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Mon, 15 Oct 07 - Episode # 4526

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Annie Finds Something Shocking In The Barn – AGAIN !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 15 Oct 07 - Episode # 4526)

CAMPBELL FARM : As ambulance officers take Bruce’s body away, Rev Hall tires to help Annie & Geoff deal with what’s happened. He suggests a place for the funeral etc to take place – and Geoff seems totally ok with that.

When Geoff insist that there is still work to do [because of the stock sales], Michael – backed up by Luc & Martha – says that he will take care of the farm stuff today.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Luc tells Mattie, Cass & Sally about Bruce’s death. Mattie seems to be totally all quite, whilst Cass uses what’s happened [bruce reconcile with Geoff] as a suggestion for Sally to do the same in case something bad happens to Sally or Alf. Sally suggests that her situation is different.

HOSPITAL : Rev Hall talks to Michael about what’s occurred of late. Rev Hall also hands Michael an envelope that Bruce told Rev, Hall to give to Michael when Bruce passed away.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : As Brad shows Dan around the new place, they talk about quite etc Mattie has been [in class etc] of late.

HOSPITAL : Irene & Sally [at little Pippa’s bedside] talk about how Colleen thinks that Brad’s new place needs a woman’s touch.

Irene then goes out into the corridor – she suggest for Annie & Geoff to stay at her place tonight, but they insist on stay at the farm. The Campbell kids add that Martha is going to keep them company etc.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie & Geoff & Martha are all rather surprised when Michael tells them about what’s contained in THAT legal document, i.e. until Geoff is 18 years old, Michael is that guardian of Bruce’s estate AND Michael is also Annie’s legal guardian !!!!!

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie & Geoff are pleased that they aren’t alone [without Bruce] anymore. Geoff tells Annie that he definitely isn’t going to move away form the farm, and the bay, now.

When Annie & Geoff leave the room, Michael insist that Martha has to tell him how she feels. Martha tells him that she’s NOT going to get togther with “the wrong guy” again [especially as her previous bad relationships have created issues with her family etc]

BLAXLAND WHARF : Tam is sitting on the wharf when Brad approaches. He “suggest:” that she should actually be at school. Tam, comments that she thinks that she should be able to live like a hobo [like Alf] – and she points to the somewhat untidy looking deck etc of the Blaxland.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Mattie enters, and Alf does son after. Alf wishes both Mattie & Cass good luck for their exams today. Sally offers to give the girls a lift to school a little later, but both teen girls think that the walk to school [both are running way early btw] will do them some good.

DINER : Irene wishes the like of Belle & Luc good luck for their exams.

As Belle etc bail, Annie, Geoff, Michael enter – and Alf immediately verbally attacks Michael, suggesting that it was his plan all along to turn up at the farm of this dying man etc.

Martha waaaaay comes to Michael’s defence – which rather surprises Alf, Irene,

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In corridor, Brad isn’t exactly pleased when Tam really says that she isn’t keen on being here.

Nearby, Belle, Luc and Cass talk about their exams today. Its all too much for Mattie hough – she bails.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally & Dan are just as married about Mattie as Luc etc. Cass send a text message to Ric, whilst Brad approach Sally. Tam seem to have absconded from school – and Brad is pleased when Sally isn’t going to read the riot act to Tam about the whole schooling [since tam will be bail form town when her mum gets out of rehab]

BEACH : Ric approach Mattie. She doesn’t like it when he talks about Beth, but Ric insist that Mattie should be drawing on Beth’s strength to get through these exams etc. Mattie seems to be more composed now.

DINER : Rev Hall talks to the somewhat flustered [because of what Alf said about Michael] Annie & Geoff – Hall insist that ppl get V emotional when death & money are discussed etc.

At another table, Brad insists that Tam has to have a plan for what she is going to do in bay until her mum returns. Tam doesn’t want anything too stressing to do – as she wants this to be the 1st REALL holidays she’s had in ages.

BLAXLAND WHARF : Brad talks to Alf – and convinces her to allow tam to help out at the surf club. Tam however seems much more interested [after having dangled a line in for a while] that she’s caught a fish!!!!

CAMPBELL FARM : Martha enters the barn, and she finds Michael, who had been ignoring it when she was calling out to him [form near the barn etc].

Michael ants to talk about their feeling towards each other. Martha relents – and they start WAAAY kissing.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Belle, Luc etc are palisade when Mattie enter the classroom for an exam, but it’s clear [from the far way sound, to Maddie, of Dan’s voice] that she still isn’t “up” to all this exams stuff today. Indeed, Mattie runs form the room!!

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie is looking for Michael. When she enters the barn, she finds him – mostly unclad, sleeping arm in arm with the similarly undressed Martha!!!

[Note – Annie had a look of horror on her face that rivalled when she found all these DEAD sheep a few weeks back!!!!][]



Martha’s totally torn tween her love of Michael and the rest of the town – even Annie & Geoff aren’t so keen of Michael now

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie – grey [pink & white cloud? motifs] scoop neck t

SILVER : Mattie – tan [black lined] v neck top/green [layered] short skirt

BRONZE : Sally - brown (native Australian artwork) long skirt/black top


Alf - brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Annie - dark green [white typewriter style letters] top/grey-blue jeans

Annie - SBH uniform

Annie – tan jacket

Belle - SBH uniform

Brad – black long sleeve top/brown long pants

Brad – mauve button up shirt

Cass – red [white floral] singlet top

Dan - green (with brown horizontal wide stripes) polo shirt

Dan – white button up shirt/brown velvety jacket

Geoff – dark blue button up shirt

Geoff – rich red button up shirt

Irene - black (white rope pattern) top

Irene - yellow & blue [village motifs] v neck top

Luc - mauve [surfy motifs] t

Luc - SBH uniform

Martha - orange thin strap singlet top

Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t

Mattie - SBH uniform

Michael – denim jeans/white singlet

Michael [Jonah] – blue singlet/faded jeans

Ric – apple green –brown horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Ric - light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t

Sally - light brown [autumn motifs] blouse/dark jacket

Tam - SBH uniform

Tam – black singlet top/denim short skirt

Tam - red [white floral] singlet top

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