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Wed, Oct 3 07 - Episode # 4518

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Is The Bay Now A Jazz Free Zone ??? ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, Oct 3 07 - Episode # 4518)

Note – due to various issues [the computer "ate" my files etc], this ep guide is less detailed than usual.

Also, IADL for this ep, and previous one, shall be incl in one of the ep guides early next week [hopefully Monday’s 4521 ep]

Leah is awoken by a phone call – form tony, alerting her about the fire.

Leah, Drew,dan go to the hospital - where jazz has suffered minor injuries. When alone with drew, jazz tells him in tears that all of this is punishment for way she’s behaved.

Next day, belle & drew arrive at mansion – it’s totally trashed, and they are later told that it has to be demolished,

After the police says that there’s signs of foul paly, drew & belle own up – but after a chat with Drew, in which drew says that he wants jazz out of his life, Jazz announces to Irene, Leah etc, that Drew will compensate Amanda for everything she’s lost [insurance money won’t come through because of the cause of blaze].

Tony tells jazz that he can’t be in a relationship with someone who behaves/think that way that jazz does – but she DOES inists on drive her to the city in person [rather that jazz taken a bus out of the bay forever.

Just before they are about to tak Mattie’s scoote5r out for a ride, Mattie tells Ric that she has received an offer to go to uni in Western Australia. Ric not look so keen at the prospect of being so far away from his family.

Tam continues to get on, well, everyone’s nerves. The only one who is putting up with all her rubbish is sally, who even tells brad that Tam is being not that much trouble at the van park house.

Tam tells brad that all she wants to do is see her mum – and suggest ghat it would be better if her mum was in prison, as at least tam could visit her there [which she can’t at this retreat].

After Sally invites Brad to dinner, brad is at the diner when colleen tells his how REALLY rowdy and annoying that Tam has been at the van park etc.

When bard arrives, he insists on taking tam back to live withy him [since she has been so much trouble].

Tam naturally reacts – she goes outside, and “borrows” Mattie’s scooter!!!



Looks like Rachel & Lewis are going to get close

What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

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