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Tues, 23 Oct 07 - Episode # 4532

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Teddy Bear Rescue “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 23 Oct 07 - Episode # 4532)

POLICE STATION : Martha thinks that jack is loving the Michael is handcuffed and that Martha is being fingerprinted etc. Martha suggest that Jack should have a heart about all tis

DINER : Annie & Geoff are WAAAAY down about the farm, but Irene suggests that they go and talk to bank morrow.

DINER FLAT : Martha is on phone to Morag. As she ends call, Alf enters. Martha tell him that Morag says that Martha should tell the magistrate etc that it was her fault [break in] and that Michael – whose involvement is a breach of parole conditions – jsyu went along with it. Martha tells Alf that she thinks that she is waaaaaaay too impulsive with things like this.

ROADSIDE : Next day, George meets up with the crim that Jack unknowingly took to Jessie’s party. George insist that everything [incl jack[ is all set for today].

POLICE STATION : Martha tells one of the male uniform officers that it was all her fault, but he isn't budging. Jack approach Martha – he suggest that she speak to bank manager that could help Michael’s legal issues.

BANK : In his office, the bank manager [André] tells Irene & Geoff that the only way that the kids can keep the farm is if there is a private sale of the place, for no less that $250,000 TODAY.


DINER : Irene, Alf & Martha insist to Annie & Geoff that it’s not all over yet – but Geoff insists that this is ALL his fault. Indeed, Geoff is quite intense about all of this before he bails, and Annie goes after him.

SURF CLUB RESCUE GEAR AREA : Annie catches up with Geoff, and he’s still going on about how Bruce was too stressed about the kids being rebellious to worry about the bills etc. Geoff insist that he wil,find a way to save the farm, and that things aren’t over, but he is surprised when Annie says that she thinks that they should move on !!!

BANK : Martha approach Andre, and he insist that he is way busty and that she will have to wait. Martha says that she will.

DINER FLAT : Michael is on phone to areal estate agent when Alf enters. Alf almost can’t believe it when he hears Michael sassy that he is prepared to sell his fame for $300,000 [about 1 1/3 of what its worth] so he can then but the Campbell place.

Alf comments on this when Michael is off phone, and then Michael looks for another agent, and for anyone who is willing to buy his property.

GYM : Luc enters as Geoff is way punching the punching bag. Geoff still going on about how this is all his fault, but Luc tries to assure hims that its not.

Michael enters, and whilst he sassy that he’s not been able to sell farm, he does have some good news., bank has allowed Annie & Geoff to collect some personal belongings for the place, as long as they do it TODAY [before 3pm].

CAMPBELL FARM : Martha, mihcael, Irene, Annie & Geoff arrive in Martha’s Ute, they enter the house, and whilst Geoff goes straight for the cupboard in the hall – which incl a watch & a bible], Annie heads for her room, and eagerly hold her kinda battered old teddy bear [that’s amongst several on her bed].

Annie exits her room with the a small box of her things – her cuddly toys talking pride of place on top.

Martha, Michael & Geoff also have boxers in hand. They all exit – and then a bank dude turns off the hall light and clo9ses the door.

Note – ALL of this was set to rather haunting song, that’s been used in H&A before. Most notably [i think] when Dani Sutherland was walking the streets after she discovered that everyone she really trusts [parents, sisters, b/f josh] KNEW that Kirsty had been seeing Kane!!!!

BANK : Andre tells Martha that it will be a while before he can see her still, But Martha insist that she will wait.

A balaclava aring gunmen enters the bank – ordering everyone to get done on toy floor!!!


BANK : Whilst the robbers orders the customers to stay down and for the bank manger to cooperate and gives him all the money he can, Martha sneaks away a little – into one of the offices.

DINER : Annie [with her fave teddy with her] is still a little downbeat, but when Michael enters she sway thanks him fori what he tried to do [sell his farm].

Michael says that he has a surprise for Annie – and Scruffy enters the eatery and goes straight to Annie. Michael says that he will keep scruffy on his farm and Annie can visit whenever she likes. Annie then complies when Irene “suggest” that she should get the dog outside – before the diner is closed down [health reasons etc]

YABBY CREEK MAIN STREET : Jack & George are beside their patrol car when they get radio call about the bank robbery, since they are virtually across the street form the back, George tells jack that he is going in, and wants jackal to call for backup.

YABBY CREEK MAIN STREET / BANK : George enters, and is ambushed by the robber. George’s gun is taken, whilst jack outside radios for backup.

George & the robber go initio the room where Martha is hiding – and Martha discovers that george is “in” on the robbery,


YABBY CREEK : The robber exits – twitch gorge as his hostage. George urges jack, not to follow him – or George or jack might get hurt.

George & robber go into a side street and when robber gets into a car, George shoots him, but jack sees this. Jack upholsters his gun – but George does to9o, and he shoots jack [in the chest area it looks], just as backup arrives!!!



Jack’s in a coma

Martha tells McGrath and Lara bout George

George confronts Martha about what’s happened

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie – white [small blue floral motifs] scoop top/emerald really short sleeves jacket/denim jeans

SILVER : Luc – sky blue singlet

BRONZE : Geoff – bluey-grey [diag stripes] button up shirt


Alf - orange (yellow checks) button up shirt

Andre [bank Manager] – dark suit/white button up shirt/gold tie

Colleen – bright red [white & yellow floral[ top

Colleen – red top/cream [pink floral] blouse

Geoff – green [white check] button up shirt

Geoff – grey singlet/black [with white patches] jacket

Irene – orange long sleeve blouse

Irene - black long sleeve v neck top

Jack - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap/black [white stripes]jacket

Martha – green [white dots] scoop t

Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t

Michael – dark blue long pants/grey singlet

Michael – light mustard button up shirt/white singlet/denim jeans

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