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Fri, 26 Oct 07 - Episode # 4535

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Henk, I Hate You “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 26 Oct 07 - Episode # 4535)

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Cass tells henk that she is muchly looking fwd to leaving town with him soon, but you sense [from look on face] that henk isn’t so keen on the idea. Cass not notices this – and Henk is more than willing to oblige when Cass kisses him. Indeed they WAAAAAY pash.

ARMSTRONG PALCE : Heather & brad enter, and heather isn’t too impressed that tam had only had cornflakes for dinner.

When tam leaves that room, heather thanks brad for not say anything to tam. He then wonders what happened, and heather insist that she thought she was over this [gambling] but the moment that he gave her some money she couldn’t help herself.

NOAH’S : There’s a lot of ppl at the bar tonight – indeed, both drew & Alf are on duty. Cass approaches maddie – and tells her about her plan to get away with henk. Maddie can’t believe that henk is hear in the bay.

Nearby. Dan talks to brad & Leah about how he’s annoyed that lost of the yr 12 kids have been slacking off this year – and he eagerly mentions that Aden is playing pool tonight rather than studying.

Sal then launches into a speech – and everyone raises their glasses – to farewell brad form SBH. Sal is all but in tears by the time that she has finished thank bared for all he has done.

VPH : Next day, Dan enters a classroom that bard is already in. both comet about this being brad’s last day.

Dan then comets about how Aden is claiming that he is sick, and that he can’t get med certificate as the doctor is all booked up.

When the likes of Cass, Belle &^ Aden enters for their exam, and Aden does look unwell, but Dan dismisses his pleas.

DINER : Leah approach heather, who is scouring the job section of the paper. Leah offers heath some shifts her at diner. Heather says that she’s not done this in ages, not that she makes a great cappuccino. Leah tells heather that she’ll have a trail shift morrow.

VPH : The students [pincl belle] are doing their exam hen Aden stand up. Moment later, he collapses, and starts to shake!!!

SBH : As the ambulance officers take Aden away, sally approaches Dan. She say that she’ll have to call Aden’s parents, and then she’ll “have a word” with Dan.

ARMSTRONG PALCE : Tam is waaaaaaay pleased when heather tells her about the diner job, but things go awkward agisn when heather asks tam for a loan [to get new shoes]. Tam says that she will go with heather, but the latter storms off [she can’t believe that tam not trust her].

SBH : Sally asks Dan to explain his behaviours, and Dan insists that he knows that he’s more that a bit jaded at the monet. Sally tells dam that she’ll have to file an incident report, and will be having frurtrther words to Dan later.

VPH : Cass is way stressing out – henk isn’t here, or responding to her txt messages. Indeed, she tells maddie this when he friend arrives.

Soon after sally embers, and way congrats Cass for finishing her exams, but you can see that Cass is more thinking of henk than her exams etc.

ARMSTRONG PALCE : Brad answers the door, and he can’t believe that its henk – who insist that they need to talk.

VPH : Cass is talk too Maddie about her plans with henk when sally enters the room. He tells Cass that she overheard most of what Cass has said.

Brad arrives, and tells Cass that henk is on back patio, and that he wants to tela to Cass.

When Cass goes onto back patio, she waaaaaaaaaaaay can't believe it when henk tells her that it’s over tweeny them. Henk insists that he thought that it could work tweeny them, but now he thinks that it can’t. Cass is totally in tears.

[Note – why, oh why henk couldn’t you take the annoying Cass out of our life’s forever.

DINER : Tam enters the kitchen and speaks to Leah. Tam is worried when Leah says that she gave heather an advance on her pay.

CLUB : Tam enters, and goes straight fiord the rows of gaming machines. She spots someone who looks familiar, but the woman isn’t heather. Tam is then escorted for this [licensed] bit pof they premises.

VPH : On back patio, maddie does her best to consol Cass, who tells maddie that she slept with henk last night!!!

Brad comes out onto the patio, and tells Cass that henk vested him before coming to the vph tyionight. Cass insists that brad must have somehow talk henk out of want to be with Cass.

ARMSTRONG PALCE : Tam enters, and she bags & bags of food shopping. Heather tells tam that she is going to cook tam a great dinner [given the cornflake incident. Tam waaaaaaaaaaay hugs her mum.

VPH : Sally & bard are talking with Little Pippa shows brad that drawing that she did, of brad ^& sally holding hands etc.

nearby, maddie tells Cass that henk doesn’t deserve Cass, but Cass insists that he doesn’t WANT her [and that’s a big difference]

VPH : Sally tell brad that despite everything that occur partic tinght [with henk & Cass], sally felt that she could deal with it because brad was here with here.

The two slowly move closer as they talk, before they KISS … and keep on kissing.

Unbeknownst to the kissing couple, Colleen arrives at the [laundry etc] door – to pay her rent it looks – but colleen bails seconds later. Looks like she’s about to the world that she & bard are [thankfully] back together!!!



After Drew & Belle run out of fuel during a drive, Belle vanishes [after she starts walk to get help]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Belle - black [white dot lined] crop jacket/red strapless dress

SILVER : Mattie – dark blue [with sky blue spots pattern] wide collar dress

BRONZE : Tam – vibrant green long pants/denim sleeveless jacket/grey & black horiz stripes [with a light grey kinda weird looking baby? motif] singlet top


Aden – dark [green lining] t

Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Belle - SBH uniform

Brad – black [white vert stripes] button up shirt/black leather jacket

Brad - plum button up shirt

Cassie - “Dutch” orange (polo shirt collared) halter top & matching short shorts

Cassie – grey ultra scoop neck t, with soft pink (with silver, on an angle, square motif) one shoulder top neath/sky blue long pants

Colleen – blue top/pink floral blouse

Dan - apple green button up shirt/dark suit

Dan - olive green [with several inverted black Vs] button up shirt

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Heather – denim jacket/blue top/olive green long pants

Heather – denim jeans/black v neck top

Heather – red blouse, with black singlet top neath

Henk - black button up shirt

Henk - plum button up shirt

Irene – aqua v neck top

Leah – brown thin strap top

Leah – purple thin strap top

Little Pippa – rad & black floral dress

Mattie – green scoop neck top/dark [light pink floral] shorts

Sally – black v neck dress

Sally – dark [pin stripe] wide strap kinda low cut dress

Tam – beige singlet top/denim short shorts/denim cap

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