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Wed, 31 Oct 07 - Episode # 4538

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Too Safe Sally – Trying To Smile Through The Tears “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 31 Oct 07 - Episode # 4538)

SURF CLUB : Matilda talking to Cass bout what she’s just seen, whilst Drew is evasive [saying that he has to tend the bar as its getting busy] whem the girls ask about Viv.

Nearby, Dan gets a call on his mobile. It’s an American woman named Gwen, and she is wondering when/where they can meet.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is on the phone and the call ends just as Matilda enters. Ric insist that it was drew – and then Matilda is soooooo annoyed when Ric lies o her about not seeing/kissing Viv today. Ric insist that he had to give her back the stolen money – but ric won’t reveal who took money.

All the while, little Pippa is wandering about the main room of the house.

DINER : Sally tells Leah that she is worry about how Brad not goes to counselling today, but she is relieved when Leah tells her tat Brad had THAT dilemma with Tam & Heather to deal with.

Sally & Leah go out into the min part of diner, and Alf tells Sally that some of his old army mates are going away soon of a caravanning etc trip for a few weeks. Colleen wishes that her mobile home was a bit more mobile, whilst Alf tells Sally that he won’t be going on this trip with his old mates.

GYM : Dan & Brad [whilst “spotting” each other] talking about the Tam situation and then about how Dan is questioning himself after the Aden incident at school recently.

NOAH'S : Alf is annoyed when their supplier has got another order wrong, and he “asks” drew to go to the supplier and fix this.

Cass is way pleased with ric enters with little Pippa – Cass eagerly picks up asks little Pippa aht juice she would like.

Ric approach Matilda an wonders if she’d be “up” for a night [tonight] at the sands resort.

DINER : When Brad comments about how dressy Dan looks, he comments that he wants to make good impression with Aden’s parents when he speak to them face to face soon.

As Dan is bailing form diner, he gets a phonecall room Gwen. He says that he can’t rally talk as Leah is near. Gwen wonders where Dan is – and Dan [call still going] leaves the diner.

SANDS RESORT : Dan drives up to front of the resort, and whilst a valet takes his cart away, Dan meets with Gwen [an American woman in her late 30s maybe] and they enter the resort


SANDS RESORT : Matilda & Ric enters and Matilda WAY tells ric how much she loves him for doing this.

The duo’s drinks are served, and Matilda [corner of her eye] sees Dan, but it doesn’t look like Dan saw Matilda & Ric.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Sally enters and she says tat she knows about the whole tam ting and has booked another counselling session.

Sally then starts talking about how Alf is just being too safe at the monet, and that he should go for his licence again [so can go with his old army mates], but Brad is NOT impressed with Sally. She is quite shocked when he verbally lays into her about how the whole world has tobe just the way that Sally thinks it should be. Sally bails.

SANDS RESORT : Just after Matilda & Ric appear to have finished dinner [covered outdoor restaurant], Ric starts talking about their future, and he isn’t exactly impressed when Matilda cuts him off mid sentence [he’s trying to tell her that he isn’t planing on sticking to their pre Matilda doing Yr 12 “script”]. Matilda cut him off merely because e she saw that they serve her fave mocktail here.

Ric & Matilda go upstairs and enter their hotel room. Matilda is keen on the two of them going in the spa, and when ric heads that way, Matilda see, by the bed, somet8ihing form the hotel – saying “with compliments, for Mr & Mrs Anderson].

Matilda tells ric briefly how annoyed she is – before she bails in disgust.

NOAH'S : Viv enters and ask the [on duty] Cass for some champagne. Cass comments about Viv’s interest in Ric, before Matilda storms into the room and has a go at Viv for what’s happened.

SANDS RESORT : Ric [in his room] is rather surprised when Viv, with bottle of champagne, enters.

Seconds after ric shuts the door [with Viv inside his room btw], Dan walks by.


NOAH'S : Drew tries to tell Matilda that she has nothing to worry about with Viv, but Matilda is sure that Viv WILL want something form ric [for the room etc].

Matilda [in a rather bitchy voice] says that she hopes that Vv chokes on that champagne.

SANDS RESORT : Viv & ric [in his hotel room] talking about kids – Viv says that she would like a child, but it don’t look like its going to happen, whilst ric tells Viv about how he knows [thanks to be scared earlier this year when he thought the Matilda was pregnant[] that he is not ready.

Viv tenderly holds Ric’s hand – and just when it looks like ric is about to reciprocate that is a knock on door. Ric tells Viv to hide – turns out that it’s drew at door, and ric “suggest” that he & drew should bail form the hotel.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf enters the house, and tells Sally that she was right – about him living his life too safely [in fear of another incident like what happen with little Pippa].

Moments after Alf goes upstairs, Brad enters the house. He tells Sally that she should rally take her own advice, about the whole living safe thing. Brad insist that Sally only wants them back together because its “safe” [comfortable] and that are more close friends than passionate lovers etc.

As Brad insists that he DOES want to still be good friends, the waaaaaaaaaaay crying Sally somehow smiles [whilst still crying].


VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is on the phone – form what that she is talking sounds like she is talking to leah about what’s occurred. Before hanging out, Sally say that they will talk more morrow.

Ric & drew enact the house, just as Sally heads off to bed.

As ric & drew talk bout what happened, Cass & Matilda enter the house. Matilda insist that she KNOWS Ric’s heart was in the right place [with the hotel room], but she just wishes that ric could see that Viv IS playing games with ric. Ric insist that he CAN see what Viv is up to.

Matilda then wonders if ric would like to go back to the Sands but he says that he wants to be here [at home] tonight.

DINER : Dan comments to Leah that he has an early start in morning – talking to Aden’s parents etc.

Leah tells Dan about Sally & Brad’s PERMANENT BREAK UP. Dan [unknown to Leah] looks a tad sheepish when Leah comments that that [break up] will NEVER happen to them.

SANDS RESORT GROUNDS? : Early next day, Gwen is pleased when she can finally see Dan approach her. She comments that she wondered if he would come at all. Dan says that he is here now.

[note – Dan looks waaaaay apprehencious]



Looks like Jack wakes up – with Martha [alone] by his bedside

Belle vanishes

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah - purple [with silver wide horiz strip across bust] wide collar top/black skirt

SILVER : Matilda – black strapless knee length dress

BRONZE : Matilda - white (sky blue multi direction striped) thin strap dress/sky blue arched plastic headband


Alf – white [blue check] button up shirt

Brad - dark long pants/white t

Brad – grey [blue “Lonsdale”? logo] singlet/black [with wide white horizontal block across chest] PUMA jacket

Cassie - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Cassie – yellow [black rose motif] singlet top

Colleen – red [pink floral] top

Dan – dark long pants/white button up shirt

Dan – dark long pants/white t

Drew - black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Gwen – cream low cut v neck long sleeve top & matching knee length skirt

Gwen – red low cut v neck dress

Little Pippa – green long sleeve top/denim “overalls”

Matilda – dark blue scoop neck dress

Ric – dark suit/apple green button up shirt

Ric – grey & light grey horizontal striped polo shirt

Ric - white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t/dark blue [sky blue aqua motifs] board shorts

Sally – black elbow length sleeve dress

Sally – dark aqua [black swirls] low cut top

Viv – leopard print halter neck mid thigh dress

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