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Wed, 12 Sep 07 - Episode # 4503

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Brad Tears Annie To Shreds “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 12 Sep 07 - Episode # 4503)

VAN PARK HOUSE : It’s the morning after the events of the previous ep, and Sally is on phone to Cass – and insists on send Cassie’s school books to her.

When off phone Alf tells her that Ric has gone away camping for a few days. Alf also comments that he will be back to deal with the plumber [re septic] after getting a delivery at surf club.

DINER : Annie shows Irene her assignment – Irene agrees that it’s great. Luc & Geoff enter – and the 3 teens bail.

In kitchen, Leah & Dan talk about the whole Sally/Brad situation, and how Dan will be heading off in a few weeks for a school excursion in the northern territory.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally is rather surprised to see brad in a classroom. She approaches him and “suggests” that that need to talk. He suggests that they both have classes toy get to.

Annie approach Brad – and gives him her assignment. She is keen to know how she went – but a surly brad insist that she will have to wait.

Sally then gets a phone call.

VAN PARK : Sally & colleen are talk to the plumber. He wonders which option that she is going with – Sally says that the plumber should do what he thinks is best, and she tells colleen that Alf will be back soon.

Plumber tells colleen & Sally to tell the park residents that the water is about

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Luc sees Brad – and wants to tell his all about the publishing deal, but brad suggest that luc should be more interested on his studies.

Sally approach brad – she insist they need to talk, but brad insist that Sally forfeit any rights she had when she left him at the altar.

SURF CLUB : Geoff is stoked when Alf tells him that talent scout form the city will be at the team’s rugby game morrow.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Annie Approach brad – wondering about her assignment. He gives it to her – and Annie is dismayed that she fails. Brad insists that she didn’t answer the question. Brad is rather blunt when he says that he’s already given Annie a lot of help etc and maybe she’s not cut out for this.

Dan overhears some of this.

DINER : Annie is in tears when Geoff approaches. He is keen to tell her about the scout thing, but when she really sees Annie, he wonders what’s happened.

Annie suggests that school isn’t what she thought it would be and Leah & Irene are a tad dismayed that Annie is thinking of giving up. They are not impressed with bard either.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf enters – and tells that annoyed colleen that that delivery was late. Colleen tries to get some water for the kettle ]form kitchen tap] but remembers the water off thing. She comments about also needing that water as she has to go to the bathroom. Alf suggest that she goes to diner.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Brad is teaching a class and when he goes to sit down, he finds confetti on his chair.

He then wonders where Luc is – when none of the suytudenats answer he goes into another classroom, where he finds luc working on his novel [on a laptop]. Brad suggest that luc shouldn’t be doing this in school time – and he say it when the same bluntness that he used with Annie earlier/

DINER : Irene & Leah are talking about Annie’s assignment when Dan & sally approach. Irene wonders if sally can perhaps remark it.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : It’s the ends of class, and after the students file out, Geoff approaches brad – and wonders if he can have Annie’s assignment. Brad insists that she can wait to later like everyone else.

Brad notice that luc is sill in class – working in his novel. Brad has a go at luc for doing so in class tome. He orders luc toy give him the disk it’s saved onto. Luc isn’t keen – but brad insists that luc will get it back after school today. As he says this, he puts the disk inside Annie’s assignment folder.

When they bails form the room, Geoff enters, and “borrows” Annie’s assignment.

BEACH : Dan approaches brad. He wonders if brad wants to talk. Brad isn't keen – but he wants that rings back. Dan has them on him – so he gives that to brad and walks away. Brad removes them form the pouch that they are in – and ponders the future.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Annie & Geoff hand her assignment to sally – wondering if she can look it over, and Sally agrees.

Luc approach brad about his disk – and is dismayed that it [along with Annie’s assignment] is gone.

GYM : Geoff puts his bag down, and we hear a crunch when he steps on something [you can guess what].

Alf introduces Geoff to that talent scout – rugby league legend Paul Sironen. Geoff comets on how he & his grandad always watch the fierce QLD Vs NSW State Of Origin clashes on TV.

Afar he meeting is over, Geoff goes back to his bag, and finds THAT disk.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf enters, as sally is mopping the kitchen floor – as eh tap was running when sally came home [thick of colleen at sink earlier.

Sally teras up when she says that nothing is going right – but Alf insists that he will do he floor ting, whilst sally goes and talk to brad.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sally arrives – and she tells bead that she does think that he was more than a tad harsh on Annie’s assignment. Brad ells sally that she is using the assignment as a way of talk to brad, which sally not deny.

Sally insists that they need to talk – but brad tells sally hat she is NOT part of his life any more!!!!

NEAR SURF CLUB : Geoff approaches luc – and hand him the disk. Luc can see that it is damaged, and every on there [over a chapter of eh novel] is now totally lost.

Luc is muchly annoyed – so he picks up the football of geoff’s and he throws it towards the road. Geoff goes after it, even when it’s on the road itself. Geoff doesn’t stop to look for cars – and he is “cleaned up” by brad!!!!!! Brad & luc are in shock!!! [END OF EP]


Martha & jack start their marriage counselling!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Dan - brown [velvety] jacket/white [wide brown horizontal strip across check] button up shirt

SILVER : Irene – red [unknown white motifs] top

BRONZE : Annie - SBH uniform


Alf – bone long pants/light blue [red check] button up shirt

Brad – light blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Colleen – apricot top/ dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse/multi colour bright floral skirt

Geoff - SBH uniform

Leah - yellow (with black palm tree motif) singlet top

Luc - SBH uniform

Paul Sironen – black [with red lining and “Lonsdale” logo] zip up jacket/denim jeans

Ric - white [with grey & light pink horizontal stripes] t

Sally – black suit/black low cut top

Sally - light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

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