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Thurs, 25 Oct 07 - Episode # 4534

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ No Wonder That Rachel Is A Doctor And NOT A Chef ”

(Screened in Australia on Thursi, 25 Oct 07 - Episode # 4534)

Notes –

1. ep guide less detailed that usual [comp etc issues].

2. thanks to the wonderful ppl at BTTB, who've not locked this guide [sat mon], I've added the IADL for this ep, in their rightful place

Ric can’t believe that Viv is there. And reminds her that he has g/f, and that she has hubby. Viv tells rich that if he tell any1 bout them, he’ll be dead.

Ric go inside and comet to maddie that Viv came her to pick up car. Ric looks evasive though.

Later, ric gets a txt that he says in form drew – he bails, and meets up with Viv at seaplane wharf. She way apols for doing what she did, and comets that she gets bored easily [with hubby always away on business].

Ric goes to Noah’s and asks drew to tell ppl [if ask] that he was help drew at bar tonight. Drew is impressed when ric mention that Viv has a thing for ric.

Next morn, maddie & ric exit tee surf, and maddie asks ric to take her to the hospital later today. When maddie walks away, Viv approaches, and ric is surprised when she asks him what his ultimate job is – a pilot he says, but thinks that ppl like him don’t get to be that. Viv thinks that ric underestimates himself.

Later, sally goes off at ric for something to do with the kettle [as Alf scalded his hand]. Sally apols and spoments that ric has been her strong man since brad bailed. Ric loves that irony of sally commenting that it looks like maddie/ric will be those one to lat forever [and not the older sally/brad].

Later, Viv approach ric near surf club. She gives him a voucher for a few days, all expense paid, for ric/maddie at the sand resort, for all he’s put up with from Viv. She doesn’t take no for an answer either. Drew sees all of this transpire.

At diner, sally ^ bard encounter each other. Sally thanks brad for his “spray” that lead to Alf coming home. Sally is intrigued that brad to having get together at his place [involving Leah, Dan, and Lewis etc] but not her.

At bards new place, Rachel is keen to show that she can cook, but they all notice that she’s put too much of a spicy food to the mixture.

Heather [tam mum] arrives, and says that she has job [far away hospital;] lined up.

Next day, tam makes it clear to heather that she rally likes it here, and brad ^& Rachel agree to help heather out financially until she is back on feet.

Bard is at diner when fan comets that the retreat hasn’t salved all heather’s issues, and Dan punts to his own gambling past.

Bard exits – and heads for a club, where he finds heather playing one of the gaming machines [with the money he gave her this morn].

Belle &* Cass are at diner commenting about both studying and about cass/henk. This continues at voph where belle can’t believe that Cass is thinking about running away with henk after exams are over.

Next day, Cass eaklgterly awaits hank’s arrival bnbak in the bay. He gets out of his car and they hug, but there’s a look of hesitation etc on henk’s face at they are hugging.



Looks like henk isn’t as keen on Cass as she is on him


Belle vanishes

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam – black [hot pink “bust a style” slogan] t

SILVER : Sally – dark aqua [black swirls] low cut top

BRONZE : Viv – cream [green & blue swirls] low cut v neck, mid thigh length dress


Alf - blue (yellow check) button up shirt

Alf – maroon dressing gown

Belle – red [black Emily the strange motifs] singlet top

Brad – black [white vert stripes] button up shirt

Brad – grey long sleeve top

Cass – yellow & black [yellow top half] dress

Cassie – grey ultra scoop neck t, with soft pink (with silver, on an angle, square motif) one shoulder top neath/sky blue long pants

Dan - white button up shirt/ brown velvety jacket

Dan - white button up shirt/dark suit

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Heather – dark green scoop neck dress

Heather – denim jacket/blue top/olive green long pants

Henk - plum button up shirt

Leah - orange (silver spots across the bust) spaghetti strap top

Leah – red v neck low cut top

Lewis – white [black swirls] button up shirt

Mattie – dark blue [white ocean theme motifs] bikini top & matching swim shorts

Mattie – purple sleeveless cardy/dark drown singlet top

Rachel – grey & black [grey on top half] wide strap low cut dress

Rachel - orange [with yellow dots all over] v neck top, with red top beneath

Ric – dark long pants/white singlet

Ric – white [red eagle crest] t

Ric - yellow [black floral motifs] board shorts/black [white old coin?] t

Sally - brown & black (native Australian artwork) skirt/black low cut top

Tam – beige singlet top/denim short shorts/denim cap

Viv – cream [black floral pattern, with see trough black lining at the bottom] cross back wide strap dress

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