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Mon, 17 Sep 07 - Episode # 4506

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Reversing The Trend “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 17 Sep 07 - Episode # 4506)

Note – after frequent games of “spot of the ex H&Aer’ in All Saints [Aussie medical drama], Paul Tassone [ex-Nelson Curtis in AS] guested on Reverend Hall in this ep.

ROAD : Martha was a flashback of her previous encounters with Johan, and shouts at him to go away – which he does [gets in his van & drives off].

HUNTER HOUSE : Jack & tiny are talking about what’s happened tween jack & Martha – the whole reached a point of understanding thing form the last ep. Tony is however sceptical when jack doesn’t answer a phone call forms Martha.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie & Geoff talking about how they are going to have a lamb roast tonight. This rally makes Annie want to see what’s going on at the farm [with bruce etc] but Geoff “suggest” that she doesn’t do that.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & jack are about to bail when jack gets a call form Irene [we only hear conversation form jack’s side]. When off phone, jack tells Tony that Martha has encountered Jonah. Tony suggests that jack should go to Martha’s aid, but jack thinks that others can handle it.

DINER : Alf’s in the kitchen & on tie phone – with Martha on they other end, When off phone, Alf tells Colleen about how Martha & Jonah. Colleen rants about the Believers, which Annie & Geoff hear as they enter. They tell Alf etc that Reverend hall spoke of the Believers in study group etc.

ROAD : Martha is totally freaking out when Jonah drives back to her location. He drops off a can of fuel, and drives off, but he only drives to the top of the small rise in the road, so he can keep watch for whatever reason.

RAOD : Irene arrives to where Martha is, and moments later they hear a screech of tyres, as jack blocks off the road so Jonah can’t get by him. Jack authoritatively [but not in uniform] “suggest” that Jonah should exit the van.

DINER : Martha talks to Irene Alf \& colleen about Jonah’s reappearance. They all wonder what’s going on. Jack enters – with Jonah, who has been released from prion and is on parole.

Jonah tells them that he is just here in bay to seel the old believer’s farm, and jack confirms this story. Jonah then tells Martha that he waited around form the petrol can as it bellows to his employer – and he didn’t want that person to think he stole it etc.

SURF CLUB : Alf is rather surprised that Martha is still going on her little getaway, She inists that she made plans with old frinds and is not going to break them.

BEACH HOUSE : Irene is most impressed when Annie serves up a great lamb roast. Geoff starts talking about how Annie & Bruce cooked the roast always together. This way affects Annie who starts to cry before she bails to her room. Geoff goes after her.

DINER : Next day, Martha tells Alf, as she is about to bail, that she just can’t keep running to jack at the 1st sign of a problem – i.e. those days are gone.

SURF CLUB : Annie approaches the public phone – and rings Reverend Hall. She wants to talk about her grandfather.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Martha is walking to her car when Jonah grabs her!!!

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Jonah has his hand over Martha’s mouth, and they are obscured form other ppl’s views by the small boats that are near. Jonah says that he will explain everything if Martha not scream if he takes hand away form her mouth. She agrees, he takes hand away, Martha screams [of course][ and Jonah runs quickly way.

BEACH HOUSE : Geoff can’t believe it when Reverend Hall enters. Annie is keen to know how Bruce is, and Rev Hall insists that he will find out.

Geoff & the Reverend launch into it bit of religious debate over Bruce’s actions – and Geoff’s.

DINER : Irene & Alf can’t believe that Jonah would have the nerve to do something like this to Martha, but Martha suggetsthat Jonah appeared to be more afraid of her that she was of him.

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc & Geoff launch into their latest bout of bickering – tis time over the fact that Geoff used the last of the mill. Annie insists that she stop fighting - as it is REALLY annoying.

Reverend Hall enters, and he tells them that he had to take Bruce to the hospital. Annie insists that she IS going to see him, despite Geoff’s protests to her not to do so

HOSPITAL : Dr Young tells Annie & Geoff that Bruce is NOT in a good way, and that he needs looking after on a daily basis.

Annie & Geoff enter a hospital room, where Brice looks rather ill lying on the bed. Whilst Annie is keen to reach some kind of peace with his granfather, Geoff is more hardline, i.e. we’ll come back & live & work at the farm, but we’ve got to be allowed to go to school etc.

Annie is kind of shattered when Bruce says that he doesn’t need them – as he’s hired someone to help him. The person in question, who Brice calls Michael, enters to room, but it’s the guy that we know as JONAH!!!!



There’s a new teen girl in the bay – Tam [short for Tamsin]. Form the sounds of things she’s a shock relative of someone in the bay

Martha is trapped underground it looks – and someone else [scary – jonah????] is with her

There’s goss about the new girl [Tam] on the official site

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Irene – pink floral v neck [with black lining] top [with black top beneath]

SILVER : Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t/shiny dark shorts

BRONZE : Annie - dark green [white typewriter style letters] top/light brown long pants


Alf – white [dark check] button up shirt

Alf - white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt

Annie - SBH uniform

Colleen – blue tropical blouse/blue (white floral arc near the collar) top

Dr Young - plum button up shirt

Geoff – dark long pants/grey singlet

Geoff - SBH uniform

Irene – off white [black floral] top

Jack - maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt

Jonah [aka Michael] – blue singlet

Luc - SBH uniform

Martha - aqua [double ended triangles all over] scoop neck t

Tony - brown (orange horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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