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Mon, 24 Sep 07 - Episode # 4511

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Believers – Where It All Began “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 24 Sep 07 - Episode # 4511)

MINE SHAFT : Martha clears the loose off herself, before helping Michael who is trapped a bit by the fallen debris. Martha runs doen the shaft a little – only to discover tat they are trapped in here. She sees an air vent high above her and yells out for help, to not avail.

CAMPBELL FARM : Bruce arrives back at the house, and Lara and another female uniformed officer are waiting for him. Then wonder where Michael is, as he hasn’t reported on time to the police [part of parole].

Bruce insists the he not know where Michael is, and he points out the graffiti ion Michael’s van.

MINE SHAFT : Martha keeps on call out for help – but Michael “suggest” saving her strength.

NOAH’S : Annie, Irene, Geoff & Alf are talking about Bruce & Michael when jack arrives. He is annoyed that Martha not there, but even more annoyed that she hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Jack tries to phone Martha, gets no answer.

MINE SHAFT : Martha starts to move some of the masses of debris blocking their path, but Michael tanks that it might cause further collapse.

He is encouraged that sokone might be locking for Martha – as she is late for her shift at Noah’s.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam enters and Jack tells her about Martha not sighing the papers …. and no one knowing where Martha is.

CAMPBELL FARM : Irene, Alf, Annie & Geoff arrive [in Irene’s car]. Whist they think that Michaela has done something to Martha, Bruce accuses Martha of the vice versa. Lara tries to keep the peace twen the groups.

MINE SHAFT : Martha still isn’t very keen on Michael being anywhere near her – and she [and we viewers] are shocked when Michael says that he is NOT the fathe5r of Tasha’s baby!!!

MINE SHAFT : Michael tells Martha that Mumma Rose adopted him when he has just 5 years old, and used that same drugs that she used on Tash etc to mould Michael’s VERY young mind.

Michael continues by saying the Mumma roses’ psychologist contacted him – and informed Michael that he had a disease when young that made him infertile. Michael tells Martha that he had his own test conducted – and that it’s true.

CAMPBELL FARM : Whilst Annie is keen to let “scruffy” [cattle dog] on his leash, Geoff runs back to the group. He’s found Martha’s cap. He points Alf and the others in the direction in which Geoff found it.

MINE SHAFT : When Michele tells Martha theta he is only here to seel the farm, Martha suggests that he could have done that from afar. Michael admits that he REALLY came here [bay] to apologise, make amends for what he did,

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack suggest to Sam that they should take advantage of having the same few days off work by getting away from a while together. Sam is surprised, but like the idea.

BUSH : Annie & anf the others search, all the while keeping mindful of the many rabbit traps that Bruce has layer.

MINE SHAFT / BUSH : After Martha tell Jonah that its wouldn’t make a difference by telling Robbie & Tash about the bio father of their child as both thick of Robbie as Ella’s dad, Martha is encouraged when she hears Alf calls out her name. Indeed, Alf is close to air vent but it’s mostly covered over by the loose leaf matter etc on the floor of this bushland.

Alf walk away, and Martha can’t believe that Alf got SOOO close to them.

RACHEL'S PLACE : As jack & Sam are about to bail, Sam insist that jack shouldnl;t be so mean to Amt just for Sam’s sake.

Jack then phone Lara, to get a head up about what’s happen.

MINE SHAFT : As its gets later on the day, Martha takes offence to Michael’s suggestions that the best tway to stay warn is to their body heat together.

CAMPBELL FARM : Brice has had enough of well everyone being on his land. He “suggest” that he will have Irene & co charged if they not bail. Just as Irene suggest to they do bail, “scruffy” gets loose of his lead, and heads for the bush, with Annie on hot purist.

BUSH : Scruffy makes it all the way to THAT air vent, but when Annie catches up, she [nearby] calls the dog, and is returns to her side. They two head in the direction of farm.

MINE SHAFT : Michael tell Martha all about mamma rose. Her young son, called Jonah was killed in car accident. The accident also sent Mumma Rose “mad”, which led to the believers.

also, lthough both are shivering. Martha rejects the dual body heat plan.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack enters, and checks to answering machine. As soon as he hears to there is msg form Martha, he deletes the msg – without listen to most of it.

MINE SHAFT : Michael is curdeled up on the floor, and Martha finally decides that his suggetion IS a good one. Martha cuddles up behind Michael.



Look like its Alf who is going to descend down that air shaft to rescue Martha etc

Official site has an interview with the actor who plays Michael [aka jonah]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Sam – pink low cut top

SILVER : Annie – blue [brown DOG motif] singlet top/dark long pants

BRONZE : Sam – red [white dots all over] low cut spaghetti strap top


Alf – white [red & blue check] shirt

Bruce - grey overalls/grey hat

Geoff – rich red button up shirt

Irene – orange blouse/black top

Jack - green (large “A Z” in pink) t shirt

Jack – red [white desert scape] polo shirt

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Martha – red t/white jacket

Michael [Jonah] – light mustard button up shirt/white singlet

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