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Wed, 26 Sep 07 - Episode # 4513

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ No Boundaries Indeed “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 26 Sep 07 - Episode # 4513)

Note – With Westfield shopping centres sponsoring the show once more, Amy Matthews has taken the place of Holly Brisley in the “this program is bought to you by ….” ads

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel has a go at Tam for stealing her purse, but Tam not seem to care.

Rachel leaves the room, and Tam is REALLY pleased when Geoff arrives at the front door. It’s VERY clear that she likes him form the start.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is rather surprised when Cass tells her that it was Brad who drove to the city to bring Cass back to bay. Sally is pleased when Cass sys that she’ll at lased by around for a few days to help out.

RACHEL'S PLACE : With Tam supposedly listening to her I Pod on front patio, Rachel tell brad that its his turn to look after tam,. As she has night shifts etc. after Brad & Rachel argue a bit about Tam, the latter makes it clear that she can way hear them.

Brad & Rachel “discuss” the situation some more before they go into patio – but Tam is gone.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tam arrives and wonders if Geoff would like to come up with her tonight – he says tat he is about to “crash” as he is early riser.

Geoff gets very fidgety & nervous as he can tell that Tam is showing an interest in him.

Brad arrives – and insists that Tam comes with him.

HOTEL : Tam complains about not having her own room, but Brad suggest tight at least tis place is better that the car Tam had been sleep in.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Next day, Ric enters. He is surprised to see Cass, and Sally & Alf are more intuited in how Ric went with TAFE exams – sounds like he is going well.

Cass & co insist that the cold stricken Sally shouldn’t go to school today.

DINER : Geoff talks to Colleen of all ppl about how Tam is interested in him – she suggests that he was to be wary of a “fast woman” like Tam.

NOAH’S : Cass sees Brad – she thinks him once more for drive to city etc. Cass urges brad to com back – as Sally & co needs him, but Brad says that he can’t.

DINER : Tam approaches Geoff – and he nervously talks about the weather.

Pat O Conner [yabby creek high principal] approached Brad about his job application. He doesn’t think that brad has must chance of getting the job.

PARK : Geoff is walking along when am comes out form behind one of the trees and kinda scares him. As they chat, Geoff seems a little surprised that Tam seems to RALLY want t9 come to bible studies with him tonight.

DINER : Whilst Brad insists that his many years of impeccable service to teaching should be enough, Pat O’Connor suggests that YCH is wary of the Naomi controversy.

When Pat has bails, Colleen approaches brad. She “suggest” that Bard & chat family really need him.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally is feeling guilty that Cass, Ric etc are doing all the work, but they wonl;t have anything of it.

Ric & Cass talk about Henk – and Cass insist that even though ric not agree with Cass about hank, at least ric should spt her decision etc. Ric however suggest tat Cass should be here in the bay right now.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Brad & Rachel have another “chat” about Tam – especially focusing on the fact that she’s clearly had been set no boundaries [by heather] in the past.

HOTEL : Tam tells Brad about the whole bible studies thing with Geoff, but brad insist that she is not go out to tonight.

Tam enters the room and brad goes after her. A fellow hotel guest sees bad manhandle Tam back into their room.

HUNTER HOUSE : Ric enters – looking for Maddie, but Geoff says that she is study with Belle. Ric comments on the rather strong aftershave that Geoff is wearing.

Ric i9s surprised when Geoff says that although he wants to be a religious minister, he does intend to get married, but not have sex beforehand.

HOTEL : Brad insists that tam will enjoy the movie that on TV night, but as soon as he goes to have a shower, Tam exist their room. The woman who saw brad garb Tam before approaches Tam – and Tam says that brad is her teacher and they ran way together and now Tam wants to go home but brad is holding her against her will.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Geoff arrives, looking for Tam, but Rachel has no idea tat tam was to meet Geoff her tonight. Geoff looks dejected.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally insists on lying etc on the couch whilst she is unwell, so she knows what’s going on in the house.

When Cass talks to ric about Brad not being her for Sal, Ric “suggest” that Cass should take her own advice and stay around for a while.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass is one the phone to Henk. When off, Sally, Ric & Alf are pleased that Cass will be staying here in bay till at last her HSC exams are over.

HOTEL : Brad talks to pat O’Connor in the car park for the hotel. Pat insists there mustn’t be any further scandals [thinks Naomi] but then the police arrive [no officers we know].

Pat is disgusted when the police enquire to bard about a report of a girl being held against his will in his room!!! – Naturally, in room itself, Tam is watching all this unfold.



Tam has a go at Sally because of the wedding fiasco


What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Tam – light pink [unknown black logo] low cut top [with black singlet top neath]/denim shirt

SILVER : Cassie - sky blue (dark blue lining) spaghetti strap top/darker blue short shorts

BRONZE : Rachel – red low cut top


Alf – blue [mustard check] button up shirt

Alf - orange (green checks) button up shirt

Brad - black [white pin stripe] button up shirt

Brad – olive green t

Brad - white (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Cass – hot pink halter top/white [multi clout mosaics] bikini top

Cassie - rainbow colours [horizontal stripes] v neck long sleeve top

Colleen - red floral blouse/red top

Geoff – denim button up shirt/bone long pants

Geoff – green & white check button up shirt

Geoff - grey singlet/bone long pants

Geoff - SBH uniform

Hotel woman - light brown [autumn motifs] blouse

Rachel – black top/grey skirt

Rachel - red v neck dress

Ric - white (with orang horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Sally - light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

Sally – red blouse

Sally - white dressing gown

Tam – black [white & red “red hot chilli peppers”] singlet top

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