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Will lover Bobby be good?

Guest Heathsgirl

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IT'S the love triangle overflowing with squeaky clean soapie stars - yet packed with so much dirt.

Just days after Confidential exposed Home and Away star Bobby Morley's nightclub lip-lock with Neighbours rival Natalie Blair, the ladies man stepped out in a desperate bid to present a united front with girlfriend Jessica Tovey.

The teen screen pair - who are romantically involved both at home and away from the Summer Bay set - were cuddling up at the Xbox Halo 3 party in Darlinghurst on Tuesday night.

However Blair, who was snapped leaving the Zeta Bar arm in arm with Morley at 1.30am on Sunday, was nowhere in sight.

Morley's random soapie starlet swapping behaviour yesterday prompted his It Takes Two singing partner Jade MacRae to weigh into the situation - saying she thinks the hot-blooded lad "needs to be single".

The R&B babe and Morley caused a sensation of their own last month when footage of the raunchy kiss they shared for MacRae's In The Basement video was leaked on YouTube.

While MacRae is happily settled with her long-term partner and manager Tim Purcell, Morley seems to be making a habit of kissing sexy sirens around town.

"He's terrible that boy - he's young, hot and just wants to have fun," MacRae said.

"I really just think he needs to be single at this point in his life.

"I saw him out with his girlfriend last night so I assume everything is OK, but then again she's an actress, so you never know," MacRae said.

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Anyone else think it wasn't really Jade's place to be saying that kinda thing publicly?

I totally agree - Jade works with Bobby on It Takes Two and in her film clip and suddenly she's an expert on his love life. Stay away and let him and Jess deal with it....a bit insensitive I reckon!!! <_<

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i hate natalie blair lol!! i loved beau brady and love drew, lucky girl!

I'm with you Lypole...........Beau Brady :wub: Yum! (sorry with stop day dreaming now)

You can both stop dreaming,he's mine :wub::P .

Jade's not that popular,she probaly said it for publicity.She sounds like the kind of friend he can do without.

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