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Tues, 16 Oct 07 - Episode # 4527

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Why Are You Crying - Did You Break A Fingernail? “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 16 Oct 07 - Episode # 4527)

CAMPBELL FARM : When Geoff tells Annie that he is going to help Michael, Annie suggest that he doesn’t need any haep, so Geoff insist on finding Michael etc.

Annie is kinda pleased when Michael & Martha are up & about – and doing some farm work – aging.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric tell Sally that he got some flowers for Mattie to celebrate finishing her 1st exam. Sally tells him what happened – and ric tries to ohne Mattie, but has to leave a message.

Ric wonders if someone else can stay by little Pippa’s bedside tonight, but Sally says everyone else is way busy etc [so it will have to stay Ric’s turn]. Ric gives Sally the flowers before bailing.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Brad & Tam are folding up some of her clothes, and brad suggest that Tam could do with a new stuff –tam insist that the money that she & her mum had either went to bills or gambling.

Brad gives Tam several $50 notes to go shop for clothes, and as tam bails, Sally arrives. She & bard talk about both Tam, and what happen to Mattie today.

DINER : Alf, Irene & colleen about talking about Annie, Geoff etc when Martha enters. Martha gets a txt message form Michel saying “hurry back”

Ric enters – he is looking for Mattie, but no one has seen her.

NEAR BLAXLAND WHARF : Tam [looking for Alf] approaches Mattie – who is sobbing. Tam wonders [sarcastic] if Mattie broke a ‘nail but Mattie tells her about the while HSC thing. Tam thinks that Mattie shouldn’t be stress about such things especially when there are serious tings like lots of ppl being mangled in car crashes everyday. Mattie tells Tam about Beth, whilst Tam insists that not completing your HSC isn’t the end of the world.

After Tam gets up [form sits bedside Mattie] and walk way, Mattie sees a fair bit of money on the ground [where Tam was].

CAMPBELL FARM : After Michael & Geoff swap bible passage suggestions for Bruce’s funeral, micheal walks away. Annie then tells Geoff what she saw in the barn, and when Geoff confronts Michael, the lack of a a good answer leads Geoff to tell Michael to GET OFF the farm.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Mattie rives and just as she gives brad that money that she found, Tam enters. She is REALL pleased that Mattie found the money, until Tam, realise that Mattie thought the tam had “borrowed” the money [not – given that Tam nicked Mattie’s scooter recently you can see where Mattie is coming form]

NOAH'S : Ric enters – stilly looking for Mattie, but Martha says that she’s not been into the surf club. Michael enters – he tells Amt that Annie saw then [naked] in the barn.

Ric can’t believe it when Martha asks him to cover for her at the bar, as she is walking out the door.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Mattie [in tam’s room] apologises for what she said – and Mattie is then somewhat shocked when Tam says that she doesn’t car about spend the money on herself. Tam adds that she’s never done that sort of thing before – and just can see the spark rtn to Mattie’s eyes as Tam agrees on Mattie taking Tam ion her 1st shopping spree [with the $250 that bard gave tam].

DINER : Geoff tells Irene, Alf & colleen about what Annie saw, and when Martha enters the kitchen, she cops a verbal caning from everyone about what’s havened.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Mattie & Tam enter the latter’s bedroom =- with LOST and lots of shopping bags. It looks, sound like they BOTH had a GREAT time. As Tam starts trying tings on, Mattie checks her phone – she tells tam that there is “700 messages” form Ric.

ARMSTRONG PLACE / HOSPITAL : Mattie phones Ric and she mostly hear the voice over of the message that she leaves for him, whilst the stressed, exhausted ric sits by little Pippa’s bedside.

NOAH'S : Michael approach Martha who tells his that the likes of Alf think that she’s been brainwashed. Michael insist that he won’t push things, and that the decision to continue the relationship is in Martha’s hands,

[note – REALLY nice touch that “Rock n’ Roll’s Mine”, think Kane & Kirsty if you haven’t already, was plating during this scene]

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Alf come sto the door and he & brad talk about what Tam might be doing whilst she is help Alf.

Brad then offers for Alf t move in her for a while, but Alf insist that he deserves the lack of comfort that the Blaxland is providing.

DINER : Next day, Sally tells Dan that she hears that Mattie had a god day yesterday [with Tam].

Irene insist that Annie & geoff that because Michael hasn’t broken the laws that really can’t do anything about what’s havened.

Martha enters – and way apologises, especially to Annie, for what’s havened.

Mattie approach Sally & Dan – wants to speak to them in private.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Mattie somewhat shocks Sally etc when she says that she’s done for serious thinking, and that she’s not going t do another exam this year, and she is going to REPEAT Year 12 !!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : The stressed Ric can’t believe when Mattie waltzes [not literally[ in and tells him about her decision to repat, and how she’s been shopping with tam etc.

He does seem kinda pleased when she gives him a pressie – looks like the”Godfather” movies DVD box set.

NOAH'S : Martha is lloking at a phopto of jack hn micahel enters. She tells him that she DOES want their relationship to continue. As Michael & Martha pah, Martha screws up [and the drops to the floor] the pic of jack.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Brad approaches sally – he tells her about why Alf is stying on tee Blaxland at the moment. Sally gets a shock when brad says that be offered Alf a place to stay. Indeed, sally fiercely comes back art brad wondering if he’s going to “steal” Ric & cassie [form living art vph].

Brad returns fire though – he “suggest” that sally should wake up to herself, as [like brad] Alf may not be there for sally when she wants him to be !!!!



Mattie confronts Ric over a test msg he received form a woman called Vic

Jack’s at the centre of an internal affairs investigation

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam – black [Led Zeplin] singlet top/denim short shorts/red bandana

SILVER : Ric - aqua [black horizontal stripes] polo shirt

BRONZE : Mattie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/tan shorts


Alf - brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Annie – tan jacket

Annie – white [various colour thin horizontal stripes] v neck t

Brad - apple green button up shirt

Brad – mauve button up shirt

Colleen - blue tropical motifs blouse

Dan – black button up shirt/dark suit

Geoff – dark blue button up shirt

Irene - black (white rope pattern) top

Irene – red long sleeve blouse

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress/black long pants

Martha – orange check singlet top/dark shorts

Martha - orange thin strap singlet top

Mattie - SBH uniform

Michael – denim jeans/white singlet

Michael - green button up shirt

Ric - light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t

Ric - white [with grey & light pink horizontal stripes] t

Sally - black [with red & blue curvy motif] top/black suit

Sally - Sally - light brown [autumn motifs] blouse/dark jacket

Tam – black [rock band motif] t/red jacket

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