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Wed, 17 Oct 07 - Episode # 4528

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Party Girls “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 17 Oct 07 - Episode # 4528)

Note – computer hussies mean ep guide less detailed than usual.

Mattie hears that rich has rec’d text msg – its form [woman called] Viv. Later, she hears another beep from his phone – another msg form Viv.

Mattie confronts Ric, who says that Viv obis the 4wife of the garage’s best customer. Ric sates that she is a nuisance who has been assigned to rich buy his boss.

Later, Mattie wants to stay that night at vph, but rich suggest not. Moments after maddie bails [way late at night], rich gets another msg form Viv – “call me, honey” it says.

Leah & colleen etc makes cupcakes and are all set to have a welcome home party for little pippa, but sally way has a go arty them for doing so [when sally alone come homes earlier than expected, as a doctor has to be little pip before she is discharged.

Btw, before sally “lost it” at colleen etc, she [at hospital] overheard Alf telling little Pip and a young sally and esp. about MILKO!!!

Leah eent after sally [post sally verbal attack] and ask sally where all of her current ET emotions [not forgive Alf etc] are come form. Sally insists that it’s because, after her tumultuous young childhood, sally saw that bay, and esp. Alf as her “rock” and now sally think that her safe place is no more. Leah waaaaaays hugs the crying sally.

Sally then goes to the Blaxland wharf; and invites Alf to little pips’ welcome home party today.

Later, when sally & little pip [cite fairy costume] arrives home, they are greeted by a host of ppl, - Leah, colleen, ric, maddie, Alf. Colleen shows everyone that she made – with icing on top that says “welcome home Pip and Mr Stewart”.

There are whispers at police station that there’s an internal airs investigation taking place on someone. When Lara tells jack this, he suspects George.

George asks jack t0o pick at a [male][ friend on the away to a get together for Georges’ daughter Jessie.

When jack arrives at party, the likes of Lara [once more she’s in red when out of uniform] and Sam are intrigued at who jack has arrived with.

After jack & geoirg;s friend chat, the freind talk to George, who insists that jackal IS in on their deal, and that hijack was just “plaiting it cool today”.

Also at party, Dam suggests some treatment etc option to George for Jessie.

Late than night, just after Rory & Sam have gone bed, Lara arrives at Rachel’s place. She tells Jack that HE is the police officer unde investigation!!!!



Belle is shocked when she finds the latest victim of hospital attacker

Looks like jack’s job is on the line


GOLD : Sally - maroon low cut top (with maroon top beneath)

SILVER : Sam – apple green spaghetti strap top

BRONZE : Lara – mostly red [little heart motifs on the bust etc] low cut dress


Alf - brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Alf – white [dark check] button up shirt

Cass – red halter top/denim short skirt

Colleen - bright multicolour floral blouse

George – black long sleeve top

Jack – mauve button up shirt

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah - yellow (black palm tree motifs) singlet top

Little Pippa - pink (with yellow straps) thin strapped top

Little Pippa – purple [complete with little wings] fairy costume

Mattie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/tan shorts

Ric - aqua [black horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Rory – black [with some green & some blue monkey motifs] PJs

Rory – green & white horizontal striped polo shirt

Rory - SBH uniform

Sam – green [white floral] strapless dress

VJ – red & white horizontal striped t

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