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Those Three Little Words

Guest vale4eva

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Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Jack mostly

Genre: Romance?

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: Thanks to Kat for reading through it

Summary: Jacks in love :wub:

Wrote this after Krystal got me in the mood for writing a oneshot :P

Its my first one so I hope its ok :)

This is for all the JnM-lovers out there, and for anyone else who wants to read it :D And dont be hard on Jacky, hes only human afterall :P

Those three little words

“Wow! There she is!” gushed Jack as he watched her from a distance; her beautiful brown hair trailing behind her in the wind as she ran alongside the entrancing red horizon.

His heart fluttered in his chest as he watched her through wide and lustful eyes. She was amazing! Never in his entire life had he come across someone quite so captivating.

The way her hair fell loosely around her face, the soft curls resting neatly on her shoulders and her chocolaty brown locks, shimmering in the light. Her exotic tan and undeniably healthy physique; all adding to her natural beauty.

Watching her from a distance as she gradually came to a halt, his insides began to churn; he was just dying to hold her close to him…

Rising to his feet he headed off down the beach, all the while his eyes continued to glance to his side, watching her every move.

Some people may call this obsession, or more importantly … stalking. But there were just some things in life you couldn’t prevent, and for Jack, this was definitely one of them. He couldn’t help the fact that he was falling for her, and even when he tried to ignore her, his eyes always failed to look away, he felt so drawn to her…

For the past two months he had seen her; out on her usual morning run, before finally heading off towards the surf club for a drink. He wasn’t going to deny the fact that he had been given so many opportunities to introduce himself, but as of yet, he had failed to gather the courage.

As crazy as this sounds; those three little words, “Hi, I’m Jack” never seemed to come to him, and he would always end up falling backwards, into the shadows and out of sight, wallowing away in his own self pity as he yet again chickened out, and let her slip by.

Shaking his head at his cowardly behaviour, he tore his vision away from her, before walking up to the diner and grabbing a shake.


“You alright love?” asked a concerned Irene as she handed Jack his milkshake.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just thinking, you know, off in my own little world” he grinned.

He was right though, he was off in his own little world, a world where he and the mysterious brunette goddess, would live happily ever after. Both living a relaxed and peaceful life with not a care in the world.

Returning back to reality however, he found himself alone and ‘unwanted’, as he sat at the back of the diner, drinking his milkshake.

That one question always seemed to come to him…

Why was life always so hard? And why was it that the one person you wanted the most, always seemed to be the one person you could never have!?

I guess it didn’t help the fact that Jack’s severe shyness always seemed to get in the way, preventing him from even attempting to make a move on her. But knowing Jacks luck, even if he did try, he would most definitely end up getting shot down.

Sucking up the final drop of liquid, he made his way towards the counter. “Thanks Irene.”

“No problem darl, have a good day. And cheer up yeah!” she grinned back.

Nodding his head and turning away his face quickly fell, what was there to cheer up about!? When the one person he so wished to have, was the one person that was potentially off limits; he didn’t even know her name for goodness sake!

Walking around the corner, deep in thought, he was brought to a sudden halt!

Two bodies crashing into each other with an unexpected thud!

“Oh, I’m sorry miss” Jack quickly apologised as he helped her steady her feet.

As if god was on his side, and fate had stepped in, there she was, standing before him, her eyes twinkling in the light as her face beamed a glowing smile.

“Oh, it’s ok, It’s my fault, I should have been looking where I was going” she giggled.

Releasing a nervous smile he stood before her, his body suddenly turning rigid and his hands clamming up. This was it, a gift from god! She had literally been handed to him on a golden platter! He couldn’t mess it up now!

Pulling himself together and mentally forcing away his fears and concerns, he took a deep breath, biting the bullet and swallowing hard...

Holding out his hand for her to shake, he finally spoke up …

“Hi, I’m Jack” he smiled.

“Nice to meet you Jack, I’m Martha.”


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