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Thurs, 18 Oct 07 - Episode # 4529

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Tam – Queen Of The Pool “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 18 Oct 07 - Episode # 4529)

NOAH'S : Alf isn’t exactly that keen on drew’s idea to hold in pool comp arty the surf club, but drew convinces him to let drew have a go at this. Alf tells drew that if anyone is looking for him, Alf is back living at Sally’s.

RACHEL'S PLACE : It’s late at night, and jack is at the kitchen sink. Sam approach and wonders what is happening. Jack tells her that he is in a LOT of trouble.

HOSPITAL : After Lewis comments t6o Rachel that he’s not sure where Marie is, Rachel finds Marie – sitting on bed of a male patient chatting to said patient.

When Marie is out in the corridor with Rachel, the later suggest that Marie shouldn’t get that close to patients. Note – you can see from look on Marie’s face that she is thinking “what about you & Kimmy?”

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam suggest to jack that if he can find that evidence that he abscinded with for roan, then jack wouldn’t be in as much trouble [maybe not even in trouble at all anymore].

POLICE STATION : Next day, McGrath approach jack and says that jack can tell him anything, but jack insist that there is not.

Jack is about to bail when George approaches him. Jack says that he is going out as he is a chesty at moment and is going to the hospital. When George wonders, jack insists that George has nothing to worry about with those internal affairs rumours.

ROHAN’S PALCE : Jack climbs in a window, and searches around a bit with no luck. Jack then looks in the ceiling – and finds the evidence that he took form the station [because roan was blackmailing him]


HOSPITAL : After Marie tells Rachel that one of the patient’s medications has been changed, Rachel asks Lewis why he changed them. After his answer, Rachel insists that she should have been consulted. When Rachel walks away, you can see that Lewis is soooo NOT happy with Marie.

SURF CLUB : Alf seems quite nappy with the turn up of the pool comp before he bails. Drew is off course wrapt with the turn out, which incl Belle, Tam, Aden and his mates and even Tony.

HOSPITAL : Lewis & Marie clash – after he has a go at her for giving THAT male patient her phone #.

Sam catches the tail end of this latest clash.

SURF CLUB : Leah is now in the crowd, and despite the slightly devious attics of dean & his mates, Tam is “wiping the floor” with all her rivals.

Tony however is less than impressed that he had been drawn to clash with Aden.

POLICE STATION : Jack [when everyone else is busy] is able to9 get THAT evidence back.

SURF CLUB : The pool comp continues and Aden is having a go at Tony whenever possible about how Tony left him out of grand final rugby team.

Tam naturally takes offence when one of Aden’s mates [in red shirt] uses a pool cue to try to look up her skirt, this leads Tony & Aden physically coming to blows – and to say that Drew is NOT impressed is an understatement.


SURF CLUB : Tony and a few other [not the long gone Aden] try to help drew clean up the mess that is the pool room, but when Alf arrives and see the mess, he doesn’t look impressed.

POLICE STATION : George ask jack about what happen at the hospital, and jack says that it [chesty etc] must just be because of the season change.

Seconds after jack bails [to deal with the disturbance at surf club][, McGrath hollers out jack’s name!!!

DINER : Rachel tells Leah that she has invited Lewis to a get together at brad’s new place. Talk turns to ho Tam blitzed the pool comp, and then Rachel starts telling Leah about how at each other’s throats that Marie & Lewis are.

HOSPITAL : Lewis is on the phone – he sounds a tad stressed and angered and insist to who is on the line that he will meet with them with he is finish his shift.

Lewis sees Sam nearby – and has a go at her for “steeping on her toes” [by suggesting different treatment options to George & Jessie].

After Sally has waked away, Rachel approach Lewis, who tells Rachel that he can’t make it to this thing at Brad’s place.

POLICE STATION : McGrath tells George that there is no way to be able to “nail” jack now because the evidence is back.

George shows McGrath the pics [that Rory took] of jack & [unknowns to jack] known armed robber Colin Marshall. McGrath isn’t keen on George’s accusation, and give hymn 1 week to prove these allegations against Jack.


SURF CLUB : Despite Tony insist to Alf that the mess and the fight were his fault [not drew’s], Alf tells drew that he [drew] won’t be doing any moor of these type of events [trivia night etc] at surf club.

A waaaaaaaaaaaaaay scared, Flusterd Belle enter the room. She urges Drew to follow her outside.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Drew does and across orad form the club, Belle shows Drew a badly beaten woman. Drew runs back to the surf club, butty on the way he encounters Lewis [who does the “I’m a doctor” thing.

Drew & Lewis get back to where Belle and the attack victim are – it’s Marie!!!!!!



The attacker is someone that everyone knows

There are more shocks in store for Annie & Geoff

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam – black [purple & white bunnies etc in an oval shaped frame] t/denim short skirt

SILVER : Belle – sky blue [white floral?] scoop neck top/lime green denim short skirt/black tights

BRONZE : Sam - bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top


Aden - black & grey horizontal striped polo shirt

Aden’s mate – red [grey anchor like crest] t

Alf - sky blue (check) button up shirt

Alf – white [dark check] button up shirt

Drew – black [silver crest] t

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Jack – dark track pants/grey [black long sleeve] jacket

Jack – grey long pants/white singlet

Leah – lime green halter top [with white thin strap top neath]/denim short shorts

Lewis - black & grey horizontal striped long sleeve top

Lewis – white [pin stripes] button up shirt/white med coat

Marie – blue scoop neck top/white med coat

Rachel – blue scoop neck top/dark long skirt/brown beaded necklace

Sam - apple green polo shirt

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirt

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