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Home And Away - One Last Kiss

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if you like the first chapter i will carry on by doing a chapter a day or two.

CHAPTER 1 - jealousy

scene 1 - the beach

the sun was shining just as bright today and martha strolled along the beach heading towards michael aka jonah and put her arms around him "are you okay" michael mumbled, "yeah" she replied "grandad said if i want to be with you then its my decision, and everyone will support us"

"really" michael said in amazement, "yes". as she turned around holding michaels hand she noticed jack, sam and rory getting ready to go on their family picnic, and she noticed jack was looking at them at the corner of his eye, was he jealous or angry with martha for being with michael, well whatever it was she thought she would rub it in just like he did to her when he first got back with sam so martha turned around put her arms around michael and started kissing him. Michael was surprised, this was the first time she had kissed him in public, but jack looked really jealous infact he stopped walking and waited for sam to catch up and put his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead and carried on walking, martha new jack was feeling something for her so she smiled and carried on walking.

scene 2 - the diner

"so what do you want to do today" michael asked, "anything" martha replied

want to go down the beach". "no", but then martha just remembered"do you that jack was down there with sam and rory.

"yeah okay lets go the beach"

wot will happen when martha and michael go the beach.

note:other chapters will be way longer than this one i just didnt have enough time.

spoilers for the next chapter - mr holden :

martha finds out why michael really came back to the bay so their relationship hits rock bottom, there is a new face in the bay and martha can't resist flirting with him to make jack jealous. jack finally figures out who he wants to be with but someone goes on the rampage for revenge so will it be to late.

upcoming cast throughout the story:

andy holden - the brother jack and lucas never knew about

tasha andrews

mumma rose

hayley lawson

scott hunter

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