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Fri, 28 Sep 07 - Episode # 4515

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Martha And Michael Kissing In A Dream, K I S S I N G “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 28 Sep 07 - Episode # 4515)

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz & ton are way pashing when drew, belle ^& luck enter. Disgust tuns to anger when belle discovers that her photos are ruined.

DINER : Jack gets up from the table he was sitting at [with Sam & Rory] and he talks to Martha – near the counter = about the mine shaft ordeal.

NOAH’S : Jazz is rather surprised when Tony says that he will give her $100 [as she is rather broke], just so she can give that money to belle etc and says that its jazz’s own money that she is giving belle.

Jazz kinda reluctantly accepts the offer.

CAMPBELL FARM : Michael is removing the graffiti form his van, when he has several flashback of what happened in the mine shaft.

LEAH’S PLACE : Jazz arrives, and Leah points up the Drew & co are in the longitude room [jazz arrive at kitchen entrance].

Belle, Luc & drew are rather surprised to see Jazz – and they are even more surprised when jazz gi9ves Belle that money.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Martha trips over, dropping the box of oranges she was carrying. Michael approaches wanting to help, but Martha says that she not needs help.

Jack sees this, and approaches. He “suggests” to Michael that he should leave Martha alone.

NOAH’S : Jack is with Sam & Rory when the [in uniform] new cop in town George Watson introduces himself.

Jack gets a phone call, and tells Sam that he will be back soon.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Jack approaches Rohan, who insists that he needs help as he has had trouble with the law. When jack wonders why he should help, Rohan plays a boit of the recording of the chat that these two had earlier this year, about planting drugs on Cam Reynolds!!!

NEAR SURF CLUB : Jack & Rohan both get in the latter’s car and jack is forced to make some more evidence [this time incriminating roan] disappear.

SBH : Belle, Luc & drew are at the school arts exhibition. Belle wants their enrety removed.

Jazz approaches – she says that she’s spoken to both the school [about giving bell etc an extension] and a nearby photo place [about getting new prints done for belle].

RACHEL’S : Sam wonderers why jack seems so distracted. He insists that its just work stuff. Jack also says that he has to go to the station to clear something up.

BEACH : Annie approaches Michael, and after talking about Bruce & the believers for a bit, Annie insists that if Bruce can give Michael a 2nd chance then so can she.

.Annie wonders if Michael would like to go with her to the school arts thing, but he declines. Annie bails.

SBH : Belle asks belle to stall the editor of the local paper as he & colleen are approaching luc * belle’s piece.

Drew tries but the editor catches belle removing her pics from the display. He sees that they are ruined, but he thinks it’s the actions of a brave girl who would destroy such great work.

HUNTERS : Tony & jazz are talking about everything that’s gone on lately. Jazz still can’t believes that tiny has done all the things that he has for her – incl lend the money so Jazz could take credit for suggestions etc to belle.

Unbeknownst to Tony & jazz, Maddie overhears everything that they’ve said.

POLICE STATION : Jack opens that filing cabinet with THAT evidence in it. He is able to get it, but only just before George enters the room. Jack wonders if George has seen jack’s little blue notebook.

Jack says that it must be at home and then bails, buy George sees that the evidence filing cabinet has been disturbed.

NOAH’S : Michael asks the on duty Alf for a small bottle of sprits, and Alf has a go at him for what’s happened – with Martha listening in to the “chat” nearby.

Maddie, Belle, Luc & Drew enter. Belle is V pleased that local paper editor loved her work. Maddie then tells belle & co what she overheard jazz & Tony talking about.

HUNTERS : Drew & belle are verbally lay into jazz about what’s hoaned. Drew can’t believe that Tony defends jazz.

After Tony “suggests” that belle & drew should bail form his house, belle tells jazz that he lease is up on the mansions so she’ll have to go. Jazz tells belle that she has spoke to Amanda who [upon known the jazz is broke] says that jazz can live their until she works something else out.

BEACH : Michael is sitting on the sand drinking form THAT recently purchase bottle of alcohol. George approaches, and is about to rally lay down the law to Michael, when Martha intervenes.

She insists that since Michael is new in town, he didn’t know that “no alcohol consumption on beach etc” rule.

When George walks away, Michael thanks Martha. The latter then calls this man that she had previously hated not as Jonah but by his REAL name [Michael].

COUNTRY ROAD : Jack & Rohan make the exchange – the evidence for the tape of the conversation.

After Rohan drives of, we see that George has been watching what’s occurred.

SURF CLUB : Sam wonders why jack seems so distracted, and wonders if it’s got to do with Martha. Jack says that its not, and he also seems to allay Sam’s fears.

After Sam & Rory bails form the room, George approaches Jack. George talks about the missing evidence – jack looks shocked, but George says that he is not going to dob jack in, as “it’s good that there are still guys like us in the police force”.

George walks away – and jack looks very pondersome as to what will happen next.

VPH : Martha is asleep on the couch, and she dreams of her & Michael KISSING when they trapped in the mineshaft!!!!!



Drew & co’s revenge plan on Jazz looks like it partly destroys the mansion !!!!

What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Maddie – scarlet [the one she is wearing in the current opening credits] spaghetti strap top

SILVER : Annie – white [with silver circular design on front, and apple green frilly lining] singlet top/apple green bra straps

BRONZE : Sam – dark blue tube top


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Belle – red [white dove?] top/red & black check short skirt

Belle - sleeveless sheepskin jacket/black dress

Colleen – blue & green rainforest pattern blko9use/blue top/red beret

Drew - black [grey naughts & crosses] t

Drew – black v neck [unknown white emblem] t

Jack - orange (retro central 86) t shirt

Jack - sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt

Jack – white [raised horizontal stripes] polo shirt/black jacket

Jazz – mauve [silver strapped] satin dress

Jazz – off white coat

Leah – orange thin strap top

Leah – peach thin strap top

Luc – white [with part brown vertical stripes] button up shirt

Luc – yellow polo shirt

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) blouse

Martha – yellow polo shirt/denim knee length shorts

Michael – denim jeans/grey singlet

Rohan – off white t/dark long pants

Rory – green t

Rory - red [black “Vol Co” logo?] t

Rory – red [unknown motif] t

Sam – apple green spaghetti strap top

Sam – red scoop neck t

Tony - light blue button up shirt

Tony – red & blue horizontal stripes polo shirt

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