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Thurs, 1 Nov 07 - Episode # 4539

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s ALL About The Rings “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 31 Nov 07 - Episode # 45389)

DINER : Dan is a tad concerned when Leah tells him that she loaned drew a decent amount of money.

When Leah asks, Dan insists that the chat with the school students’ parents went well this morn.

Dan then tells Leah that he rems that he has to be somewhere – he bails quickly, leaving behind his mobile and [in bin] the bill from the resort last night – with Gwen’s phone # on it.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie overhears Drew talking to someone on the phone about a surprise that involves rings, for Belle. Annie tells Belle that no matter how her last exam goes today, it WILL be a great days for Belle. When Annie walks way, Belle comments that Annie isn’t exactly your normal teenager.

HOSPITAL : As Sam continues to be by jack’s bedside, Rachel enters that room. It clear that Rory isn’t exactly that keen on san being here so much – so he decides to accompany Rach when she heads for home soon.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel insists to Rory that even she can’t mess up a chicken sandwich [that she is going to make him].

Martha enters, and when Rachel wonders why she’s not been to see jack since he went into that coma, Martha insist that its not really her place [given that jack is engaged to Sam]

BEACH HOUSE : Drew is asking Belle qusryions that might be on her exams. Belle then wonders about a surprise that Annie heard about, but Drew insist that he’s not going to give her any hints etc.. Btw, both are on Belle’s bed in this scene.

DINER : Irene answer dam’s phone – but the US woman [Gwen] won’t say who she is when Irene asks. Irene comments to Leah bout this.

Belle comments to Irene that Drew has a surprise for her – and Annie just can’t help herself. She tells Belle that Drew is going to propose to her. Both Irene & Belle are way intrigued.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Michael approach Martha, and comets bout how she tossed & turned last night. He “suggests” that she should go and see jack


HOSPITAL : Martha enters jack’s room and comments to Sam how unbelievable all is. She also tells Sam that George had been charged etc with several offences. Before telling Sam that she is willing to help Sam in whatever way she can.

DINER : Dan enters and gets his phone. Leah comments ion the US women who rang, but Dan denies any knowledge [and jokes, like Leah earlier to Irene that its must have been Hollywood looking for him].

After Dan has bailed, THAT resort docket [in bin][ catcher her eye. She sees Gwen’s #,a nd calls it – gets msg bank.

HOSPITAL : Martha decides to bail,m and when Rory suggetsthat Sam should at least eat something, the tense Sam kinda has a go at Rory, who bails from the room.

Rachel can see that rory is upset, and after Rachel approach Rory, he tell her that he way want jack to wake up as this is REALLY affecting Sam.

DINER : Belle eneytrs and is way excited that exams are over. Irene hug here, and then Belle opens a package for her mum – it’s a new camera.

Nearby, Alf spots o “caravan for sale“flyer on the notice board, and when ire enters the kitchen, Leah tells her that Dan must be having an affair.

SANDS RESORT : Dan approach Gwen, and he tells her that he hasn’t told Leah yet, as it hasb;t seemed lie the right time. Gwen doesn’t seem impressed.

DINER : Dan enters kitchens and Leah tears into him about the affair with Gwen. Dan insists that its not what Leah thinks – and Leah is SOOOO not impressed when Dan introduces her to “the other woman” [Gwen]


HOSPITAL : Rachel enters jack’s room and talks to Sam. Rachel insists that Rory rally needs his mum right now.

DINER : Dan tells Leah that he met Gwen whilst in the northern territory on that recent school camp. Gwen has offered him a job at, for want of a better ter, is a “brat camp”

NOAH'S : Alf tells Martha that he is gong to be way for a few weeks – on a road tip with some old army mates.

After Alf bails, Rory & sanm enter. Sam tells Martha that she are Rory are going to spend some quality tie together tonight, but Sam hopes that Martha will vast jack in hospital. <Martha agrees to do so.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Belle is blinfolded as drew walks her to his surprises. He is way anxious, and when drew removes that blind fold, be shows her that he was bought her …. a car [a little hatchback]. When belle wonders why drew was talking about rings thins mourn [that Annie overheard], drew says that he was ask ric to take a look at the rings IN THE ENGINE of the car. Drew adds that its at least anotyther 10 years before he’ll be even think about marriage etc. belle way hugs drew etc.


DINER : Irene is muchly relieved that drew didn’t propose, but Annie says that she thinks a car isn’t very romantic. Belle comments that the guy who eventually “falls” for Annie is certainly in for an intriguing time.

In kitchen, Leah is surprised when Dan says that job on is for a position in the USA, and that he’s got top have made his decision by next week.

Dan exits tha kitchen mad drew is rather surprised when Dan is totally ok with drew & bell going away for a road trip [with belle’s new wheels] for a couple of weeks.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Before drew & bell get in the car and head off, Annie says that she’d loved toy go with them, but bell insist that Annie would “kill” the one on one mood that belle & drew are after [3’s a crowd etc].

HOSPITAL : Martha is asleep by jack’s bedside, when she hears him say her name. Martha is ecstatic that jack is not onp;y wake, but waaaaaaaaay pleased that its Martha that is by his bedside.



After Belle’s car runs out of fuel, Belle vanishes !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Belle - dark green (red bow tie) spaghetti strap low curt top/green “camo” long pants

SILVER : Annie – apple green inverse v neck [i.e. bare shoulders] top/denim short shorts

BRONZE : Belle - royal blue (gold unknown motif) scoop neck top/red long pants


Alf – dark blue [brown check] button up shirt

Annie - SBH uniform

Belle - SBH uniform

Dan – dark long pants/white button up shirt

Drew – black [gold eagle crest motif] t

Gwen – red low cut v neck top, with black top neath/black long pants

Irene – white long sleeve blouse

Leah – orange scoop neck dress

Martha - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Martha – white thin strapped low cut dress

Michael – olive green button up shirt/blue singlet/denim jeans

Rachel – dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] scoop neck top

Rory - red [black “Vol Co” logo?] t

Sam – dark green [gold sailing ship motif] scoop neck top

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