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Mon, 10 Sep 07 - Episode # 4501

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Morag Strikes Again “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 10 Sep 07 - Episode # 4501)

MANSION : Drew is quite amazed that his gran has left all her worth [$750,000] to him. Dan says that he will be back morrow for the finalisation of things. Drew makes it clear that he’s not really hap0py with this, i.e. why jazz hadn’t scored any of the cash.

OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL : Next day, Rachel shows Lara where nurse Gloria was attacked. When lira asks, Rachel gives her a psych profile on the sort of perron who would do these kinds of attacks.

DINER : Rachel talks to Leah about the attacks, whilst Belle & Drew talk about the inheritance. Drew wonders why his gran didn;t want Jazz to have all of the money etc.

VAN PARK : Fisher on the phone to the bank – sounds like he’s having issues with them. Indeed, he tells Alf this when he is off the phone.

Nearby, Maddie, Cass & Ric are talking about the whole Sally – Brad mess, and Cass insists that [although he’s copping the blame] that this wasn't hank’s fault.

Ric bails – to give Alf a lift, whilst Cass insists to Maddie that she NEEDS closure with Henk [which she’s not had].

DINER : Belle is talking to Leah about the whole inheritance things, when Morag wonders if Jazz is contesting the will. Belle insists that jazz wouldn’t do that to Drew.

MANSION : Drew tells Jazz & Dane that this just isn’t right. He wants Jazz to have some of the money. After he initially suggest that jazz should have a greater share that he, drew agrees on a 50/50 split. Jazz tells drew that she doesn’t deserve this, and that it’s a grateful gesture etc. Dane insists that he will draw up some peepers for Drew to sign.

OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL : Rachel approach her car, when she sees someone most unexpected entering their car – Henk. Rachel drops her coffee, and when Nurse Julie arrives behind Rachel, she says that Rachel is a klutz.

DINER : Alf tells morag that fisher is definitely having money issues, whilst drew tells Belle what he’s decided about the inheritance.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Maddie & Cass are talking when Cass can’t belief it when she sees Henk driving slowly nearby. When Henk stops at a pedestrian crossing, Cass approach, and insist that they’ve got to sort tings out, Cass even gets inside hank’s car – much toy Maddie’s chagrin. As Cass & Henk talk, the ppl in cars behind beep their horns – and Henks drives off [Cass still in his car].

HOSPITAL : Rachel tells Lara that she may heave a suspect for the attacks – Henk, as his history suggest that he IS capable of this.

NEAR SURF CLUB : After Henk pulls his car to side of road, Cass insist that she will get out of the car and leave him alone IF Henk can look her is the eye and say that he doesn’t have feeling for her. Cass insists that she have proven her point when he can’t do so.

NOAH’S : Alf approach Fisher and bluntly asks if he’d like some financial help, and whilst fisher seems to decline the offer, Morag have a go at Alf FOR being so blunt abou8t it.

Morag then approach Dane – and he says that all went according to his clients’ plans, re the will.

Maddie enters and wonders if Alf has seen Ric. He hasn’t – so Maddie rings Ric on mobile, wonder where he is.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Cass & Henk are about to kiss when Ric arrives, open the car door, and grabs Henk out of the cart. Ric then pushes his against the side of the vehicle.

Cass is furthered dismayed when the police [incl Lara] arrive – she thinks that Maddie & Ric has contacted them.

HOSPITAL : Henk tells Lara that he was simply in town to get get his belongings that were left at the hospital in his bid to flee the place quickly recently. Rachel thinks that story is rubbi9sh, but Nurse Julie confirms that he did indeed pick up his belongings earlier today.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Ric & Maddie bothy have a go at Cass for this latest in a LONG line of bad boys that she is interested in. Cass says that Henk couldn’t deny that he had felling for her, and Cass also says that Henk isn’t the same person that he was when he sexually assaulted Rachel.

NOAH’S : Drew & Belle are talking about what’s happened, when Morag approaches. She wonders if she could takes a look at the documents that Dane has given him to sign etc.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Henk drives out of town – well, past the “you are leaving Summer Bay” sign anyway.

MANSION : Drew & Jazz are alone when jazz tell drew that they’ve last dew weeks they’ve had together [where they’ve rebounded] have just been amazing. Jazz gives drew that jewel encrusted necklace that belle almost lost recently [at that rock concert].

Dane enters and he & jazz are rather surprised when drew says that he has lent them to Morag.

The latter enters seconds later, and insists that there are questions that NEED answering about all of this inheritance business. [note – Jazz looks as though she has no idea what Morag could be talking about]

MANSION : Morag wonders why, if jazz claims to have just been informed of her mum’s death, then why did she sign off on papers about the movement of the dead body MONTHS ago. Jazz is speechless [END OF EP]


Drew can’t believe what’s happened - what 3 little words form Belle will convince him to get revenge

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Cassie - white [red lining & dots of many colours] tube top/ white (hot pink BONT logo) long sleeve jacket

SILVER : Maddie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/red jacket/light grey pants

BRONZE : Dane – silver & sky blue diag striped tie/white button up shirt/dark suit


Alf - blue & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle - hot pink (with black horizontal stripes) singlet/olive green jacket

Dane – light blue button up shirt/bronze tie/dark suit

Drew – black jacket/black [with silver rockband? logo] t

Drew - brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Fisher - blue button up shirt/blue jeans

Henk – off white v neck t

Jazz - black blouse/white [with a single black vertical stripe each side] jacket & matching skirt

Jazz - royal blue thin strap top/black long pants

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah - spangly leopard print spaghetti strap top/bone knee length pants

Morag – brown v neck top/cream asymmetric coat

Nurse Julie - white (with small purple circles pattern) blouse

Rachel – black low cut dress/dark blue necklace/greeny-grey long sleeve crop jacket

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