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Tues, 25 Sep 07 - Episode # 4512

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ More Reasons To ADORE Little Awesome Annie “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 25 Sep 07 - Episode # 4512)

Note – you’ve no doubt heard/heard the info about Kate Ritchie filming her final scenes in December this year.

I am soooooooooooooooo going to miss “little” Sal !!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing her all the best for the future when she leaves!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : It’s late at night, and little Pippa, Sally & Alf are all in the kitchen. Little Pippa has awoken after a nightmare, whilst the 2 two are also stressed bout Martha.

MINE SHAFT : Next day, Martha awakes, and Michael isn’t near her. He is nearby – he comets that the main shaft is getting more unstable, and indeed more debris falls fall the ceiling. Michael tries to shield Martha – but she not like him getting close to her.

DINER : Alf tells Irene that he’s been informed that Martha’s car has been located near Campbell farm. Annie & Geoff over hear Alf say that he is head out there – they insist on go with h9im, and they have bailed before Irene can rally protest about them not going to school today.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : A teacher named Paul approach Sally, and wonders if she had some t9ime tho speak to him about the deputy principal positions, i.e. he wants her to endorse his application.

Sally insists that he should speak to secretary to arrange, as school has to get a funding report to the department. Paul comments that that report should have been at dept last week.

Sally’s phone rings – its Madge, as little Pippa is unwell.

Sally bails and Paul comment to brad about Sally/the school feeling like a rollercoaster.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally enters with little Pippa who wants some juice, so much so that whilst Sally is on phone to Colleen [wonder if she can look after the child], little Pippa opens fridge herself and gets fruit juice. Sally has a bit of a go at little Pippa.

MINE SHAFT : After Michael points Martha in direction of water [3 meters down the shaft] there’s a massive cave in. Michael call out to Martha – she not respond.

BUSH : As they search for Martha & Michael, Annie tells Alf that Scruffy slept in her room til she [Annie] was 7 years old. Annie also mentions that Bruce hates that she gave the dog a name, as you shouldn’t be that to/for working animals.

MINE / BUSH : Michael can just hear Annie & Alf – he call out for help, and Annie hears him. Alf wonders about Martha, and Michael tells him bout the shaft collapse etc.

MINE SHAFT : The SES, police and the likes of Irene & Geoff are now near the entry to the mine. The SES ppl try to get to the trapped via the entrance, but McGrath asks Annie where she heard Michael.

Secs later, we see Annie, Alf & McGrath atop the ridge where the vent is – McGrath & Alf talk to Michael about what’s going on.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel & Leah way can’t believe that Jack has taken off with Sam for a few days away when Martha is missing.

Tam enters the room – she asks for some money, and not like it when Rachel suggests that the 3 of them could go for a picnic or something.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally enters a classroom full of kids. Brad is tending to them. Sally & brad go into corridor, where he “suggest” that she remembers that she shouldn’t leave the school without notifying any1

MINE SHAFT : The SES etc are able to rescue Michael, and bring him out the entrance of the mine. Brice is way pleased to see him.

MINE SHAFT : It takes more effort to rescue Martha and get her out of there, but many ppl [incl Geoff, much to Irene’s chagrin] are able to bring her out. Naturally, there’s a REALLY massive collapse seconds after Martha is freed.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Brad enters, and he sees that the place is a bit of a mess. Colleen tells him that little Pippa is pining after him, and that Sally isn’t exactly coping at the moment, especially when both Ric [exams] & Cass away.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Teacher Paul insists that Sally has to speak to him sheout the deputy position. Sally says that she is going to endorse others over Paul, as he has had no admin experience etc. Paul then rather bluntly tells Sally that things have got to the point at school that the teachers almost called a stop work meet8ing. Paul insists that, Right now, he could do a better job than what Sally is.

DINER : Tam really really all but begs Rachel for some money, but Rachel rejects the idea.

The likes of Martha, Annie, Geoff, Irene, Alf enters, and comets are made about how brave ppl wren today. Irene [i think] comment on how proud Bruce appeared to be on Geoff’s efforts.

Back at the counter, Rachel realises that Tam has “borrowed” her purse.

BEACH : Martha is walking along and encounters Michael. He wants to talk bout what happened. Martha insists that she got psychically close for body heat alone – NOTHING more.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally enters, and finds that place in a mees. Little Pippa is calling out to her upstairs. She puts a plate not quite on the table – so it falls and smash on floor.

Sally starts to cry as she cleans it up. Sally almost can't believe it when Cass!!! comes to her side. Cass insists that would have been home sooner if known things were this bad.

On back patio is bard, with a backpack in hand – he looks like an opportunity [with Cass there now] has been lost!!!



Tam’s in trouble with police – she also has a go at Sally because of the wedding fiasco


What causes a MASSIVE rift tween Sally & Alf?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah - light yellow (v shaped straps) top

SILVER : Rachel – red low cut top

BRONZE : Annie - SBH uniform


Alf - blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf – maroon dressing gown

Brad - white (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Cassie - rainbow colours [horizontal stripes] v neck long sleeve top

Colleen - red floral dress

Geoff - SBH uniform

Irene - sky blue blouse/orange diag stripes top

Little Pippa - pink (with yellow straps) thin strapped top/pink shorts

Little Pippa - green singlet top & shorts

Martha – red t/white jacket

Michael [Jonah] – blue singlet/green zip up jacket

Michael [Jonah] – light mustard button up shirt/white singlet

Sally – black v neck dress

Sally - light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

Sally – red blouse

Tam – grey [rockband?] scoop neck top

Tam – black [white & red rockband?] singlet top

Teacher Paul - plum button up shirt

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