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Tues, 2 Oct 07 - Episode # 4517

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And To Think That I Used To HATE The Greek Goddess ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 2 Oct 07 - Episode # 4517)

Note – due to various circumstance, tis ep guide less detailed that usual.

IADL results for this ep will be posted with tommorw’s ep guide.

Jack reacts rather strongly/strangely when sam both finds that money in his pocket and later suggest tat they should start looking for a place of their own. Jack even suggest to her that says he could loose his job, as the future is uncertain.

Jack tries to get some dirt on George, but jack’s contact says that the files are locked.

Lara {off screen receives a bravery award, and when all the cops go out to celebrate, it’s to the pub that jack & George recently went to.

Jack is on the verge of telling McGrath about both his own infringements and Georges’s when Lara gives a speech about how she couldn’t have done the bravery ward thing without having trust in ppl she work with – and she esp. sights jack in that.

Leah gets VERY frustrated when Dan’s return is delayed more that a few times during the day.

Making matters worse is that the diner looses power during the busy night shift. Electricians are eventually able to fix that problem, and one of them mentioning that be Leah should be waering JUST her apron when Dan finally arrives.

Leah takes the advice, and is waering a way sexy waitress type outfit when Dan AND the year 9 students enter.

Leah & Dan are way embarrassed – but when the students have finally bailed, Dan suggest that they recrate this [sexy scene] when they get home.

Drew tries to tell Tony that jazz is just still with him because she has no money, whilst belle & jazz clash at the mansion [when belle is trying to get home of the spare key].

Tony suggest to jazz that he’d like to take their relationship further, but when she turn him down, Tony tells jazz that he thinjks that drew is right bout her.

The power blackout at diner gives drew an idea – to amend the wiring at the mansion a little, so jazz will move out of there with frustration.

Indeed, when she gets home and turns on lights, the power seconds later gets out BUT when jazz is asleep, one of the many candles that she has lit falls – and a blaze begin.



Will jazz survive?

Will dew & belle be found out??

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