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Tues, 9 Oct 07 - Episode # 4522

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Have A Wife? “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 9 Oct 07 - Episode # 4522)

Note – I missed the 1st few mins of this ep [late home – rain, traffic etc]

HOSPITAL : Leah talks to Sally, who insist that she won’t be able to forgive Alf if anything serious has happen to little Pippa.

BLAXLAND WHARF : Alf on the Blaxland when he removes something from his packet – it’s a drawing that little Pippa did of herself with Alf & Sally.

RACHEL'S PLACE : When Rery tells Tam that he is supposed to be going over to a kids house that he doesn’t like, she suggest that he should say that he can’t because he has the measles.

She also suggest that he can hang out with her today – Rory isnl;t keen on all this but goes along with it.

HOTEL : Rory also isn’t keen when Tam suggests that he should help him tidy up brad’s room.

After Rory bails [taking some clothes to the Laundromat], tam looks in the bedside drawer. She sees a fair bit of money [in notes], and things like a snazzy pen.

HOSPITAL : Cass & Brad are by little Pippa’s bedside. Cass insist that she got lost in herself & Henk to worry about anything else, and this little Pippa thing is the wake up call she needed.

CAMPBELL FARM : Tony approach Geoff – and says that one of the top rugby sides in the city is after a player as one of its ppl are injured. The game is morrow night – and tony is a “: little”

shocked when Geoff says that he’ll try to make it, but there’s lots of work to do – and that last pointy is reinforced when Bruce calls out to Geoff for assistance with more farm stuff.

BLAXLAND WHARF : Ric pulls up in the Ute, and when he gets out, Alf says that he is glad that ric has finally moved the Ute.

They proceed to talk about Sally & little Pippa. Ric tries to assure that Sally just said what she did in the heat of the moment etc.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack enters, and she is NOT happy that Rory lied about the whole measles thing today. After Tam bails, jack also suggests that Rory shouldn’t be influenced by ppl like her. Jack grounds Rory for a week.

BLAXLAND WHARF : As Tony bails, Leah approach Alf – with some food for him. Leah also suggetsthat Sally will calm down if/when she finds out the little Pippa is ok.

As Leah bails, Alf puts a "for sale" sign on the Ute.

HOSPITAL : Geoff approach Mattie & Cass – who aren’t exactly that believing that his prayer last night has/will help little Pippa. Geoff also says that it made him realise that he's been distracted by mammy things [incl tam] of late.

Ric approach Sally – and tell her about how Alf is badly feeling at the moment.

Dr Bentos approach Sal & the others. The surgery on little Pippa’s spleen when well, and the medics believe that there will be no permanent damage to little Pippa’s back.

Sally jugs the nearby bard – before going into little Pippa’s room. Sally tells her daughter that everyone [Mattie, Ric, and Cass] is here – she was clearly hoping the brad had entered the room too, but he hadn’t.

HOTEL : Brad enters the room, and when he looks in THAT drawer, there’s no sigh of the money, the pen etc. he DOES however finds Tam’s scarf.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Brad insist that Tam has to give the money etc back to him, esp. the pen & the cufflinks as his wife gave them to him. After Tam is shocked by the wife revelation [see ep title], brad tells her that Emily passed away.

Tam insist that she did NOT steal the items that brad is accusing her of.

HUNTER HOUSE : Geoff enters and Tony talk to him saout the big rugby chance that he has. Tony is shocked when Geoff tells him that he is no longer concerned about it – as he wants to become a religious minister [and help ppl – like he did last night]

HOTEL : Jack comes to the door and tells Brad that the police caught a gang of thieves – and amongst the stolen goods are brad’s pen etc.

BLAXLAND WHARF : Sally approach Alf and tell him that little Pippa appears to be out of the woods.

Alf tells Sally that he will stay her on the Blaxland for a awhile, but he hopes that they can work things out. Sally says that she hopes that too – one day. Sally walks away.



Will Sally/brad get back togther?

Marie tells Rachel that he has no professionalism [thinks Rachel/Kimmy, Rachel/Lewis]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam – green singlet top/denim short shorts/multi colour scarf

SILVER : Mattie – purple top/green skirt/dark purple crop jacket

BRONZE : Ric - brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t


Alf - brown polo shirt/olive green long pants/dark green rain jacket

Brad - white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Bruce - grey overalls//grey hat.

Cass – black [white unknown motif] singlet top

Geoff – dark long pants/ blue singlet

Geoff - powder blue button up shirt

Leah – black scoop t/black long pants

Little Pippa – white [blue elephant motifs] hospital gown

Rory – dark blue [white “speed racer” logo] long sleeve top

Sally – peach top/brown [pin stripe] jacket

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirt/dark blue [with white on the side] jacket

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