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Mon, 22 Oct 07 - Episode # 4531

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Alf’s Seal Of Approval??? “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 22 Oct 07 - Episode # 4531)

DINER FLAT : Martha & Michael wade through Bruce’s’ suitcases FULL of unpaid bills. Both can’t believe that this is happening.

DINER : Rachel & Lewis chat for a bit before Lewis bails. Sam approach Rachel – and muchly lets Rachel know that she thinks that Lewis is responsible for hospital attacks.

Rachel bails – in a huff about what Sam has said, and when jack enters, he isn’t pleased that Sam is stirring up trouble either.

DINER : Next day, Martha & Michael tell Annie, Geoff, Irene, Tony & Alf what’s happened. Geoff suggetsthat they banks just can’t do this and that someone [even Geoff himself] should talk to them.

DINER FLAT : Jack enters, and Martha tells her about the Campbell situation. He reminds her to be in yabby creek morrow so they can officially get divorced.

HOSPITAL : Rachel approach Marie and insist that Marie needs to go to counselling because of the ordeal that she went through. Rachel can’t believe it when Marie says tats he is leaving the bay – and getting as far away as she can. Rachel insists that this just isn’t about Marie, especially in light of Sam’s accusations against Lewis.

POLICE STATION : Jack comments to George that things seem to be settling down again at the station [corruption inquiry off the boil].

George & Jack then talk about the hospital attack case – George suggests that [because jack lives with Rachel, and Lewis is always there] that maybe George should take over the case.

CAMPBELL FARM : Martha’s Ute pulls up in front of the house, and Martha, Michael, Annie & Geoff exit the vehicle. They see 2 men at the house – who are from the back, and the leader of the 2 isn’t going to listen to anything that Annie & the others have to say [about how they were unaware of the debt that they were in].


POLICE STATION : Jack is called into McGrath’s office, an after he enters, George makes a call – insist that all is set for morrow.

McGrath has a go at Jack for not handing over the hospital attacked case soon [to George] given how close Jack is to the situation.

DINER : Rachel % Lewis talks about how Marie is too traumatised at present to tell the police what happened. Rachel is surprised when Lewis says that he rems that he has to be somewhere – and he bails.

Nearby, Annie & Geoff are talking to the like of Alf & Martha. Geoff insists that kids have rights too. Martha bails – and Alf [clearly in a nod of approval for Michael/Martha] suggest that Michael should follow Martha and help her out.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Sam is intrigued when she sees [in distance] what looks like a feisty “discussion“tween Lewis & Marie.

DINER : Sam enters and tells Rachel that [form afar] it looked like Lewis was harassing Marie. Rachel just hopes that Sam doesn’t go to jack with this info. Indeed, Rachel seems way annoyed with Sam.

POLICE STATION : Jack approaches George, and is annoyed that George seems to heavy nab the stalker case for himself. George insist that he doesn’t have rathe closeness that jack does – so he CAN get some other uniforms to bring in Lewis fro questioning.

Seconds later, Lewis IS bought in, and Marie is with me – Lewis insists that she is his witness that he NOIT attacks her.

CAMPBELL FARM : Martha &^ mica heal arrive [in Ute] outside the farm gates. Martha decides there’s no other choice – she revs up the engines and rams the Ute through the gates!!!!

Btew, Michael [not in car when the ramming happens] wasn’t all that keen on Martha doing the gate things.


CAMPBELL FARM : The head back dude arrives, just as Martha & Michel are losing up the Ute with Annie’s etc pers belongings. Whilst Martha is all ready for a fight, Michael is the one who is looking for a compromise tween the banks & the Campbell kids.

Both Martha AND the bank dude insist that the actions of the other “doesn’t excuse you form what you are doing”

POLICE STATION : McGrath [with George in room] interviews Maries, who says that when Lewis talks to her earlier today, it bought her memory back. Maire says that when the attacker turns her round a bit, she can see Lewis FAR in the distance.

After Marie leaves the room, McGrath is WAAAAY annoyed that the suspicions about Lewis have Meade the police look foolish.

HOSPITAL : Lewis tells Rachel what happened at police station, and when Lewis walks away, Rachel encounters Sam -0 and tells her. Sam is still sceptical – she insists that maybe if Rachel had been stalked, then maybe she’d know what Sam is going through right now.

POLICE STATION : George tells McGrath that he’s been informered that whatever jack is doing is gong to be big, and will happen morrow.

George suggests surveillance – McGrath agrees, but want no one at station know what’s going on.


POLICE STATION : When jack comments about having morrow off [to deal with the divorce], George suggest that jack can just take care of it6 in work time moorw.

Jack then tells George he’s about to head out – as there’s been a break in on ferry road.

CAMPBELL FARM : It looks like Marsha &^ Michael had finished getting in the kids pers belongings and have them in the Ute. Michael comets about how amazing Martha is and they kiss.

Moments later, jack [in uniform] arrives!!!

[note – love the rather sullen looks on both Jack’s & Martha’s faces]



Martha is witness to a bank robbery – which results in George shooting Jack !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Marie – dark green low cut v neck top

SILVER : Annie – white top/emerald really short sleeves jacket/denim jeans

BRONZE : Sam – pink low cut wide strap top


Alf - white [dark check] button up shirt

Geoff – bluey-grey [diag check] button up shirt

George Watson – cream jacket [with wide green horizontal blocks]/ light blue police shirt

Irene – orange long sleeve blouse

Jack - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Lewis - black & grey horizontal striped long sleeve top/brown leather jacket

Lewis - brown leather jacket/white button up shirt

Martha - royal blue [with a silver V across the bust] thin strap top/white jacket

Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t

Michael – dark blue long pants/grey singlet

Michael – dark suit/white shirt/dual brown toned diag striped tie

Rachel – black v neck dress

Rachel – blue scoop neck top/dark long skirt/brown beaded necklace

Sam - apple green polo shirt

Sam – sky blue polo shirt

Tony – dark brown [blue horizontal stripes] polo shirt

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