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Fri, 05 Oct 07 - Episode # 4520

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Grey’s Anatomy – In Reverse ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 05 Oct 07 - Episode # 4520)

DINER : Luc talks to Irene about Annie – Irene says that Annie was still asleep when she left to come toy work.

Martha enters, and Irene answers the phone – its belle, who tells her that Annie has stacked her bed with pillows etc. Irene is distraught.

CAMPBELL FARM : After we see the collapsed and SHAKING Annie, we sees bruce drive the Ute up to the farm house. Michael wonders about the flowers that he found, and Bruce doesn't like it when Michael thinks his hardline stand on Annie & Geoff is too much.

RACHEL’S : Rachel sneaks Lewis out the door, bout Sam heard voices, and Rachel is forced to tell her about Lewis.

GYM : Martha & luc enter – they wonder if Geoff knows where Annie is. Geoff doesn’t like it when luc tells her about Annie ruining away after she tried to kiss luc. Geoff suggests that anni might have gone to the farm.

FARM : Martha pulls her car up near the house, and Irene, luc etc get out – wanting to look for Annie. Geoff can’t believe to the Bruce seems more interested in fixing the fences that find Annie.

Michel & co begin to search, and Michael finds her – still shaking – nearby.

HOSPITAL : Rachel enters, and nurse Julie comments that it’s not the best day for Rachel to be running late. Rachel then meets that interns that she will be in charge of – incl Marie [played by former heartbreak high star, and former H&A guest star, Lara Cox] AND Lewis!!!

HOPITAL : When Rachel & Lewis are alone, Rachel can’t believe that they slept together now, but Lewis insists that it was because Rachel insisted that they not talk about work lat night.

Michel [carrying Annie] & the others enter, and Rachel & Julie immediately go to work treating Annie.

VPH : Sally thanks Alf for looking after little Pippa today – as she has several meeting to go to.

After sally bails, little Pippa doesn’t like Alf’s suggestions that they should go fishing.

Mrs Cronin [a current van park resident] arrives at the door – she wants the Ute moved as its blocking the path of her car. Alf insists that he can't drive, but that it will be shifted soon.

HOSPITAL : Rachel tells Irene & co that Annie may have pleurisy, but they’ve got to so more tests. Rachel insists that the pleurisy isn’t the reason why Annie isn't talking though.

Geoff & co can’t believe it when Bruce insists that he has to bail – work to do, and that Michael has to come with.

Martha asks Michel to talk to Bruce about what’s happening.

FARM : Michel tells Brice that he thinks that bruce's pride is getting in the way of him letting Annie & Geoff came home. Bruce insists that he not want them to come back here as Bruce KNOWS to be is just days away form DIEING – he can just feel it.

Michel insists that theyta all the more reason to spend as much time as he can wit Annie & Geoff.

HOSPITAL : Sam approaches Lewis, and suggests that he re-examine a patient who is complaining of chest pains. Lewis suggest rather verbally aggressive with Sam, insisting that she is just treat him this way because he is an intern.

When Sam was walked way form Lewis, Rachel tells Sam that Lewis is the guy that she was with last night.

HOSPITAL : Luc tells Geoff that he wants to speak to Annie alone, but Geoff won’t leave the room. Luc starts to apologise for what’s happen, but Annie face clearly lights up with she see Bruce [with Michael[] enters the room.

Annie calls out to Bruce, and when he gets to beside her bed, Annie raises her arm, and Brice obliges – buy hugging her.

[note – Annie is just a gorgeous little mite. Sooooooooooooooo LOVE her]

DINER : Sally enters, and little pipa shows her a drawing the she done of sally, Alf & little Pippa.

Sally tells alfs that she’s got even more meeting today, whilst Alf tells sally about Mrs Cronin. Sally insists that she will take care of it as soon as she gets home.

HOSPITAL : Annie & Geoff & luc & Martha are pleased when Bruce says the kids can come home to the farm, but Irene insists that whilst Michel is there, she’s not going to let it happened.

Michel insist that he’s not the same man as back then [believers], but he insists that he will leave the farm if it means that Annie etc can go home. Its clear that Martha doesn’t like that way that Irene can’t see that Michael has changed

HOSPITAL : Soon after, Lewis is annoyed that Sam wen to Marie to get another x-ray on that other patient. The new x ray shows that the patient HAS broken a rib. Rachel gets involved and suggest that this could hwev occurred because the patient has pneumonia and could also has ostio-arthritics.

Rachel insists that Lewis should learn form this, and when recheck & Lewis has walked away, Marie tells Sam that Rachel would have “hauled her over the coals” if Marie had made same mistake. Sam is surprised when Marie tells her that she knows that Lewis & Rachael slept together, and Sam is further surprised when Marie bays that Lewis slept with Marie as well.

NOAH’S : Rachel & lewis enters and when they greeted extra friendly by Martha, lewis comments that he & Martha did kinda go on a date when he 1st arrived in town.

When Lewis has walked away form Rachel, Sam approaches ravel. She tells Rachel about how Lewis has also slept with Marie!!!

Nearby, Martha tells Michael that she thinks it was VERY admirable that he convinced Brice to come to the hospital to see Annie etc. Martha also makes it VERY clear that she doesn’t agree with Irene’s opinion of Michael.

VPH : As Alf & little pipa chat, mrs Cronin comes to the dor. She is REALY annoyed bout the Ute still being there., Alf wonders if Mrs Cronin can move it, but she not drive a manual car.

Alf decides to move the car, and he tells little pipa to stay in the house.

Naturally she doesn’t and little Pippa drops her dolly just behind the Ute.

Sally arrives at the van park just seconds before Alf reverse back and HITS little Pippa.

Sally runs towards her daughter – shrieking in greive!!



Will Little Pippa survive??

Sally is in a rage about what’s happened

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel – electric blue satin nightgown

SILVER : Sam - bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top

BRONZE : Annie – baby pink hospital gown


Alf - blue & red check (think the girls SBH uniform) button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf - brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Annie – tan jacket/faded blue jeans

Bruce - brown “akubra” hat/off white shirt/dark tie/dark jacket

Bruce - grey overalls//grey hat

Geoff – grey singlet/dark long pants

Irene – blue [silver floral top

Lewis – brown leather jacket/light blue [whiter cloud motifs] button up shirt

Lewis – white [black swirls] button up shirt

Little Pippa – hot pink jacket/baby pink [blue “rip curl” logo] t/dark blue long pants/white & pink shoes

Luc – lime green & grey horizontal stripe polo shirt

Marie – green top/white medical coat

Martha – red low cut singlet top/white jacket

Martha - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Michael [Jonah] – blue singlet/faded jeans

Mrs Cronin – white blouse

Nurse Julie - white (with blue triangle motifs) blouse

Rachel – grey wide strap top

Sally – peach top/brown [pin stripe] jacket

Sam – mauve polo shirt

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