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Untitled - A Jack and Martha Story

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This is my first fic. I hope you enjoy it. untittled again

Topic Title –

Topic Description – Jack and Martha

Type of story: A bit of everyhting

Rating: T

Main Characters:Jack and Martha maybe others

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: What happens after Jack and MArtha finally get it right and give in to their feelings for each other.

Heres my first chapter

Chapter 1

She looked up into the dark brown eyes, owned by the person she dreamt about every night. She could see him looking back, it wasn’t worth it though, she couldn’t give him what he wanted, what they both wanted. “I don’t want to get hurt again” Martha said, sobbing. “I promise you with every inch of my soul,” Jack said “That I’ll try as hard as I can to make sure you don’t get hurt,” he said clasping her face in the cup of his hands, “I can never promise you wont get hurt but what I can promise you is that it will hurt more for both of us if we continue to ignore these feelings.”

“What about Sam,” She said, Martha had almost forgotten about the third wheel in this relationship. “I can’t marry her unless I know I gave us one more shot, doing that would be like the end of my hopes and dreams, I just need to know first if you want me back after what a baboon I was or I’ll marry Sam and try and forget every touch, every kiss, every word we ever spoke. I’ll force myself to forget what you look like, the way your hair falls and what you smell like…”

“Jack,” she said, “I love you, and I want you, to me you’re like the other half of my body, what air is to fire, essential, I can’t live life thinking I never really gave you a chance. We’ve both been big baboons Jack, like to stubborn cows in a paddock locking horns over the last bit of hay, neither of us wanted to be the first to admit our feelings, yet we both feel it everyday a burning sensation when the other walks in the room, a sensation I want to live with for the rest of my life.”

Jack leans in to touch Martha’s lips, she turns her head. “The best men, like you not like Cam or Ash are honest, do the right thing, don’t succumb to temptation, and take the easy way out, be honest, be up front with Sam.”

“I’m sorry.” He said “ I know, I’ll go see Sam now, I know she’ll understand, It’s something she’s always known, she told me this morning I had to make a choice, this choice though was easier then weather the place setting should be roses or frangipanis, it’s something I had always known, you Martha I’d always known I’d wanted you.”

Tune in soon for the next installment

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I'm on school holidays so I may as well update!

Chapter 2

“Sam,” Jack said, “Are you there… Hello,”

“You’re choice Jack,” Sam said trying to remain clam. Silence filled the increasingly warmer air. Sam sat down on the couch and began to cry. “If you picked me it would be easier to tell me you jerk. You should never have let it get this far.”

Jack filled the empty spot next to her. “I’m sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that I love Martha and if I stayed with you I’d spend my whole life being unfaithful in my thoughts. I want her, I really need her my life is with her, I really wish I could tell you it was with you and Rory but I can’t, I need you both to be happy and you can’t be happy with someone who is ultimately going to hurt. I can’t drag myself to those lows. I want to be friends but we’ll never be more than friends without me hurting you, without me letting you down.”

“I think I understand,” She said, “If not I’ll have to understand, there’s something I need to tell you though, as a friend I need to tell you this, Please for both of your sakes don’t stuff it up because I won’t be here next time.”

“Thank you Sam, Thank you,” He said as he kissed her goodbye softly on the cheek “I did I mean do love you but my soul belongs to Martha.”

“I think it’s something I always knew, and I was forcing us, this relationship because I didn’t want to die an old woman alone, I thought you would be the one to reassure this insecurity but the further into the relationship we got the more I thought what am I kidding myself but I still hung on thank you Jack for getting me out of this I was to scared to end it instead I tried to fast track it.”

“You won’t die a lonely old woman, it’s just one of those things that I know, that I’m certain of.”

Keep checking back

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Chapter 3

“Martha, can I get that kiss now?” Jack asked cheekily walking into the diner where Martha was having lunch. “Sit down Jack,” she said in a tone that called for concern. “The divorce papers, I got a letter to say they’re processed.” “You mean we’re not married anymore, but we don’t want to be divorced now… well at least I don’t, I want to start off where we left.”

They looked at each other, it was if they’re minds were thinking together, before Martha could speak, in front of everyone in the diner Jack crouched down on one knee, “Martha Jane McKenzie will you make me the luckiest man that ever set foot in the bay and marry me again?”

“Poor Sam,” Colleen muttered away to the salad, “Jack’s living a double life and she doesn’t even know it.”

“Grandad,” Martha said as Alf walked in the diner “I’m getting married…” Martha said excitedly, “To Jack.”

“Stun the flaming crows,” Alf said almost fainting “Talk about quick, what happened to Sam, wasn’t Jack marrying her?”

“Alf, I hope you don’t mind but I really love your Granddaughter, to anyone else this may seem quick, as stupid decision made by young kids in love but it’s not and this time it’s for life, I’m going to take the vows seriously.”

The diner which had been listening in on the conversation erupted into applause.

Colleen still wasn’t satisfied; she couldn’t help herself, “You can’t marry two people you know,”

Jack laughed, “Sam and I were over we thought it would be best for us, as I only ever loved Martha and now were getting married again”

Sam who was standing at the doorway saw the excitement on both Jack and Martha’s face and walked away.

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Chapter 4

Jack and Martha walked into the empty flat there was no sign of Sam or her belongings. “Sam’s left town for good,” Martha said reading a note propped up on the coffee table. “Do you want a drink?” Jack asked. “Yeah, sure,” Martha said.

“If were going to get married again we may as well move in together, you can come live with me,” Martha said, “It’s lonely in the flat all by myself and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone except you.”

“Are we moving a bit fast, I mean the engagement and everything it’s so quick, it’s like a whirlwind and were right in the middle of it?” Jack said a Martha nestled into him.

“Fast is some thing I’m prepared for, what’s the use of being slow in life, I want to live life to its fullest so I can experience everything, including being with you.” She replied.

“Only if you help me pack, I don’t want to ruin it this time I want to spend as much time as I can with you and as little without you, just let me ring Dad first, I should probably let him and Luc know before some else tells them along the grapevine.”

They sat on the lounge curled up for what seemed like eternity before they got up, they enjoyed each others company even if it was silent, they didn’t need to speak they knew what each was thinking, it’s fears and it’s deepest secrets, the things you only share with someone who wants to know them even if you don’t want to tell them. This was how it was with them sometimes they didn’t need to speak just listen to each others hearts pound up and down, count each breathe that they took each one in sync with the others, like two souls working together in clockwork like one.

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Thanks for all the feedback heres chapter 5 I hope you enjoy it :lol:

Chapter 5

Together they hauled Jack stuff up the stairs to Martha’s flat. “You’ve got more clothes than a girl,” she joked slapping him playfully. “Hey Mam’,” Jack said in his most serious police officer voice, “You’re under arrest for Assault.” Martha began to tickle Jack when they got inside and Jack tickled her back they spent the whole afternoon like little kids chasing each other around the house. Finally after what seemed like hours Martha gave in and they crashed into each others arms on the couch. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?” He said. “Because I love you more than anything, no word in any language has been made to describe it.”

“Fine then Jack, if you love me that much in a month from now you’ll be standing somewhere and saying your vows to me.” Martha said.

“One month...” He exclaimed shocked, “You don’t miss a beat do you?”

“We’ll why wait if we weren’t divorced we wouldn’t be waiting. We’d be starting from exactly where we left off, married.”

“Ok, I suppose so we’ll start organising it in the morning if you’re only giving us a month to plan a bigger, better wedding.” Jack said.

“I think it should be low key,” Martha said, “It’s kind of like we’re just renewing our vows, we don’t need anything big or over the top, in fact I recon next Saturday.”

“Martha,” Jack said, “You’re getting crazier but I’ll do whatever it takes to please you.”

She rushed over to the table to get a pen and paper, if they were going to get married next Saturday they’d have to get the invitations out by tomorrow. “I’ve got an idea, we’ll tell everyone it’s an engagement party but they’ll get there and we’ll get married.”

“That sounds alright,” Jack said, “But what about bridesmaids and groomsmen?”

“We’ll tell them” she said, “But no one else ok, you got it they have to keep it a secret.”

“Deal,” Jack said.

“Shake on it.” Martha said. The two shook on the deal and quickly began to organise who they would invite.

“What about Robbie and Tash?” Jack said, “We should tell them, seeing as they’re not coming.”

“Sure” she replied we’ll do that later.

As the days past the pair spent their entire time working or with each planning the wedding. They were so excited; it was going to be the perfect wedding they almost had last time. It would be a beautiful beach wedding which would followed by a reception at the surf club. It may have sounded plain to anyone else, but they couldn’t wait. It was simple a far cry from the disaster of their last wedding.

When the day finally come, not even Colleen had a clue, they’d done they managed to keep it a secret.

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Chapter 6

“ I now pronounce you Man and Wife,” the celebrant said, before he could say another thing and invite them Jack and Martha shared their second first kiss as Man and Wife.

“What a lovely surprise,” Irene said.

“Defiantly, I wasn’t expecting that,” Tony said.

“Come ‘ere Luc!” Tony said. “Did you have any idea?”

“Of course,” he said “Jack asked me to be his best man.”

As everyone progressed to the reception together Jack and Martha floated in cloud 9. “Jack Holden, my Husband again.” She said ecstatically.

When everyone finally arrived at the surf club and sat down, Lucas opened the evening with a poem he had written.

Before he began Luc cleared his throat, and said “I’m so proud to have Martha as my Sister-in-law again, I’ve written this especially for the two love birds.’


Love is magical,

Love is blissful,

Love can endure fire,

Love can endure wind,

Love is strong,

Love, when true,

Will never end,

Love is not worth all the gold,

It’s worth more

Love is warm,

Love will forgive,

Love though will never forget,

Love will be nice,

Love never insults,

The beholder does,

Love will wait,

Because love is always within,

Waiting to be flown through the air,

Via cupids arrow,

Love is Martha and Jack.’

Congratulations guys I really hope you enjoys your life together.”

The town partied on well into the night, this time it was peaceful and everyone enjoyed the night, nobody more than Jack and Martha, or as they liked to utter, ‘Mr and Mrs Holden.’

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