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Emma Story

Guest Gemma

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the name of the story may change

Type of story: Don't know yet

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Emma

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: (SC) (V) (L)

Is Story being proof read: Yes and No

Summary: Emma comes to Summer Bay yo live with her sister Martha after her best friend died from Leukemia. Jack and Martha are back together.

Chapter 1

One day Emma was standing outside Joey's house waiting for a taxi to pull up. After Joey had died Emma want to go somewhere that didn't remind her of Joey and that place was Summer Bay.


"Hi miss, these all your bags?" the driver said

"Yer and to Summer Bay please?" Emma says

The driver puts the bags in the car while Emma gets in.

After 2 hours we pass the "Welcome to Summer Bay" sign.

"Can you take me to the diner please?" Emma asks

He drives to the diner. Emma hands him $20 and gets out and grabs her bags out and walks in.

"Hi I'm looking for Martha Mackenzie, but I don't know where she lives?" Emma said.

"I'll ring her for you if you like? What's your name?" Leah said

"Thanks and its Emma," Emma said

Leah walks off and rings Martha. Leah hangs up the phone and walks back over to Emma.

"She be here soon, why don't you sit down," Leah said

"Thanks," Emma said while sitting down.

After 5 minutes Martha walks in with Jack hand in hand.

"MAC" Emma said running and hugging Martha.

"Hey Em," Martha said hugging back

"I missed you," Emma said while pulling back and looking at the people looking at them.

"Jack and Leah this is my sister Emma," Martha said.

"That's why you looked like Martha," Leah said and turned around and we back to work.

"So I didn't know where you lived so I came here," Emma said

"Jack and I will take you," Martha said

We pick up a bag each and walk out.

"I'm so about Joey, I told Jack if that was ok?" Martha said

"I really miss her, Yer it was ok," Emma said

"We live together again," Jack said

We arrive at their place. We walk in where there are some people.

"I'll show you, your new room," Martha said

We walk off to what is Emma's new room. We walk in and put the bags down.

"Thanks for letting me come and stay with you sis," Emma said

"Its okay, I wanted you to come," Martha said as we walk back out

Martha goes and sits on the conch and Emma goes and sits on her lap.

"Em, this is my brother Lucas, my dad Tony, Mattie, Ric and Cassie," Jack said pointing them out for Emma.

"This is my real sister, so Ric she is your cousin too," Martha said

"Hey, just so you know I just lost my best friend since I was 1 to Leukemia just 2 weeks ago," Emma said and jumps off Martha's lap and runs out outside.

"Leave her, I'll go after I explain," Martha said

"Her best friends name was Joey and its going to be really hard for her this Saturday," Martha said

"Why?" Tony asks

"Coz it is her 16th birthday, I'm going go out and see her," Martha said and gets up and walks to the door but turns when Mattie says something

"Can I come?" Mattie said

Martha nods and they walk out

Martha sees Emma on the ground and having trouble breathing.

"EMMA Breathe for me sweetie," Martha said while running to her.

"I - can't, - it – hurts - to – much - too," Emma said in between breathing

"Mattie ring an ambulance and get Jack to come out now please," Martha said crying

Mattie runs in

Luc, call an ambulance now and jack, Martha needs you now," Mattie said

Jack runs out while Luc is on the phone.

Luc hangs up the phone

"They are on their way," Luc said as they walk out to see how Emma is.

Next chapter: What caused Emma to have trouble breathing?


I am new to this although I have written another story but that just sucked so I hope this one is better. Lol

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Chapter 2

“Mattie, Can you see a bee around Emma?” Martha asks

“Yeah, there is a bee right here, why?” Mattie asks while pointing to the bee near Emma’s right arm

“She is allergic and if she doesn’t get her medicine right away or doesn’t know she gotten sting then she has a lot of trouble breathing” Martha said as Ambulance pulls up

“What happened and her name please?” One ambo asks as they walked up to Emma.

“Her name is Emma Mackenzie and she got sting by a bee,” Martha said though tears.

They put Emma in the back of the Ambo, Martha got in with them

They arrive at the hospital

“Emma Mackenzie 16, bee sting and having trouble breathing” Ambo driver said

“Room 2,” Rachel said as they roll her to the room

“Rach, is she going to be okay?” Martha asks still crying

“Maybe,” Rachel said and walks off to room 2

“Mac,” Jack said while he and the others come in.

“I can’t lose her, she’s my baby sister,” Martha said crying

“Hey shh, she is going to be okay,” Jack said and pulled Martha in for a hug.

After 5 minutes Rachel walks out

“She is okay, we gave you some Medicine which helped and now she is breathing on her own,” Rachel said

“Can we see her?” Martha asks

“Yes but only 2 at a time, she is asleep,” Rachel said and walks off

“Mac, you and Jack go,” Mattie said

Martha and Jack walk off to Emma’s room

“Hey Sweetie Jack and I are here,” Martha said while sitting on the bed.

Jack come over and puts his hands on her shoulders.

“Hey Kiddo, I’ll go get Rach,” Jack said as Emma wakes up

Jack walks out.

“Hey, sorry I scared you,” Emma said

“All I care is that you’re okay,” Martha said

Jack comes back in with Rachel.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Rachel asks Emma

“My right arm hurts,” Emma said

“Do you remember getting sting by a bee?” Martha said

“No, did I?” Emma asks

“Yeah, that’s why you were having trouble breathing,” Jack said

“But your okay now and you can go home,” Rachel said and walk out

Mattie, Luc and Tony walk in

“Where are Ric and Cassie?” Emma said

“They went home, but they said come by later,” Mattie said

Rachel walks in

“I need Martha to sign this, then you can go but you need to rest okay Emma?” Rachel said

“Yer,” Emma said and got up and started to get dressed

“Can we go and see Cassie and Ric?” Emma said

“Sure” Martha said

They walked out and got in their cars

Mattie, Luc and Tony got to Sally’s before Jack, Martha and Emma and were already inside

“Welcome to Summer Bay Emma,” Everyone said

“Thanks, I’ll tell you about myself, sis can you help?” Emma said

“Sure,” Martha said

“My full name is Emma Kate Mackenzie, I’m 16, I had a dog called Princess but it died. My nicknames are Em, Emmz and Kenzie,” Emma said

“Her nickname when she was little was Emmy and I use it still,” Martha said

“I called Martha, Mac when I was little coz I couldn’t say Martha then so that is how she goes by Mac and I go by Kenzie a lot,”

Next Chapter:

Who is back in the bay?

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Chapter 3

At 6p Jack, Martha and Emma went home.

“That was fun, the first time I have had fun since Joey died,” Emma said

They get home and walk in, Jack starts making dinner.

“Umm I going to change,” Emma said and walks out

“Tea is ready Em,” Jack calls out

“Cool,” Emma said and sat down.

After tea they were about to go outside when someone knocked on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Emma said and jumped up

“We’ll be outside, while you get the door,” Jack said as he and Martha get up and walk outside as Emma walks to the door. Emma opens the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” Emma says

“Hi is Jack Holden home?” the person says

“Yer, I’ll go get him, what’s your name?” Emma asks

“It’s Sam,” Sam says

Emma closes the door and walks out the back

“It’s for you Jack someone named Sam, is it the same one that you guys told me about?” Emma asks

“Yer, lets go, don’t worry I’m never going to leave you for you Mac, I love you,” Jack said as we walk to the door

“I love you too babe,” Martha says as Jack opens door.

“Hi Jack,” Sam said

“Hi come in,” Jack said

Sam walks in and sees Martha there

“Why are you here?” Jack asks

“Ahhh crap,” Emma yells when she fell over something

“Kiddo you okay?” Jack and Martha ask together

“I think so, my arm hurts,” Emma said

“It’s going to, you did just get out of hospital sweetie,” Martha said

“Sam if you come back to get back with me, I’m with Martha and I’m happy,” Jack says as he and Martha help Emma up.

“Thanks, Hi I’m Emma and I’m Martha’s little sister,” Emma said

“Hi, but I’m going to be in the bay for awhile bye,” Sam said and walked out

“Jack can you put something on my arm please?” Emma asks

“Sure,” Jack said

“I’m going to bed night sis and babe,” Martha said

“Night Mac, love you,” Emma and Jack say together

Jack and Martha kiss then she walks out

Front door opens and Rachel walks in.

“Hey Jack, Em,” Rachel said

“Hey Em come here so I can put the bandage on,” Jack said while Em walked over

“What happened and I think I just saw Sam,” Rachel says

“She fell over something and yeah she is back,” Jack said as he finishes with Em’s arm

“Okay, I’m going to bed,” Rachel said and walked out to her room

“Emma, you want to come shopping tomorrow with Martha and me?” Jack asks

“Yes can we go to bed?” Em asks

“Sure, Night kiddo,” Jack said when they reach Em’s door

“Night Jack,” Em said and walked in

Jack walks of to Martha and his room.

Next chapter: What does Jack and Martha buy with the help of Em

I am going to be busy with school the next two weeks since I finish on 30th of Nov


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Chapter 4

POV: Emma

The next morning Jack, Martha and I go to the shops.

“I’m just going into Coles,” Martha said as we arrive

“Okay, Emma and I will meet you back here,” Jack said

Martha walks into Coles while Jack and I walk off

“I need your opinion on something,” Jack said as we walk into a jewellery shop.

“If you’re going to proposal again, then do it,” I say

“Thanks, so you’re happy then?” Jack asks

“Yer, is this the ring?” I ask as thew lady brings it out

“Here is you’re ring, hope everything goes well,” The lady says and handed the ring to Jack

“Thanks,” Jack says as we walk out

“When are you going to asked, coz I can go to Mattie’s,” I say

Tonight, but I want you there,” Jack says as we walk back out the front of Coles.


I look down at my phone

‘Em, need you, in 6’ Martha had text me.

“Jack I’m going into Coles,” I say and walk away

I got to where Martha was.

“What you need me for,” I say

“I think I might be pregnant,” Martha said

“That’s great, don’t worry, have everything you need?” I ask

“Thanks, let’s go,” Martha says

We pay for what we brought and walk out to Jack

“Are we ready to go?” Jack asks

Martha and I nod and we walk out to the car

“Jack, Em and I are just going to see Alf,” Martha said

Jack nods. We bring everything in. Jack and Martha kiss while I grab the bag with the test in it. Then we walk off to see Alf.

“Hey Granddad, Sal and Brad,” I say

“Hey, what up?” Sally asks

“Can I use the bathroom,” Martha asks

Sally nods and Martha walks off

“Why can’t she use the one at home?” Alf asks

“I know why I can’t say yet,” I say as Mac comes down

“Em, you looking forward to school?” Brad asks

“Yer, I guess,” I say

“What happened to your arm?” Alf asks

“Last night I fell over something,” I say

Ric and Mattie walk in

“We just saw Jack and He wants you 2 back home,” Ric said

I nod.

“And he said that Sam is back,” Mattie said

“Yer, we’re going Cya,” I say

Martha and I walk out and back home

“SO are you?” I ask

“I’ll tell you with Jack okay,” Martha said

Beep Beep

Martha and I look at my phone

‘Go to Irene’s there will be something 4 you 2 to wear’ Jack had text me

We walked to Irene’s.

“The dresses are in Belle’s room,” Irene said

I go in first, after 2 minutes I came out and Martha goes in. after Martha is finished we say goodbye to Irene and go home

We walk in and see red roses everywhere.

“Jack,” Martha said when he comes out

I just go and sit on the couch.

Next chapter: Is Martha Pregnant and what is her answer to the proposal.

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Chapter 5

Jack got down on one knee.

“Martha Jane Mackenzie, will you marry me again and this time for life?” Jack asks

“Yes and I got something to show you,” Martha says

Jack put the ring on Martha then she walks over to her and pulls out the test

“Em come here,” Martha says

“Told ya, Jack,” Em said as she sits down

Martha sits down in the middle. Martha showed them the test

“Congratulations Daddy and Mummy,” Emma said

“Em can you ring my dad and Sally,” Jack said

Emma went off to ring them as Jack and Martha started kissing

After awhile Tony, Mattie, Luc, Geoff and Annie walked in.

“Congratulations guys,” Luc said and hugged them

“Tony, you’re going to be a granddad,” Emma says

“Congratulations,” Tony and Mattie say

“Thanks,” Jack and Martha said as they all hug

“We will let you 2 have sometime together alone,” Tony said

“Em, you want to come over,” Mattie asks

“Yer, thanks I was going to ask when Jack told me what he was doing,” Emma says

“But I wanted her here,” Jack said

“Em, you can go,” Martha said

“Cool, I’ll just go get stuff,” Emma said and walks off to her room

Emma comes back out said goodnight to Martha and Jack and walked out with the others

“Em you can sleep in my room with me,” Mattie says

They walk to Mattie’s room and puts Emma’s stuff down and went back out

“Em you haven’t eaten yet?” Tony asks

“No,” Emma said

“Would you like something,” Tony asks

“How about we go to the diner and we can tell whoever is there the news.” Mattie says

“Good idea, coz I only rang you guys and Sally,” Emma says

They walk off to the diner and go in just has Leah and Irene walk out of the kitchen

“Hey Irene, Leah we have 2 big news,” Tony says

“What?” Leah asks

“Jack and Martha are getting married and I’m going to be an aunt soon,” Emma says

“That’s the best news, everyone knew they would get back together,” Irene said

“We should have an engagement party tomorrow,” Leah said

“What do you lot want to eat,” Irene asks

They tell her what we want, and then they go and sit at a table. After tea they walked home.

“Thanks for letting me stay,” Emma, said

“No problem your family,” Tony said

“I still can’t believe Sam is still here when Jack doesn’t want her back,” Lucas says

“I’m off to bed, night,” Geoff says and walks to his room

“Same, Night,” Mattie and Emma say

They all go to their rooms and go to sleep

Next chapter: When is the wedding and the baby due?

give me baby names

Happy holidays

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