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Fri, 21 Sep 07 - Episode # 4510

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Know Love You Maddie, But I Hope It’s Annie Who’s Right About Michael ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 21 Sep 07 - Episode # 4510)

Note - as promised earlier this week, this ep guide will also contain the IADL results for eps 4507 & 4508. MANY MANY thanks to ppl [like bttb-rox!] who post screen caps

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Martha pulls up in her car – having just returned to town. She is alarmed when she sees Michael talking to Annie.

DINER : Martha enters, and wonders what Annie was doing talk to Michael, and why Michael IS still in town. Irene “suggests” to Annie that she MUST stay way form Michael, despite Annie’s protests.

Irene tells Annie to head straight home – whilst Martha insist tat she is going to talk too Bruce about Michael.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie arrives, and tells drew & bell about how Irene is mad at her. Annie wonders why Irene etc not like Michael, and drew & belle try to, as subtly as possible, tell Annie about how Michael forced himself on Tash.

NOAH’S : Irene & Martha are talking about Michael. Irene thinks that they need to get the public aware of what’s happening. They want to hold a town meeting – Alf says that, besides morrow, the surf club is booked out for a while. Irene & Martha agree to hold meeting moorw, and to get the word out about it pronto.

DINER : Next day, Sally, Alf, Martha & Irene see the advert in the local paper about the town meeting today, and martha & Irene esp. hope that there’s a big crowd.

NOAH’S : Drew & belle are talking when Jazz & Dane enter. Morag nearby approaches. He tells drew etc that she’s done some research – drew’;s gran didn’t have dementia at all, and was TOTALLY of sound mind when she wrote the current will.

Morag also makes drew ware to she saw jazz & Ted BROWN [not smith like I wrote yesterday] looking rather cosy at the hotel. Drew can’t believe that jazz has done this. He bails form the room.

NEAR BEACH : Belle catches up to drew. He can’t believe that he trusted jazz – it’s a way great emotional performance from bobby Morley

NOAH’S : Dane & Morag talk – he hopes that he doesn’t get disbarred for all of this, whilst jazz launches a verbal attack on Morag, saying that it’s Morag that he ruined the relationship of jazz & her son.

SBH : Annie & michael are talking in the corridor – Annie wants micheal to elks Brice for some money to pay for various school things.

Maddie sees these two chattering, an when Michael bails, Maddie approach Annie – wondering why she is talk to him. Annie tells Maddie that Michael isn’t THAT [attacking tash etc] person anymore.

DINER : Irene, Martha & sally are taken aback when Maddie tell them about Michael talking to Annie on school grounds. Sally insists that she will have a word to the students about things like this, whilst Martha says that she is going to go and see Bruce about it.

HOSPITAL : Michael & Bruce are talking – mostly about bible stuff [frpogiveness etc]. Michael give Bruce the letter form Annie, and Martha is outside the room eavesdropping of the chat.

A nurse enters and insists that bice gets back in bed. Bruce puts done the Annie letters and does get back in bed. Martha hides when Michael exits the room.

BEACH HOUSE : Jazz arrives at the back door. She’s all very emotional when she talks to drew – but he doesn’t want anymore of her lies.

When drew makes a comment about how jazz sleeps around, jazz backhands him across the face!!!

Jazz is shocked that she did that – and she quickly bails.

HOSPITAL : Bruce approaches a nurse, insisting that he will discharge himself if she doesn’t get a doctor to go it. Bruce then sees THAT newspaper avert – as the paper is open to the page at the nurses station. Brice is NOT pleased

SURF CLUB : As Martha & Irene set up for the meeting, Annie enters, and Irene “suggest” that she should stay away form Michael – Annie says that she was just get him to pass on a letter to Bruce & to ask him for money to pay for school stuff.

Bruce arrives – and wonders whose been printing these [newspaper advert[] lies about Michael. Irene says that she did that – and Bruce makes it clear that he will haul Annie back to the farm if this meeting takes place.

Alf and co then wonder where Martha has got to.

BEACH HOUSE : Morag tells Drew that she has got a letter form jazz’s solicitor – jazz is no longer contest the will. All drew has to do now is to provide Morag with his back acct details, so the inheritance can be released to him.

Drew ^ belle give Morag a heartfelt thanks for all she’s done.

CAMPBELL FARM : Michael sees math – which has just finished spray painting the word “EVIL” in BIG letters down the side of his van.

Martha runs way – but Michael goes after her. He crotch tackles her, but Martha is avble to escape.

BUSH : Martha continues to run away from Michael – who insists that he is not going to hurt her.

SURF CLUB : Irene can’t believe that Bruce won’t even LOOK at the forlorn Annie, and then Irene &* the others wonder where Martha has got to.

BUSH : The chase [Martha & Michael] continues.

CURF CLUB : Maddie arrives, and wonders why the meeting hasn’t started. Irene then makes an announcement to the ppl who have gathered – that the meeting is off, due to unforseen circumstances. We see another shot of the head bowed, forlorn Annie.

BUSH : Martha ignores/doesn’t see the “no entry” sign to what look like a cave – Michael follows her in, but moments after he enters, it looks like there’s been a bit of a cave in.



Martha & Michael are trapped in the mineshaft – the search for them, is on it earnest

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie – blue [brown rabbit? Motif] singlet top/dark long pants

SILVER : Maddie – dark [with white ocean like motifs near the waist] spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE : Sally - royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top/dark suit


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf – white [red & blue check] shirt

Annie - SBH uniform

Annie – tan jacket/faded blue jeans

Belle – black [white rockband? logo] singlet top

Belle – black top/white [dark swirls?] skirt

Belle - SBH uniform

Bruce – akubra hat/dark jacket/white [check] shirt

Dane – white button up shirt/silver tie/dark suit

Drew - grey [black tall ship? motif] t

Drew - light brown [black tiger motif] t

Irene - green (leafy) long sleeve blouse

Irene – orange blouse/black top

Jazz - violet [white leafy pattern] blouse/bone skirt

Michael/Michael – light mustard button up shirt/white singlet

Maddie - SBH uniform

Martha – red t/white jacket/bluecap

Martha – white jacket/blue top

Morag – black v neck top & matching skirt

It's A Designer Label (IADL) for Episode # 4507

GOLD : Sam – tan [with black straps leading to a bow beneath the bust] low cut dress

SILVER : Tam – black [red “Led Zepplin” logo] singlet top/sunglasses/silver belt/grey long pants

BRONZE : Annie – apple green v neck top


Alf – white check shirt

Annie – SBH uniform

Colleen – multicolour floral dress

Geoff – blue shirt/bone long pants

Geoff – SBH uniform

Irene – cream [black floral] top

Jack – green polo shirt/black [white horiz stripes] jacket

Jonah/Michael – tan singlet

Lara – red blouse

Leah – brown low cut halter top/dark shorts

Luc – light blue [diag black stripes] vest – with plum t ‘neath

Rory – blue [something Racer motif] t

Rory – orange [ride it like you mean it] t

Sam – grey & black horiz stripe v neck long sleeve top

Tony – white button up shirt

It's A Designer Label (IADL) for Episode # 4508

GOLD : Leah – aqua low cut crossover top [with black top neath]

SILVER : Rachel – rev v neck kinda low cut t

BRONZE : Sally – white low cut top/brown suit


Alf – blue & yellow check shirt

Brad – plum button up shirt

Colleen – cream [gold floral] blouse

Heather – denim jacket/dark top

Jack –green polo shirt/black [white horiz stripes] jacket

Rory – SBH uniform

Tam – black [red “Led Zepplin” logo] singlet top

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