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Fri, 14 Sep 07 - Episode # 4505

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Save The Diner, Save The World “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 14 Sep 07 - Episode # 4505)

RACHEL’S : As jack & Sam enter, she can’t believe that he & Martha need more counselling etc. whilst jack insist that its just a formality, their arguing causes Rory to enter the room and wonder what’s hoing on. Jack & Sam insist that they were just talking loudly/. Sam then takes Rory back to bed.

NOAH’S : Dan tells Martha that he believes that there are issues still to be resolved for jack/Martha, so that’s why he won’t sigh off on this.

Talk turns to Dan’s upcoming trip [with the year 9s] up north – Dan insist that he’s not even really start pack yet,

MANSION : Drew packs that last of his things, and jazz makes an impassioned plea for him to stay, she even suggest also that Irene won’t take too kindly to drew moving in to beach house with Belle’s exams so close.

Drew tells jazz that she taught him to go with his gut feeling, and that it says that all of this [tears etc[ is just a big act. He bails.

DINER : Next day, Rory & Sam are talking, and Sam wonders where jack is – as he is supposed to be picking up Rory. Sam even phones Lara as the station to wonder where he is.

In the kitchen, Annie wishes Irene a happy birthday, and belle is annoyed that she forgot. Irene says that birthdays are for the young etc – but you get the felling that talk like that isn’t going to deter Annie.

Irene goes out to the counter, where she hears Sam talk about jack – Irene says that she saw jack talk to Martha at surf club

NOAH’S : Jack tells Martha that there is another way to get their divorce. If one of them signs an affidavit saying that they are unwilling to go to the counselling. Martha isn’t keen on this idea – and urges jack to tell her how he REALLY feels about her – like what if Sam never came back to the bay, would jack/Martha be back toget5her now etc.

Martha presses on – suggesting that jack didn’t tell Sam that full story about what happen at counselling./ jack insists that Sam doesnm;t need to know – and Sam picks that moment to enter [great timing she has once more].

DINER : Annie talk to Rory about how she thinks it’s silly that irene not want a birttthday celebration – Rory thinks that Annie is a bit loopy when she says that she even gave the sheep on the farm bday pressies.

As belle walks passed, she drops something – it’s a flyer form ppl to turn off the lights tonight [global warning and all]. Annie thinks that they should do it here - at diner, but Irene thinks that it6s not romantic and that they could get sued if someone trips etc over.

Jack & Sam enter – and Rory agrees to hang out with Annie for a while whilst Sam & jack resolve some issues.

HOSPITAL : Sam tells jack that he REALLY needs to be honest with her or they are not going to work. Jack admits that Martha does have feelings for him, but he insists that it’s a one way street – he not have felling for Martha.

BEACH : Jack approach Alf [who is fishing]. jack wonders if Alf is a JP [justice of the peace]. Alf say that he is – but he isn’t that keen on just having to sign this affidavit that jack wants him to.

Alf insists that jack can’t keep running - he must tell the truth – and maybe that they, everyone will get want they want.

NOAH’S : Belle thanks Martha for assisting her – I get the feeling it to do with the whole lights off nights, given that belle wants Martha to deny everything to Irene.

As belle bails form the room, she encounters jazz, who reminds bell that she & Amanda worked through a LOT of issues to get to where they are now.

After belle hust keeps on walking, jazz makes a phone call. She insists that she’ll have to go to plan b.

DINER : Drew talk to Dan about how this money isn’t exactly making him happy. Dan suggest that maybe drew can ease his conscious by giving some of the money to jazz after all.

DINER FLAT : Jack enters, and he lays everything about to Martha. He says that he DOES still love her, but that they are in his past. He wants to move on – and be with Sam.

Martha is clearly affected – she kisses jack, and when he wonders what that [kiss] was for, Martha says that that was “goodbye” [to the past].

DINER : In kitchen, belle is a tad surprised when drew say that he is thinking very seriously about give some of the money top jazz.

DINER : Its’ night time now, and the eater is all lit with candles!!! Irene enters, and she isn't exactly impressed.

She goes into the kitchen, where belle, Annie, drew & Rory are awaiting with a [candles on it[ cake. They wish her a happy birthday, and Irene insists that she is NOT mad. Irene begins to tear up – and insist that she not know what she did to deserve ppl like belle & Annie in her life.

When drew etc go back into main part of the eatery, jazz serves drew with a summons – she is challenging the will and will see will in court

NOAH’S : Martha talks to Alf about what occurred tween her and jack. She also say that she is keen to get way for a bit morrow morning – and wants to borrow his Ute, Alf tells her that the delivery dude hasn’t exactly been treating the vehicle with the greatest of care.

RACHEL’S : Sam enters, and jack has the place all candlelit. He tells her about the “turns off the lights night” thing. He also says that Martha has agreed to sign the court order thg – for the divorce.

Sam comments that jack seems muchly different to the way he was before – he says that he & Martha REALLY sorted things out. Sam & jack hug – and the love is the room is heightened by the candlelit atmosphere etc

ROAD : Next day, Martha is driving along when the Ute grinds to a halt. She thinks that its beaus of the treatment by the delivery dude, but sees that the fuel gauge show that the tank is empty.

Martha gets out – and she sees a van approaching, when it stops, she tells the driver about her fuel issue – but she is shocked when she actually looks at the driver, as it is [cult dude] JONAH !!!!



Why is Jonah back in town??

There’s a new teen girl in the bay – Tam [short for Tamsin]. Form the sounds of things she’s a shock relative of some of the townsfolk.

Martha is trapped underground it looks – and someone else [scary – jonah????] is with her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Irene - white (red floral) blouse

SILVER : Belle – white [red diagonal floral motifs across the front] singlet top

BRONZE : Annie – blue singlet top


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf – brown “drizabone” type coat

Dan – off white [unknown red & blue – looks like an old school advert for something] t

Dan - brown [velvety] jacket/white [wide brown horizontal strip across check] button up shirt

Drew – faded jeans/grey t

Jack - black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light blue police shirt

Jack – black v neck [light grey unknown motif] t

Jack – blue & grey horizontal wide striped polo shirt/faded jeans

Jazz - royal blue [v neck, mid thigh length] dress

Martha - aqua [double ended triangles all over] scoop neck t

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Martha – red t/denim knee length skirt

Rory – black [with some green & some blue monkey motifs] PJs

Rory – red [gold eagle crest] t

Sam – green [with small yellow circle motif near left shoulder] polo shirt

Sam – light green [yellow floral] cross back spaghetti strap top

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