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Thurs, 27 Sep 07 - Episode # 4514

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Is Tam Planning On Staying At EVERY House In The Bay ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 27 Sep 07 - Episode # 4514)

HOTEL : Tam tells the police that the old lady had mistaken what she said. Brad insists that he & Tam are siblings, and they can check with his other sibling, Rachel - a doctor.

The police seem convinced and bail.

NOAH’S : Tony approach Jazz and she tells him [slightly teary] that he is the only one in bay who’s been nice to her. She is keen for them to have a drink togther, but Tony suggest coffee maybe later.

After Tony bails form the room, Jazz phones her estranged? Husband.

HOTEL : Brad has a go at tam for ruining his chances of scoring a teaching job at YCH.

HUNTER HOUSE : Next day, Tony is rather intrigued by Luc’s school assignment – a very environment looking piece [an actual small tree with nuclear reactor etc signs on it].

Belle & Irene enters, and Maddie seem to be as “intrigued” in lucs’ work as Tony & Irene.

SURF CLUB : As they enter the pool room, Belle tells drew that her photographs will complement luc’s enviro piece.

In next room, drew sees Kevin – jazz’s most recent husband. Drew approach him, and tells Kevin that jazz so hasn’t changed. Kevin takes offence and “suggest” that drew shouldnl;t speak ill of his mum.

ROAD : Tam is walking along when sally drives up beside her. Tam eventually tells Sally that she is going to find her mum. Wen Sally suggests against that, tam has a go at her for leaving Brad at the altar.

Sally then drives off. [Note – LOVE the V8Supercar seat covers that Sally has.]

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally interrupt brad’s class, and tells him about tam heading for bus stop. Although brad not initially keen, he agrees for sally to cover for him whilst he goes and speak to Tam.

BUS STOP : Brad talk to tam about what she is doing. He insists that all 3 of them [tem, rache & brad] need time to adjust to what’s happened. Tam agrees not to bail.

NOAH’S : Drew enters,a dn is intrigued when Kevin says that his 2 young daughters are going too be go to boarding school.

After drew point bree & her sister in the direction of the video games, drew has a serious chat with Kevin about jazz. Kevin “suggest” that drew should stay out of this – before Kevin & his girls bail.

HUNTER HOUSE : Drew & belle enter, and drew is very angry at his mum. Bell however is look fwd to her hand developed prints being ready soon – for THAT assignment with Luc. Belle hopes that the pics are good enough to land her a cadetship.

Luc wnetrs the room, and as they talk about the enviro piece that he’s done, luc insist that Tony doesn’t get it.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Brad interrupts that class that sally is taking of his. Brad takes over the class, and intros the students [incl maddie] to Tam.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : When the class is over, brad discovers that Tam is fast asleep.

DINER : Irene thinks that the big bunch of roises that kev fin has got – and the food order he place = sound Very romantic.

Drew approach Kevin – with a pic of Tony & jazz from the recent day out on the Blaxland.

HOTEL : Sally arrives, and Tam is waiting impatiently for brad. When he arrives, he gives her $10 to go out, and a further $10 is she’s home hy a reasonable hour.

Afire tam bails, sally suggests that her offer [tam to VPH] is still there.

DINER : Jazz arrives and after a short time, Kevin confronts her about Tony. Make things worse for the situation [in jazz case] is that Tony approaches band wonders what’s going on.

Kevin tells jazz that he think she was using him. Kevin bails.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Maddie is chatting to Cass, Alf & sally when Brad arrives with Tam. Brad & sally intro everyone.

When the others are out of the room, Sally “suggest” that it would be good if brad stays on at SBH til at leat tihe end oif term. Brad seems to agree.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz enters, partly in teras, she tells Tony about Kevin. She then sits on the table [and part of luc’;s display.

Jazz can’t believe that after everything Tony still seems interested in her., they start kissing, which turns to pashing, and the open bottle of wine that jazz bought goes all over THOSE photos of Belle’s !!!



Looks like Jack’s past [thinks Martha and those drugs] is coming back to haunt him


What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Maddie - white [gold vertical stripes] top

SILVER : Jazz – mauve [silver strapped] satin dress

BRONZE : Belle – red [white dove?] top/red & black check short skirt


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf – white [dark check] button up shirt

Brad - black [white pin stripe] button up shirt

Brad – olive green t

Bree – multi colour tropical dress/green [white floral] kini top

Cass – yellow [black rose] top

Drew - black [grey naughts & crosses] t

Irene – dark green floral long sleeve top

Jazz – white wide strap top

Kevin – dark blue long sleeve top

Kevin – olive green button up shirt

Kevin’s younger daughter – white [multicolour polka dots] dress

Luc – yellow polo shirt

Maddie - SBH uniform

Sally – dark suit/red scoop t

Tam – black [white “Ramones” logo] singlet top

Tam – light pink [unknown black logo] low cut top [with black singlet top neath]/denim shirt

Tony - light blue button up shirt

Tony – purple t

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirr

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