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The Summer Bay Horror

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TITLE: The Summer Bay Horror

TYPE OF STORY: horror i guess



WARNING: i'd say violence

SUMMARY: while they are partying 3 teens are hunted down by a deranged psycho (i promise i wont use detail)

i changed some of the characters personalities a little


Ric was standing by himself he was starting to get pissed off with the fact that Luke wasn't out of class yet, it had been 30 minutes since the bell rang.

he sighed, looked at his watch then started to walk to the gate

"HEY BITCH" he heard someone yelled out, it was Lucas "Thanks fo waiting" Luke said

"Sorry, i swear Armstrong stared at my arse for 20 minutes before giving me an extention" Lucas said as he smiled.

"I was only walking to the gate i was gonna sit in it while i was waiting"

Lucas put his arm around Ric "Ight lets go.

"Wait, i invited one more to the party" Ric told him.

"ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who?" Luke said trying to make it sound sexy.

Ric stopped and looked at him, then tilted his head and raised his eyebrows.

"No, please tell me you didn't"

"What was suppost to do?, he was standing right there when we were talking about it" Ric said.

"He's a total freak, he's nerdy and his..."

"Hi" a voice said, it was Drew

Lucas reached out and hugged him with a smile on his face but stared at Ric when drew couldn't see

"I'm sooooooooo glad Ric invited you"

"I't's been an emotional afternoon" Drew said

Luke frowned at Ric and whispered "See"

"Yeah, all your afternoon's are emotional" Luke said pating Drew on the back as the started to walk away from school grounds


i borroweed that "oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh who?" segment from STANDBYME i hope you don't mind.

if you do though, let me know and i'll change it

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they all walked around the corner

"Hey Lcas, i heard about what you said about Aden" Drew said.

Lucas smiled

"Yeah, isn't he a little slut" Ric said as him and Lucas both laughed.

"Hey he ask he me too and i needed extra cash, besides he should be privlidged that i screwed him, i don't screw guys everyday you know ".

"you didn't have to tell his mate though" Ric said

"What do you think his dad will do?" Ric asked

"Kick his arse" Luke said as he burst out laughing

"What do you think you're dad will say to you?" Drew asked

Luke shrugged "oh who care i'll just give him that sweet innocent look and say daddy precious little baby boy would never do anything like that"

a car drove past with the driver staring at them

"Is he watching us?" Drew asked

"Totally" Luke said as Ric lifted him up

"HEY JERK, GET A GOOD LOOK" he yell as he pulled Ric pants down

"Luke you little son of a bitch" Ric said

"You know one day Lucas you'll get killed doing stuff like that" Drew said as the continued walking"



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This is weird, is it going to be like a version of Halloween, but with three guys instead of three girls? It just reminds me of the scenes in the original Halloween where Laurie, Annie and Lynda are walking home from school. Luc is especially like a male version of Lynda, the way he says "totally". Maybe I'm way off the mark, but that's what it looks like to me.

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Drew stopped

"I gotta walk this way" he said

"Okay" Ric said

"Later dude" Luke said as he waved

Drew walked away as Ric and Lucas walked the other way

"I can't believe you invited him" Luke said as he put his arm around Ric waist and leaned on his shoulder.

"So tell me about Armstrong" Ric said

"Oh, he was checking my arse out for about 20 minutes plus Belle said he was flirting with me in class" Luke replied

"You know why" Ric said


"BECAUSE HE WANTS YOU, HE WANTS YOU" Ric screamed as they started rubbing up against each other making loud moaning noises then erupting into laughter.

"People can probably hear us" Luke said

Ric lifted Luke over his shoulder "BRAD ARMSTRONG WANTS MY BABY BOY HERE EVERYBODY" Ric screamed as loud as he could.

Lucas laughed "Put me down ya tosser, i'm home"

"Wanna come in?" Luke asked

"Nah, gotta get home, see ya at seven though" Ric replied

"Later sexy" Luke said as he made a sexy laugh and then started to cross the road.

"Gonna go think about Armstrong are ya?" Ric yelled out


"Ric watched him, then turned to see the car watching them again.



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