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Wed, 19 Sep 07 - Episode # 4508

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Tam Bam, Thank You Ma’am “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 19 Sep 07 - Episode # 4508)

Note : due to various issues, IADL results for this ep will be posted most likely with this Friday’s [#4510] ep, ie as weel as the IADL results for that ep

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : A woman approach the car that jack found the Rachel photo etc in. she says that her name is Heather and she accuse jack of stealing, but he tells her about how the things were stolen form his oalce.

Jack “suggests” that Heather & Tam just can’t sleep in their car like tis, and must move on.

DINER : Next day, Rachel & Leah [kitchen] are talking about Brad. Rachel & Leah stop their chat when Sally arrives.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rory suggest to jack that he’d like to not go to school today, but jack insist that it’s not happening.

Jack gives Rory his watch – that tony gave to him when younger.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally approach Brad, who isn’t keen on helping her with the make up of the debating team that he started to organise before he resigned. Brad does agree to help though.

DINER : Heather has a go at Tam for causing then so much trouble already. Rory approach and wonders why tam stole form them, but she insists that it’s complicated.

After Rory walks away, Heather asks the on duty colleen if she knows eher she can find Brad, and colleen points her in direction of the school.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally, brad & two other teachers are in a classroom sorting out the debate team line up, but it’s virtually just a battle tween Sally & brad.

Tam & Heather arrive – and wonder if they can peak to brad.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Brad tells Rachel to prepare for a shock – they have a half sister [as their dad cheated on their mum]. Brad asks Tam & heather to come inside.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Heather explains that she “feel hard” form their father when she was his assistant, but he didn’t want anything rally to do with her after hearing of the pregnancy. Heather insists that tam’s dad did pay child support for a while there. Btw, Tam adding her own sarcastic commentary to all of this, and I’m quite liking her so far.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Several bullies are throwing one of rory;s schoolbooks to each other, but when a teacher approach; Rory says that nothing is wrong.

Jack approach –and he talks to Rory about that watch & going scuba diving in near future.

As jack walks away, he encounters Sally, who wonderers about Tam & Heather.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Heather continues her tale about how she got to where she & tam are now, especially the info that the money from tam’s father stopped doing for whatever reason.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Its the end of class and after the other syrtudents file out, the same teacher as before asks ropy once more of the whole corridor incident earlier, but Rory insist that nothing is going on.

When teacher bails, the bullies [3 or them] enter the room, and they take THAT watch of the starting to cry Rory.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Heather tells Rachel & brads that now she’s rally in trouble, as she has developed a massive gambling addiction. She’s booked herself into a retreat to fight this but she needs someone to look after tam whilst there.

Heather & Tam are NOT impressed when Rachel & brad say that they aren’t ready for this etc and that they will contact social worker etc.

Heather & tam storm out – but not before “suggesting” that Rachel & brad had all the privileges in the world from their dad, whilst Tam got NOTHING.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel &^ brad debate the Tam issue, but agree that they just can’t do this [look after Tam].

BEACH : Rory approach Tam, who tells him why she is angry. Rory can’t believe that the mean ppl that tam is referring to are Rachel & Brad.

Talk then turns to the watch – and those bullies.

SURF CLUB : Tam & Rory enters – and Tam challenges the bullies to a video game – if she beats their high score, Rory gets the watch back. She pus some money on pool table, and grabs that watch as soon after the lead bully puts watch on table.

The bullies grab Rory & tam as they try to escape. Alf hears the commotion and enters the room. He wonders what happen – tam says that Rory drop his watch, and the others concur. Tam & Rory bail – bullies are not happy.

DINER : Rory tries to convince Rachel & brad to look after Tam, but they are still with the ‘we’re not prepared for this’ argument.

Heather is not pleased, and when brad approaches the counter, sally asks him if she can help. Bared bluntly ‘suggest” that it’s none of sally’s business.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel & Brad arrive, and find Tam on the front porch. She tells them that Heather asked them nicely to take care of Tam, but now she has just gone to the retreat – and tam has been dumped here!!!



Is there any chance that Sally & Brad will get back togther???

Coming soon

Martha is trapped underground it looks – and someone else [scary – jonah????] is with her

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