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Guest standbyme

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type of story: horror/murder mystery

rating: 15+

cast: Lucas, Rory

warning: violence

late one halloween night Lucas Holden, an intelegent yet sometimes badly behaved is at his brother Jack's house baby sitting Rory late one halloween night because of a fight he got in at school that was his punishment. he hears a thud come from Rory's room and ignors it at first then heards it again, this time with a faint scream, getting up and walking slowly to Rory's room he haers another thud.

"Rory?" he calls out he opened Rory's bedroom door slowly to find a lump under Rory's blankets, yet it didn't seem right so he walked over and took the blankets of Rory's bed to find pillows underneath.

"Rory this better not be a sick joke" Lucas turned around to notice blood coming from the the bottom of Rory's closet "little tosser wait til i get my hands on you" he marched over and pulled open Rory's clost door there was Rory sitting there dead. he had obviously been stabed to death Lucas gasped and walked slowly backwards back to the door where he was grabbed behind and gaged by tissues then stabed twice in the stomach letting out a scream he freed himself and went to run. but only to trip on a skateboard falling face first to the floor knocking 3 front teeth out and breaking his nose. Lucas got up slowly and went to movie when he was stabed in the back 4 times moving slowly he finally reached door. walking outside he collapsed on the ground and and let out a loud scream hoping the neighbors would he him.

now can somebody continue i'm out of ideas

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