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Tues, 11 Sep 07 - Episode # 4502

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ! I BEG You Cass, STAY Gone This Time!!!!! “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 11 Sep 07 - Episode # 4502)

MANSION : Drew almost can’t believe what happened – that jazz have done all this [wormed her way back into his life], all for the money. He bails in disgust.

VAN PARK : Fisher is walk with colleen, sally & little Pippa. Colleen says that she will way miss fisher when he goes [very soon]. Colleen then wonders about her septic tack – sally says that brad was handling on that. Alf approaches – and says that he’ll take care of arranging this things for colleen.

BEACH : Drew tells Belle all about what happened. He also tells/shows her THAT necklace that Jazz gave him.

DINER : Leah & Morag are talking about how amazingly awful “that woman” [jazz] has been. Tony enters – and wonders who they are talk about.

MANSION : As jazz plans to do something legal about what’s happened, Dane insists that he mightn’t have a career if Morag spill the beans on his involvement in all of this.

Dane bails – and seconds after, Tony arrive. He insists that he & jazz NEED to talk.

BEACH : Tony wonders if their brief relationship was just all part of her plan to bet drew on side. Jazz says that had/have genuine feelings for Tony, but he still insist that she is morally bankrupt for what she did.

VPH : Alf is sit at the dining table when he tells sally that brad certainly had everything under control with the septic tank of colleen’s. Alf will contact some tradesman [that provided brad with best quote] tomorrow.

Maddie enters and sally wonders if she has seen Cass. Maddie says that she was last saw Cass on the beach, and when sally wonders if Cass was been speak to Henk toady, the look on Maddie;s face is a dead give away that Cass has.

BUS STOP : Cass is waiting for bus when sally pulls up in her car. Sally kinda blames herself for all of this – for neglecting Cass because of the wedding, but Cass says that is not the case.

Sally orders cass to get in the car and come home – but Cass insists that she is not coming home til she speaks to Henk.

BLOCK OF FALTE IN CITY : Cass knocks on a door – and Henk is surprised to see both Cass & sally. Cass insists that they need to finish the chat they started before the police interrupted earlier.

DINER : Morag tell Leah, drew &* belle that she will be all too happy to follow that will’s wished to the latter of the law – ensuring the jazz doesn’t get a cent.

Jazz enters – and Drew & co all tell her to get lost.

CITY : Henk approaches sally – wandering why she bought Cass here. Sally insists that Cass would have come anyway, and that it’s up to Henk, AS THE ADULT, to end this.

VPH : Fisher, Colleen, Alf & marg have just finmsighes having dinner. Fisher hopes that sally is back in time for him to9 say goodbye to her.

Alf & Morag then give fisher an envelope with some funds in it. Fisher says that she can’t accept this, but Morag & Alf insist that fisher would help them just the same if they were down. Morag even suggest looking at this as a loan if fisher have to. Fisher is holding back tears and he thank his great friends for this.

CITY : Sally insists to Cass that they need to go – as she wants to be there for when fisher bails. Sally exits. Henk insists that he is not retuning to the bay – so the ever annoying Cass insists that she is staying HERE.

VAN PARK : Belle & Drew are walk & talk about recent events. Belle suggest for hust a quiet night for the two of them, but drew insists that he wants to be alone.

Belle walks away – and she gets a text message form Jazz, who insists that they NEED to talk.

CITY – OUTSIDE BLOCK OF FLATS : Sally is sitting in her car when Cass approaches. Cass says that she is NOT coming him. Sally “suggest” that Cass should have learnt something for the Macca debacle [note – sally, you REALLY are asking too much of the TOTALLY thick headed Cass], but Cass won’t budge. Sally relents – and drives off.

VAN PARK : Fisher, Morag, Ric, Alf, colleen & Maddie all walk towards morags’ car. Fisher wishes that he could wait longer for sally, but he can’t. Fisher says goodbye to Alf & co, before & Morag gets into her car and they drive off.

MANSION : Belle enters to kitchen, and she is annoyed that jazz used the fact that she was on jazz’s side form the word go. Jazz insists that that is why she called belle – so to convince drew to return home. Belle say that that statement is ironic – as belle has contacted Amanda and inform her of what’s occurred, and since jazz’s lease is up, she have just 2 weeks to bail form the mansion!!!!

Before Belle bails, she hands Jazz THAT necklace – ands says that it’s that only part of the inheritance that jazz is EVER going to see!!!!

VAN PARK : Sally tops her car and gets out. She sees Ric – who tells her that fisher is already gone.

Ric wonders about Cass – and sally tells him that she has decided to stay with Henk in the city. Ric then verbally attacks Sally – he knows that she’s been under all kinds of stress, but that her decisions lately are MUCHLY affecting others [to ppl’s determent].

As Ric walks away, sally starts to cry. [END OF EP]


Brad returns to town but in his despair, will he take an innocent life? – when he accidentally “hit & runs” Geoff

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Little Pippa – pink jacket/sky blue [pink animal? motif] top/denim skirt

SILVER : Leah - spangly leopard print spaghetti strap top/bone knee length pants

BRONZE : Drew – black [with silver rockband? logo] t /black jacket


Alf - blue & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle - hot pink (with black horizontal stripes) singlet/olive green jacket

Cassie - white [red lining & dots of many colours] tube top/ white (hot pink BONT logo) long sleeve jacket

Colleen – red top/bed [white swirls] blouse/blue [mosaics like pattern] long pants

Dane – white button up shirt/dark suit/silver & sky blue diag striped tie

Fisher - blue button up shirt/blue jeans

Henk – off white v neck button up shirt

Jazz – royal blue long sleeve jacket/black long pants

Jazz - royal blue thin strap top/black long pants

Maddie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/red jacket/light grey pants

Morag – black jacket/white [way stylish] blouse

Morag – brown v neck top/cream asymmetric coat

Ric - white [with grey & light pink horizontal stripes] t

Sally – dark brown long sleeve v neck top/dark jeans

Tony – white [sB gym] t/dark long pants

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