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Thurs, 6 Sep 07 - Episode # 4499

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Perfect Day … For Some “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 6 Sep 07 - Episode # 4499)

OUTSIDE HOSPITAL : Sam is on the phone [with jack it sounds] as she drives into the hospital car park. When she gets off the phone [after she’s already out of her car]. Her walks towards the hospital entrance, but she seem to pay no notice to the broken car park streetlight.

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc is sitting at the dining table, and he suggests that Geoff shouldn't be such a morning person. Luc opens his mail – and tells Tiny & Geoff that, based on the 1st 3 chapters that he submitted, Luc’s novel [think that outpouring of writing after Lisa died] is going to be published.

SURF CLUB : Jazz is on the hone to be lawyer. She insists that it’s got to be the right time when she tells drew about his gran dieing.

When jazz is off the phone, she approach drew, and says that she is keen to spend time sith him today. Drew is keen to look for a new job, but jazz insists that she will help him after they play some game of pool. Drew agrees.

DINER : Tony, Luc & Geoff are talking – Luc, because of the way this came about [Lisa[] wants a low key celebration. After Tony makes a few suggestions, Luc like it when he suggest a day on the water abroad the Blaxland.

HOSPITAL : Sam enters a room and sees Nurse Julie – and welcomes her back to the hospital. Talk teens to Sam/jack, and Sam says that she is going to, at lunch today, pick up some unique wed rings form yabby creek.

DINER FLAT : Jack knocks on the door – this wakes Martha, who was still 9on the couch where jack left here. Jack insists that Martha better get ready quickly, as their appointment is not to far away, and jack just wants that divorce finalised so Sam not need to know. Martha tells jack that he has SOOO made his feelings about this crystal clear.

SURF CLUB : Jazz & drew finish their 2nd game of pool – it’s now 1 all, and both are keen to settle this.

Tony, luc & Geoff netr, and tell drew about the Blaxland thing. Jazz thinks that it wills a great day.

DINER : Jack insists that Martha should hurry up with her coffee – with the whole not want Sam to know thing.

Drew approach Belle and tells her about Jazz. He thinks that she’s being too clingy, but Belle thinks it’s great that mother & son are spending time together.

YABBY CREEK : Sam heads fior the jewellery, but is WAAAY distracted when she sees [up the mall a bit] Jack meets up with Martha.

BLAXLAND : Out on the water, Belle & drew go all “Titanic” at the bow of the boat [arms out stretched etc], whilst luc teaches Geoff how to fish, and Tony & jazz chat.

HOSPITAL : Jack & Sam are talking, and Sam wonders why, on his day off, jack was at yabby creek. Jack says that he had a few loose ends t9o tie up at the police station.

Jack gets a text msg – form Martha, but he tells Sam that its work related.

DINER FLAT : Jack is somewhat surprised when Martha tells him that because they’ve been marteid less than 2 years, they have to go to marriage counselling!!!

BLAXLAND : Whilst Drew, Belle, Tony & Jazz all do a spot of sight seeing – as the boat crises along, Geoff catches a [small] fish.

SURF CLUB : Jack & Mt about talking about the counselling thing. Jack insists that he will have to tell Sam. When jack says that he can’t believe that they are still married, Sam [of course] picks that very moment to ender the room.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Jack rushes after Sam – aft6er says that he didn’t want to worry her etc. Sam sys that she could have accepted this, and that what she need from jack in the truth. Sam isn’t so pleased though when jack tell her sabou8t the counselling.

BLAXLAND WHARF : As Tony, jazz etc disembark form the boat, they all comment about what a great day its been - for many reasons [luc & Geoff seem to really be friends now, jazz & drew are closer, as are Tony & jazz]. They also comment that Geoff was the only one to catch a fish.

DINER : Belle is keen to spend time with drew tonight, but he insist that he’s got that deciding game of pool with jazz. Belle jokes that drew is being the clingy one [to jazz[ now

SURF CLUB : In Noah’s, Martha tells Alf about whit’s happened -0 with the counselling thing and all. He wonders if perhaps dan could be involved in the process.

Martha is also keen to see how Sally & brad are doing – Alf says that brad has gone up the coast for a while.

Drew enters the pool room. He notices that jazz doesn’t exactly look the best – for says that she’s received news that her mum has died. When drew wonders if he can do anything, jazz tells him that it happened several months ago and its taken this long for pp to track jazz down [as she & her mum didn’t have the best of relationships.

HOSPITAL : Nurse Julie approach Sam and asks about the rings. Sam says that they weren’t what they thought they were.

Sam tells Nurse Julie that she is going home. Julie suggests that Sam should wait for a security guard to walks Sam to her car.

Sam has other ideas – she goes aside alone, whilst Nurse Julie phones security.

In the car park, Sam can sense that someone [he sees their black boots] is following her – its night time btw.

Sam runs to her car, and struggles to unlock the door in her panic. Someone approach – bus it’s just a security guard, reminding her about the hospital’s new security policy.

Sam begins the drive home. [END OF EP]


Who will be that next victim of the hospital attacker???

Will Drew discover Jazz’s intriguing plan???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Martha – electric blue spaghetti strap dress

SILVER : Belle - red [black face? motif] singlet top/dark blue shorts

BRONZE : Jazz – royal blue v neck long sleeve top/black long pants


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Drew – black [grey monkeys??? motifs]/ white & grey “camo” board shorts

Geoff – blue button up shirt/olive green long pants

Geoff – olive green long pants/white singlet

Jack – red [faint black unknown motif] polo shirt/faded blue jeans

Jazz – black long pants/grey spaghetti strap top

Luc - mauve (surfy motif) t/light grey [with black double ended triangles] board shorts

Martha – black shorts/orange & balck checked low cut singlet top

Nurse Julie - white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse/black long pants

Sam - olive green polo shirt/denim jeans

Tony - brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt/faded jeans

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