROAD : Belle & Drew “chat” further about he decision to cut the road trip short, before bell tries to start the car, but it won’t, they rally are out of fuel this time, so belle decides to start walking – ti find a petrol station.

Belle is kinda annoyed when a car [Dom’s – but she doesn’t know that it’s him] speeds by her.

HOSP : Marsha & Sam encounter each other in the corridor. Martha asks Sam to give jack the signed by a judge etc divorce papers.

When Sam enquires, Martha said that jack’s 1st words were all about wondeirng where Sam is.

Martha then reminds Sam that she &^ jack have to get in their intent to marry papers, as they need to be in 4 week before the big day.

SURF CLUB : Annie & Geoff are playing pool, and they talk about Geoff’s big rugby chance. Annie, like she did with luc, Insist that Geoff MNUST take this opportunity.

Martha enters Noah’s and thanks michel for “minding the fort”. She tells him about her chat [divorce papers etc] with Sam, and Michael hugs Martha as she starts to cry.

ROAD : As Dom see belle a decent far away in his rear view mirror, a car pulls up behind belle. Its’ drew – who’s just a lift with a woman called Lulu, who will take them to the next fuel stop etc.

HOSP : Tony tells jack that he thinks that he is making the right call [about waiting to see how things turn out re these feelings toward Martha].

Sam, Rory & luc enters – and Tony tells luc that he rally SHOULD be going on that scholarship [and that Annie let it slip]

GARAGE : Lulu’s car stops – and as belle & drew gets out of the car, a question form lulu about where drew & bell are heading leads to another “spat” tween belle & Drew – the later insisting that belle is selfish.

Belle says that she is going to the bathroom – and moment later, as just after washing her hand, belle is shocked when DOM walks into the room!!!!



Will Jack tell Martha how he’s feeling about her?

Belle is missing, but [as we see her KISSING Dom] is she really being held against her will?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Martha – aqua v neck dress

SILVER : Annie – grey [with a white & light blue vertical striped bow at the top & a similar coloured single vertical stipe down the centre of the front of the top] singlet top/black short shorts

BRONZE : Luc - white [sky blue “Colombian Cold” and butterfly like motif] t


Annie – baby pink [with red lining] singlet top

Belle - red [unknown gold motif] scoop top/denim jeans

Belle - royal blue (gold unknown motif) scoop neck top/red long pants

Dom - blue [white check] button up shirt

Drew - brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t/dark bord shorts

Drew – white long sleeve jacket

Geoff – black [white check] shorts/dark blue singlet

Geoff – red [white check] button up shirt

Irene – black [white floral] v neck long sleeve top

Irene – sky blue PJ top/sky blue dressing gown

Lewis – mauve button up shirt/white med coat

Lulu – baby pink top

Martha – tan low cut halter neck dress

Michael – olive green button up shirt/blue singlet/denim jeans

Rory – red t/olive green jacket

Sam – sky blue scoop top/white long sleeve jacket/white long pants

Tony – brown & light green horiz striped polo shirt

Tony - green (with lighter green horizontal trip across chest) polo shirt

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