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Wed, 10 Oct 07 - Episode # 4523

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “There’s A New Set In Town ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 10 Oct 07 - Episode # 4523)

Note – due to various circumstance, this ep guide is less detailed that usual. IADL for this ep should be posted with the next [#4524] ep guide.

Drew is looking for a new job. He tries to diner, but after trying to help Alf with the Blaxland [initially unsuccessfully], drew are surprised that Noah’s is closed for the day. Belle says that everyone else is busy – so drew gees to the Blaxland again. He not only fixes the engine problem, but also score a job [with an initial; trial period] at Noah’s.

Brad says sorry to Tam about accusing her of stealing. She makes it quite scaler that she feels unloved.

A trip to visit litte pipa next day helps things and tam realises that Sally really IS still in love with brad. Tam tells him thus when they get home. She also tells brad that ppl can put up with things in they love another [tam cites all the things her mum has done].

Tam also tells sally that bard still have feeling for her – but when sally visits brad at the hotel, he seem way preoccupied.

Sally finds out why soon after – form colleen, and seconds later, we sees Tam & brad enetr a new place that Brad has bought. Brad comments that it’s pretty bland but the two of them can “jazz it up”

With little pippa getting a little beater, Leah suggest that sally should go home and get some rest – and beside, there’s ppl like colleen [with a big fluffy pink tot bunny] to keep little pip company.

After Lewis kinda upstages Marie in front of Rachel, Marie way questions Rachel’s professionalism [suggesting that Rachel not know the meaning of the word].

After a clash tween Sam & lewis, Marie tells Sam that Lewis wants to be a doctor so ppl will listen to him [and be treated as glorified courier when he was an ambulance officer].

Ting turn really tense when a patient collapses – they had a stroke because they were overmedicated [thank to Lewis]. When Sam suggest that she could file a negligence report about this, Lewis rather harshly suggest otherwise].

After Sam talk to Leah [about that its good that Lewis/Rachel are no more, Sam is quite shocked to enter Rachel’s – as she finds Rachel & lewis kissing etc. Rachel says that she is no longer Lewis’ supervisor.



Martha & Michael seem to be getting closer

Looks like Jack’s past in further catching up with him

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