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Fri, 007 Sep 07 - Episode # 4500

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Emotional Blackmail To The Extreme “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 007 Sep 07 - Episode # 4500)

HOSPITAL : Rachel & Nurse Gloria are walking towards the hospital entrance at night. The attacker is watching them. Rachel & the nurse talk about how brad is , and about the recent attack on Julie.

NOAH’S : Drew & Jazz talks about the loss of her mother. Jazz says that it’s probably taken this long ton get in contact with her [about the death] as jazz &* drews gran have been a “tad” estranged for a while now.

HOSPITAL/RACHEL’S : Rachel & Nurse Gloria talk further about the recent incident in the car park when jack approaches, with flowers in hand. He was hoping to surprise Sam, but Rachel say that she has gone home already.

Jack’s mobile rings – it’s Rory, who tells jack that Sam is waaaaaaaaaay stressed at the monet.

DINER : Whilst Morag & Alf talk about how brad & sally are doing at the moment, in the kitchen, Drew talks to Belle and the nearby Annie about his gran’s death. Annie seems to think its partic sad that drew & jazz were so estranged for jazz’s mum.

NOAH’S : Jazz & dane talk about the reading of the will. Jazz “suggest” that dane should take his cues form her.

When they are done talk about the will, Dane is keen to spend some intimate time with jazz, but she insists that she has to bail. It’s like she’s used him, and now is spitting him out so to speak. Jazz bails, and dane orders another drink.

RACHEL’S : Jack arrives and Sam tells him that she felt as though someone was watching when as she walk to her car at the hospital. Jack well and truly puts his foot in it when he suggests that Sam is making all of this up [because of her previous experiences with always feeling like she was in danger because of her husband].

OUTSIDE HOSPITAL : Rachel & nurse Gloria are walking towards the letter’s car when Rachel is paged. Rachel turns back towards the hospital entrance, and when she is out of sight, and Gloria is attacks to unlock her car, she is ATTCKED by a person wearing a balaclava on their head!!!

NOAH’S : Morag enters, and see Dane. He comments that he is in town as someone close to hi9m is trying to rip off their child because of a large inheritance. Morag is off course now most curious.

DINER : Drew, Belle & Jazz talk about his gran. Drew ore Belle suggest a small memorial on the beach perhaps, but jazz isnl;t so keen on the idea.

OUTSIDE HOSPITAL : Rachel is being escorted by a security guard to her car, when they find nurse Gloria. She has facial wounds similar to those that nurse Julie suffered in her attack.

RACHEL’S : Jack is just about dressed for work, but he says that if Sam doesn’t want him to go in tonight then he won’t. She says that it’s ok that he does.

Sam also wants this marriage counselling over with – and jack agrees, as he sees it as just a legal technicality that he is still married etc.

Jack gets a call on his mobile – sound like he’s just got the news about the latest attack.

HOSPITAL : Jack to the in a hospital bed nurse Gloria about the attack. she can’t gave him a description of attacker.

When jack & Rachel exit the room, jack tells Rachel that Sam thought that someone was follow her in car park tonight too – but he insists that Rachel keep that to herself for now.

DINER : Next day, Drew & jazz are talking about jazz’s relationship with her mum. Jazz says that because she wasn’t the “model” daughter that her mum wanted her to be, they became estranged.

Jazz then really goes in for the sympathy vote – by saying the only time that she asked her mum for help [financially] was for something vital for drew when he was very young, buy jazz’s mum refused.

Morag enters, and at the counter, Annie tells her that jazz’s mum died weeks ago, and she only just found out. Morag is of course even more intrigued now.

RACHEL’S : Sam enters and jack tells her that Rachel left a note for her on the table. As she opens the envelope Rory wonders who it’s from. Sam says that its note from Rachel – t give her a call.

Annie, who’s in the kitchen, “suggests” to Rory that they should bail for school.

After they do, Sam tells jack that if they are honest with each other, they can survive anything. Jack hesitate a little – before telling her about the attack on nurse Gloria.

HOSPITAL : Rachel, with more than a few of the hospital staff around her, tells them that female staff MUST be accompanied by security to their cars.

Sam waives and she talks to Rachel a bit, before they both go in one of the room and speak to Gloria about the attack.

VPH : Morag asks Alf his opinion of Jazz – and he makes it quite clear that he thought form the start that jazz cares about herself 1st and foremost.

HOSPITAL : Rachel is grateful when Sam offers to arrange a big meeting of the hospital staff [meet about the attacks].

Jack approaches the two – he makes it quite clear that he thinks it’s that same attacker ho is doing all of this [think broken streetlights etc].

SURF CLUB : Belle & Drew [pool room] are talking when Jazz & Dane arrive. Although belle is kinda keen to be there when the will is read out, drew thinks that it should be just family etc.

After belle bails, Jazz & the other 2 go into Noah’s – and Dane reads out the will. Both Drew & jazz are shocked [well jazz looks shocked anyway] that all the money has been left to drew. Jazz likes it when drew says that that is wrong – and that jazz should have been left some of that money. [END OF EP]


Brad returns to town but in his despair, will he take an innocent life [looks like an accidental hit & run, don’t know who he hits]


Martha is calling out for help – she appears to be locked in a shed of some kind!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Morag – orange & brown [native Oz artwork] long sleeve overly long top

SILVER : Jazz - black blouse/white [with a single black vertical stripe each side] jacket & matching skirt

BRONZE : Sam - bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/black & white check shorts


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf - brown polo shirt

Annie – grey [unknown motif] singlet top

Annie - SBH uniform

Belle - red [black face? motif] singlet top [with black & silver kini top neath]/dark blue shorts

Belle - SBH uniform

Dane – light blue button up shirt/bronze tie/dark suit

Dane – white [check] singlet top/purple tie

Drew – black [grey monkeys??? motifs]/ white & grey “camo” board shorts

Drew - brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Jack – silver [little blue dots pattern] button up shirt

Jazz – black long pants/grey spaghetti strap top

Jazz – off white long sleeve scoop neck top

Morag – brown & yellow kinda tie died long sleeve top/bone long pants

Rachel – red low cut v neck top/dark blue necklace/black long pants

Rachel - white [red & grey swirl pattern] blouse/dark jacket/dark long pants

Rory – red polo shirt

Rory - SBH uniform

Sam – light pink polo shirt

Sam - olive green polo shirt/denim jeans

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