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Fri, 19 Oct 07 - Episode # 4530

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Three People In One “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 19 Oct 07 - Episode # 4530)

HOSPITAL : Marie is wheeled in by the ambulances officers and as the nurses etc start to treat Marie, Sam takes partic note of Marie’s reaction t when she realises the lewis is near her, i.e. she mushily tell/pushes him away.

CAMPBELL FARM : Michael approaches Geoff, who tells Michael that he is NOT welcome at the funeral – because of THAT “incident” with Martha that Annie saw.

NOAH’S : Michael enters, and Martha agrees to his suggestion for his to stay at her place for the time being.

Just before Alf head to the funeral, he insists that he is not leaving drew in charge anymore, and that there will be someone along soon yo supervise drew.

Alf bails – and drew phones Belle.

HOSPITAL : Belle tells drew that she hasn’t been told anything yet, and will phone drew when she hear anything.

Sam takes offence when Lewis says that he is going to bail, and when he offers Belle a life. Sam insists that jack will want to hear 1st hand form then want happened, but belle & Lewis insist that they have to go [belle because of irene being at funeral means that she won’t be able to get back to bay anytime soon].

Moments after those two bails, jack [in uniform] arrives – and Sam tells him her suspicions about Lewis. Jack then goes into Marie’s room, He asks her about what happened – but she doesn’t remember anything, and when jack seems to be pushing Marie too hard for answers, Rachel “suggest” that jack should come back later.

DINER : The likes of Tony, Alf, and Geoff chat about Bruce etc and the funeral today when Michael & Martha enter. Geoff, backed up by the likes of Alf, reinforces his earlier message to Michael [not welcome at funeral]. Annie arrives [from kitchen area] in the main part of the eatery, and she looks uncomfortable with the squabbling going on.

CHURCH : Tony & Alf are talking and they walk down the aisle towards the door to the church. The pair exits the church, and when outside they are amongst the like of Annie, Luc, rev hall etc.

Martha & Michael approach and Rev Hall is the one to “suggest” that they are not welcome. A verbal scuffle ensues between the likes of Geoff, Michael, Alf, Michael & Martha, but Annie insists that they should STOP this fighting.

Rev Hall insists that if Michael & Martha are to be in the church, they are to sit at the back – they begrudgingly agree.

HOSPITAL : Sam tells jack about Marie’s reaction to Lewis when she was bought initio the hospital, whilst Nurse Julie calls Rachel away to deal with another patient.

NEAR SURF CLUB : As Lewis drops belle off, we hear the voice over of Sam & jack discussing what might have happened today.

Lewis gets out of his car, and goes to where Marie was found. He doesn’t touch etc anything before returning to his car.

HOSPITAL : Sam tells jack that she DEFINITELY thinks that Lewis did this, and just as she says this Rachael re-enters the room. Its clear form look of Rachel’s face that she is shocked that Sam is making these accusations.


CHURCH : Annie, then Geoff, both give emotional speeches at Bruce’s funeral – icnl Geoff speaking of how Bruce was 3 ppl [father, mother, grandfather] to Geoff & Annie..

Both are fighting back tears as they speak [great work by both Charlotte & Lincoln].

YC POLICE : Jack [interview room] question in quick succession belle, Drew & Lewis about what happened/what they saw, heard of the attack on Marie. Lewis isn’t exactly pleased when he gets the impression that jack thinks that he did this. He also tells jack that Marie was jealous of him because he ended their relationship a while back.

RACHEL’S : Lewis enters and he tells Rachel that Marie has something over him – that he slept with a patient a while back. Lewis insists that Marie taunted him about being able to tell the authorities anytime she liked about what he did.

OUTSIDE CHURCH : The likes of Annie, Irene, Tony, luc talk about the funeral service, before Geoff approaches Michel. He tells Michael that rev hall only was behaving that way because, when Geoff was “mouthing off” [after the barn incident], he told rev hall that Michael was a leader of the Believers. Goeff insist things are now good again tween he & Michael.

Nearby, Martha approaches Rev Hall, about Michael. She insists that if she thinks that he has changed [given all that’s happened] then Rev Hall should think that too. Rev Hall responds by questioning Martha’s character – esp. in light of her pole dancing etc earlier this year.


VPH : Leah and Alf enters, and Leah urges Alf to give drew a 2nd chance, esp. since she thinks that Drew might get waaaay discouraged and not try to look for work etc again any time soon.

NOAH’S : Drew apologise to Alf once more about what’s happend, and Alf says that it better not happen next time.

Drew is over the moon when he realise what Alf has said, but both Alf & belle don’t see that funny side of drew [clearly joking] holding a wet t shirt contest.

Jack approaches belle. He wonders if she saw Lewis, before hearing Marie scream. She says that she didn’t see him – but add that she wasn’t exactly paying attention to the ppl around her etc …

HOSPITAL : Sam approaches Lewis and wonders what happened when he encountered Marie earlier today. He insists that they did meet near surf club, but their chat had ended and he had started to bail by the time that the attack occurred.

Sam then talk to nurse Julie – about how you can’t rally know someone in a short space of time [the 3 week that Lewis had been an intern here], but Julie says that lewis was an ambulance officer here before he started as intern.

Sam makes a phone call – she want to speck to the person in charge of the ambulance officer rosters.

YC POLICE : Sam shows Jack the ambulance rosters – Lewis was rostered on 2 of the 3 days that attacks took place weeks ago [when the likes of Julie and the other nurses were attacked]


DINER FLAT : After Michael & Martha enter, he starts talking about how he will prove himself to the likes of Rev Hall by making the farm a more profitable etc venture.

Michael; then starts looking through the farm’s finances etc. there’s many overdue bills, cheques that he bounced and there’s something that’s even worse than that.

He tells Martha that the bank is going to foreclose on the property TOMORROW – leaving Annie & Geoff without the only home they’ve known for much of their lives



Martha is witness to a bank robbery – which results in George shooting Jack !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie – hot pink jacket/dark blue [with white floral pattern, and hot pink lining at the bottom] mid thigh length dress

SILVER : Belle – sky blue [white floral?] scoop neck top/lime green denim short skirt/black tights

BRONZE : Martha - royal blue [with a silver V across the bust] thin strap top/white jacket


Alf – dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Drew – black [silver crest] t

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Geoff – dark suit/white shirt/silver tie

Irene – dark suit [with leopard print inner collar]/white top

Leah – lime green halter top [with white thin strap top neath]/denim short shorts

Lewis - black & grey horizontal striped long sleeve top

Luc – white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Marie – blue scoop neck top

Michael – dark suit/white shirt/dual brown toned diag striped tie

Nurse Julie - white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Rachel – blue scoop neck top/dark long skirt/brown beaded necklace

Sam - apple green polo shirt

Tony - dark suit/white shirt/brown [with white diag stripes] tie

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