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Tues, 30 Oct 07 - Episode # 4537

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Think THAT Is My Cue To Leave “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 30 Oct 07 - Episode # 4537)

NEAR SURF CLUB : Geoff runs after Tam and when he catches up, he confront her about stealing. Tam insists that she has her reasons, and she walks off.

NOAH'S : Vic thanks Alf & Ric for arranging tohght, and when she goes to pay the deposit, she discovers that there is money missing form her bag. Alf insist that she can pay tonight, and Geoff overhears all of this.

DINER : Tam enters and approaches Heather. He gives her mum the money – but Heath tells Tam that she had a win [gambling] and has already told Irene etc that she accidentally put money in apron.

Tam has a go about Heather for ALWAYS being this [gambling] way.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass is still kinda pining over Henk as she talks to Matilda. Sally bails – after saying that she is on her ay to Brad’s.

Ric wonders if Cass & Matilda would be waiters at this party of Viv’s – Cass says than she can’t whilst Matilda reluctantly aggress.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Tam tells Geoff that not everyone’s world is as rosey as his. Geoff then tells Tam bout how his parnets and grandad are dead. Tam ponds by telling Geoff bout how her mum gambled away the money.

As Geoff bails, he insists that tam knows what she has to do.

Sally enters – and brad is surprised when she tells him that they have a counselling session morrow [counsellor had cancellation].

SURF CLUB : Viv’s party is in full swing – there’s lots of ppl there, and one of Viv’s friends comments to her about how hot Ric is, but Viv tells her friends about “the waitress” [Matilda].

As the party continues, Viv turners around – straight into Mads who is carry a tray of drinks. Matilda’s white shirt is ruined, a ndf Alf suggest that she go home and change.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Matilda enters and Cass wonders what happened – Matilda says that she wouldn’t be surprised if Viv did that deliberately,

Matilda realise that she has grabbed Ric’s hone by mistake, but she can’t help it, and sees that he’s got LOTS of txt messages form Viv stored in there, incl one from her saying “me too babe”

NEAR SURF CLUB : Viv talks to Ric – she tells him about how her hubby [a big businessman] has missed, for the last few years, every birthday, anniversary etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As Matilda & Cass appear to be eating ice cram, Matilda wonders if she should really be so worried about all this.

Cass suggest that she knows what she {Cass] would do in this situation.

NOAH'S : Viv talks to Ric further about her workaholic hubby, and how she is kinda seen as his trophy wife.

Something catches Viv’s eye, and she suggest that maybe now is that time for her to bail. What Viv sees a waaaaaaay HOT looking Matilda – who is death starring Viv.

Matilda approach Ric, and confronts him about the txts. He insist that Viv calls everyone babe & honey, but [after Matilda insist] that he will stop any non garage contact with Viv form now on.

BEACH HOUSE : Next day, after Geoff comments to Irene that he is heading for the surf club, she tells hi9m about how $250 was stolen form there recently. Geoff’s reaction leads Irene to getting what Geoff knows sbout the situating out of him.

NOAH'S : Matilda tells Cass thatRic has promise that he won’t see Viv again.

When Brad approach, Cass reminds him that it’s almost time for the counselling sesionthat Sally arranged. Brad gets a phone call – sounds like it’s about Tam.

COUNSELLING PLACE : Sally and the female counsellor are waiting for brad – Sally insists that Brad will be here.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Heather tells brad & Irene that this [money steal situation] is all her fault. Irene tells heather that she’ll have to find another job [can’t trust her], whilst tam throws Viv’s momety on the table, and insist that she won’t be the one to physicals hand it back to Viv.

NOAH'S : Cass gets a little noyed when Ric for the way the he’s been acting with Viv lately, and ric isn’t too happy that Cass is quiz him so much.

Tam & heather approach ric – wondering if he’ll hand the money back to Viv [after they give him an off screen spiel bout what occurred]

COUNSELLING PLACE : As Sally still wait for bard, the counsellor suggetsnthat Sally & Bard STILL aren’t on the same peag, and she suggest to Sally that this [waiting for Brad] is just like way he felt the day on their [supposed] wedding.

BEACH : Maddie sits on the sand, and observes the nearby Tam & Geoff. Tam way has a go at Geoff, who insists that it’s not in his nature to lie. Tam tells Geoff that she & he can NEVER be friends.

[note – I love how Tam’s leopard print kini FURTHER set’s Tam apart form Gabrielle’s mostly hot pink wearing [incl bikini] charecter of Amy in the surf based teen drama Blue Water High].

ARMSTRONG PLACE : AS brad talk to heather bout what’s happened, sally comes to the door. Thought the screen door, sally wonders to heather if bard is home. Heather says that he is not, and when sally bails, heather makes brad realise that she isn’t the only one with issues.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Ric hands viv THAT stolen money, beefer telling her about how Mattie’s has said that they are to have no contact. Viv ini9sts that Ric should use that resort vouchers she gave him, before she says that [since mads is not around] she’s going to do something.

Viv then kisses Ric – and Maddie [on the beach nearby] picks THAT moment to turn around – Maddie looks waaaaaaaaay shocked.



Matilda confronts Ric bout THAT kiss !!!

What will happen when Viv shows up in Ric & Matilda’s hotel room

Will this be the night that Belle vanishes???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Matilda – black [cleavage enhancing, waaaaay figure hugging, strapless, mid thigh length] dress

SILVER : Matilda – red & blue [plain red top half, with brown & white swirls on the blue on bottom half] wide collar dress

BRONZE : Sally - royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Brad - white v neck long sleeve top

Brad - white long sleeve top

Cassie – white [red & blue ocean themed motifs] thin strap top

Cassie - sky blue (dark blue lining) spaghetti strap top & matching shorts

Cassie – yellow [black rose motif] singlet top

Geoff – olive green singlet

Geoff - SBH uniform

Geoff – sky blue [white “rip curl” logo] board shorts

Heather – dark green scoop neck dress

Heather – denim jacket/blue top/olive green long pants

Irene - red [with white floral motif at the top] t

Matilda - white (sky blue diagonal check pattern) thin strap dress

Matilda - white long sleeve button up shirt/black bow tie/dark long pants/black headband

Relationship Counsellor – apple green blouse/dark jacket

Ric - brown [white old coin?] t

Ric - white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t/dark blue [sky blue aqua motifs] board shorts

Ric – white long sleeve button up shirt/black bow tie/dark long pants

Sally – black elbow length sleeve blouse

Sally – black low cut singlet top, with tan top neath

Tam – black [purple & white bunnies etc in an oval shaped frame] t/denim short skirt

Tam – black [rock band motif] t

Tam – leopard print bikini top & bottoms

Viv – black [white grey bust, and yellow band just under the bust] kinda wide strapped low cut dress

Viv – brown [green diag squares on bottom half & on sleeves] scoop dress

Viv – cream [green & blue swirls] low cut v neck, mid thigh length dress

Viv’s friend – red strapless dress

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