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Mon, 29 Oct 07 - Episode # 4536

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ve Been Doing This ALL My Life “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 29 Oct 07 - Episode # 4536)

VAN PARK HOUSE : As the ep begins, Sally & bard are still kissing, and they only breaks of when brad’s hone rings – its’ heather [wanting to talking about tam, bard says]. Brad insists to Sally that they will talk about this later. They softly kiss once more before brad bails

DINER : Rachel approach Tony and they talking about jack, especially how Sam hasn’t leave his bedside.

Lewis approach Rachel – and they bail.

Colleen enters, and tells Leah etc about the Sally/brad kiss!!!

HOSPITAL : Tony enters just as Sam suggests to Nurse Julie that they should be moving Jack’s limbs etc more. Sam also wants t know if Nurse Julie has contacted the Neuro specialist as yet – Julie insist that she will get onto it as soon as she can.

DINER : Next day, Colleen suggest to Leah that Heather is too chatty with the customers, whilst both Geoff & Luc tell each other that they think that other things in their life’s [like Geoff’s upcoming football trail match AND a chance to go to the US, writing relayed, for Luc] aren’t as important right now – because of what’s happened to Jack.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass is lying on the couch, and waaaaaaay pining over henk.both Ric & Sally suggest that Cass should go out and have some fun but she not in the mood.

Viv arrives – hoping that Ric can arrange a get together for some of her friends. Ric insist keen – but then Viv says that it’s her [Viv] birthday today. Ric aggress.

HOSPITAL : Sam presses Nurse Julie on when the specialist will be comionmbhg and then Sam REALLY doesn’t like some of the negative comment that Tony is making. She takes thim out of jack’s room, and “suggests” that if Tony is going to talk negatively around jack, than maybe Tony shouldn’t be there at all.

GYM : Tony tells bard what happened with Sam, and brad suggests that he wouldn’t have put up with that.

Tony then changes the subject – to the goos about town that bard & Sally are back together. Tony doesn’t say who he got this info form, but its clear taht brad is annoyed.

NOAH'S : When Ric approach Alf about the possibility of holding Viv’s party at scurf club, Alf doesn’t tjick that they’ll be able to mange it. Ric insist that he’ll take cares of most things, and Alf eventually agrees.

Cass approach ric – wondering why exactly Ric is doing all this extra stuff for Viv.

DINER : Sally approach colleen, wondering who she’s told about the kiss. Colleen insists that its almost no one but Sally comments [to Leah, with colleen out in main part of diner] that colleen said that with her fingers crossed.

Out of the main part of finer, heather collided with a customer, and a plate full of food smashes to floor. Keah suggest tat heather’s shift is almost over anyway, and that heather is defimetley welcome to more shifts.

Colleen enters form outside and tells heather to put some money [$200] in the till and that colleen was fix upteh books later].

HOSPITAL : Rachel & lewis talking about what’s been going on with Sam & jack, as Sam eagerly tells jack that he HAS to come back to her.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Rad enters, and although Sally is initially pleased t see him, brad launches an attack about Sally spreading the rumour that they are back together. Indeed, Sally look quite shocked at accusation.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally tells brad that its was colleen who spread the rumour – after she saw them kissing. Bard apologise.

Sally & bard then talking about what’s happening/happened tween the, Sally tells bard that she was shocked when he got a place of his own, but brad insist that he’s not ready to come back and live at the VAN PARK HOUSE just yet. When Sally wonders about the kiss, brad says tat he still has feelings for Sally, but “baby steps” is the plan for time being.

HOSPITAL : Lewis can’t believe it when he saes that sam has called in an alternative medicine therapist fo jack. Indeed, Sam & Lewis have a hated verbal clash – which the bervy Rachel sees/hears.

BEACH : Tony is sit on the sand when Luc aapproaches.They talking about jack, before luc tells Tony about how Geoff isn’t keen on plying in that big trial game, Luc not mention his own opportunity though.

HOSPITAL : Rachel has a go at Lewis for the way he behaved earlier with Sam.

Tony enters jack’s room, and Sam is all way apologetic – they hug [sam’s in tears].

DINER : Tam enters, and sits at a table near counter. She overhears colleen & Leah talking about how the diner seems to be “down” $200 today.

CLUB : Tam approaches the rows of gaming machines. She finds Heather, and can’t believe that her mum has “borrowed” that money and is gambling it.

Heather comments that Tam shouldn’t be so worried about her mum, but tam insists that she’s [tam] been doing this kind of thing much of her life now.

After tam walks away, it sounds [music etc coming form the machine that heather I on] that heather has finally hit some good luck

DINER : Heather enters, and see tells Leah & colleen that she accidentally put the money [all $200] in her apron before she bailed.

GYM : Tony approaches Geoff, and insists that Geoff can’t give up this chance to play BIG TIME football.

NOAH'S : Viv thanks ric and Alf for arranging everything for the party.

After the trio walk away form the bar for a bit, tam sees Viv’s handbag, snd “borrows” some money to readdress the diner situation. Unbeknownst to tam, Geoff sees her take the money.



Matilda sees Ric kissing Viv!!!

Belle vanishes

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel –red low cut spaghetti strap dress

SILVER : Tam – black [purple & white bunnies etc in an oval shaped frame] t/denim short skirt

BRONZE : Viv – white [soft toned multicolour pattern] halter top


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf – brown & white check button up shirt

Brad – green t/blue & white jacket

Brad - plum button up shirt

Cass – white thin strap to

Cassie - sky blue (dark blue lining) spaghetti strap top

Colleen – blue top/hot pink & black floral blouse

Colleen – white [light blue & black mosaics] top

Geoff – olive green singlet

Geoff - red rugby jersey

Heather – dark green scoop neck dress

Leah – brown thin strap top

Leah – flesh coloured spaghetti strap top

Lewis – brown leather jacket/light blue [whiter cloud motifs] button up shirt

Lewis – brown leather jacket/white button up shirt

Luc – sky blue [white floral] board shorts/dirty pink [white & black running writing motif] t

Nurse Julie - white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse/black long pants

Rachel – black low cut v neck long sleeve top/black long pants/red beaded necklace

Ric - black [white old coin?] t

Ric – olive green shorts/white singlet

Sally – black low cut singlet top, with tan top neath

Sally – maroon & black check wide strap kinda low cut dress

Sam - grey scoop neck t/purple shorts

Tony – black & white horizontal stripes polo shirt

Tony – black polo shirt

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirt

Viv – cream [green & blue swirls] low cut v neck, mid thigh length dress

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