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Mon, 1 Oct 07 - Episode # 4516

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Mattie’s BIG Surprise “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 1 Oct 07 - Episode # 4516)

DINER : Martha is in a world of her own when ric approach her. She isn’t keen on taking Alf to hospital for an appointment later, but Ric insist that he will [at time of appointment] getting Mattie a surprise.

NOAH’S : Martha is gahind the bar when a newbie in town called Lewis introduces himself. Martha doesn’t seem to keen on the newbie after he says that Martha is also his gran’s name.

Martha sees Michael enter, and wonders why. Michael is there to call a cab hopefully, as he could be over the limit alcohol wise.

Michael tells Amt how bravely she behaved in trying to rescue Tash etc last year.

Michael then bails, and Martha then approach Lewis, and agree to go out with him.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf walks out on the back patio where he finds Ric with the new MOTOR SCOOTER that he’s just got Mattie. Ric tells Alf that he is going to give it to Mattie before those exams, to say to her that in his eyes, she is a success already.

POLICE STATION : After new cop george’s comments in the previous ep, jack is way wary when George tries to way be his friend.

McGrath “suggest” that they should both be out of the road already [jack already almost sets to go when it’s said] and jack & George bail.

HOSPITAL : Alf & Martha encounter Bruce [who also has an appointment today] they verbally clash over various tings [especially the stat of that mine shaft], but the end result of that Michael accidentally spills coffee on Martha.

ROAD : Martha is driving Alf home when they notice that Michael is following them – and flash his headlights at them.

Martha approaches a police RBT check point. When Amt tells jack & George about Michael, George waves them through – insist to jack that he knows that Martha is jacks ex [and trustworthy etc].

ROAD : After Martha has driven off, jack gets Michael to stop his car. Michael tells jack that he was trying to alert Martha that he has her wallet [dropped at hospital].

Meanwhile, a clearly drunk motorist has only just been able to stop at the check point.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Mattie has just finished a meal that ric made for her – and she is wonder why he is spoiling her. Ric insist that it’s to relax her before the exams etc.

Ric gets a tad worried that Mattie might go out onto the patio when she says that she wasn’t to freshen up, but when she go upstairs, ric places a note on dining table for her. He then trips over her bag – and finds brochures from universities in places like Tasmania. Ric removers the note form table – seem dejected.

RAOD : Jack seems amazed that gouger let the motorist who appeared to be drunk drive off. George suggests that breath analyser’s they have can often be faulty.

NOAH’S : Michael enters and Martha kinda thanks him for the wallet, but it’s also clear that she’d like Michel not to be there.

Lewis enters the room and things go silent tween Michael & Martha before Michael bails.

VAN PARK HOUSE : When Mattie returns to the main room, ric points out that he knows about the uni brochures. Mattie says that Morag suggest that she should keep her options wide open as Mattie wants to do law at university.

Ric tells Mattie that he thought that she was going to go to uni near here, but Mattie sys that that was because if her then family ties, but with Beth & kit gone …

Ric gives Mattie the note that he wrote – its all V cute, and then he leads her onto the pack patio, and she can’t believe that he bought be a scooter!!! She totally loves it.

NOAH’S : When Lewis suggests to Martha that the only reason she agree to go out with him was to get Michael out of her head etc, Martha does protest a little too much about how much she dislikes Michael. She also tells Lewis about to mineshaft ordeal – and he mentions that he sees/hears this kind of tings all the time, as he is in the medical profession.

SURF CLUB : Ric is rather surprised when Mattie suggests that their love doesn’t have to be long distance after all – if ric goes with Mattie to wherever she studies.

POLICE STATION : McGrath tells jack that he is about to go out – to be hauled in front of the coals because more evidence goes missing.

Jack then gets on pone and is about to have a check done on George, when the latter tells jack that he’s got a great tip off. Both bail.

DINER : When Lewisi mention Martha’s name to colleen, the later suggest tat Lewis should take things very slowly/gently with Martha.

UNKNOWN PUB : Jack ^& George enter, and they burst into a back room, where it looks like there’s somni illegal gambling taking place. Geiger insists he doesn’t mind it – if he & jack can join in. jack isn't so keen, but does join in the game.

MONTAGE : As Mattie & ric ride care freely on the scooter, both Martha [at the beach], and Michael [farm] are deep in thought about what’s going on tweeny them etc.

OUTSIDE PUB : When jack questions George about all the [illegal] things that he is allowing to happened, George tell jack that he witnessed the evidence exchange tween jack & roan. After jack Is forced to tell George everything [drug plant because of Martha], George puts some of the money that just gained in jack’s pocket, insisting the jack better accepted what’s going on.



Drew & co’s revenge plan on Jazz looks like it partly destroys the mansion !!!!

What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

Official site has something about the songs played in background of H&A

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Martha – dark brown [with frilly lining near the shoulders] singlet top

SILVER : Maddie - white [gold vertical stripes] wide strap top

BRONZE : Colleen - light blue (green rainforest motifs) blouse


Alf – marron & white check button up shirt

Bruce – akubra hat/white check shirt/dark jacket

Lewis – brown leather jacket/white button up shirt

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) blouse

Michael – denim jeans/grey singlet

Michael – olive green button up shirt

Ric – dark blue button up shirt

Ric - light blue (black silhouette of a person - face etc motif) t

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