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Wed, 5 Sep 07 - Episode # 4498

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Eternal Love “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 5 Sep 07 - Episode # 4498)

Note – it’s quite intriguing to see that Kate Ritchie [along with Katie Fischer] in a new batch of Weight Watchers commercials [one of which screened in the ad breaks of H&A].

WEDDING LOCATION [NEAR SURF CLUB] : Brad talks to Dan as all the gathered guests etc wait the bridal party.

Annie arrives – before she sits next to Luc, she tell him that she has borrowed the fancy clothes that she is waering now form Belle. Both also comment on the make up etc that Annie is waering.

Moments after Annie is settled in her seat [next to Luc],she comnets that she can’t wiat for OWN wedding.

A limo arrives, and the bridal party [Rachel, Leah & Cass] emerge.

Brad tells Dan that it can’t be long now until Sally arrives.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Pippa tries to convince Sally that she Can do tis [ get married today] but Sally insists that she can’t even through she way admits that she loved Brad. Pippa insists that someone will have to tell Brad.

WEDDING LOCATION : Brad is getting a little concerned about how late Sally is – but all the guest [incl Morag & Ryan] are pleased when another limo arrives.

Thing thought aren’t so great – as only Pippa exits the car, and after she walks up the isle. She tells brad that sally isn’t coming.

WEDDING LOCATION : Sally is looking sorrowful. She walks over to the mantelpiece and takes hold of one of the photo frames – we can’t see who the photo is off, but you can imagine who it could be of.

WEDDING LOCATION : After talking to Rachel at the back of the marquee, Brad walk back up to the front [with the wedding celebrant etc is]. Brad insists to ppl that there’s been a slight delay but the ceremony will be taking place soon. Brad urges Pippa to speak to Sally again, but Pip doesn't think that it will do any good.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally still has THAT photo frame in her hands – and she’s ways stressed etc, when Fisher arrives. He tries to get her to go through with the ceremony, but sally insists that she can’t – because of Flynn [it’s a pic of Sally & Flynn – same one that “made” little Pippa called out “daddy” in previous ep.

WEDDING LOCATION : Brad is stand close to the celebrant will perform the ceremony when Rachel approaches him. She insists that if a bride being late for her wedding is a sign of good luck for that marriage, then Brad/Sally has got themselves plenty of good luck then.

Martha approach jack – and its clear that she’s had a fair bit of champagne by this time. She [in a very drunk voice] talks about weddings, and how they are still married.

Back inside the marquee, the likes of Maddie & little Pippa and the rest of the crowds turn their heads to the back of the structure, as a car is approaching. Fisher gets out – but its only fisher, and he tell Brad that he couldn’t convince Sally

VAN PARK HOUSE : The likes of Morag, Colleen, Leah, Irene, and Pippa enter, and Sally enters the main room [after having been upstairs] and apologises for everything.

WEDDING LOCATION : Brad & Rachel are the only pp still at the marquee. They are talking about love. Rachel insists that despite what she’s been thorough with Kimmy, she HAS to believe that it was real [that he REALLY loved her etc].

Sally approach – and Brad insist that he does want to speak t Sally, despite Rachel suggseyoin that he shouldn’t.

When Rachel has walked away, Sally all but break down totally when she admits to brad that this [non wedding] is because she’s still WAAAAAAAAAY in love with Flynn, and that she never wants to marry ANYONE else in her life.

Brad walk away 0- leaving Sally with her totally balling her eyes out tears.

DINER : Martha & jack are at the counter, and Martha sounds even more drink that she was before – which the likes of Morag, Alf, and colleen can well & truly hear. Jack “suggest” to Martha that she should go and lie down etc.

DINER FLAT : Jack & Martha enters, and Martha randomly talks about their wedding day, especially her cowboy boots, before she sits on the lounge. Its doesn’t take long before she is asleep.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric & Cass are in Her bedroom talking about what’s happened today. Talk turns to Henk – and Cass has a go at Ric for having a go at her at a time when their family is fall apart.

Sally comes to their doorway, and as they are talking they all hear Rachel call out form downstairs.

Sally goes downstairs – ands seconds later, Rachel begins to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY verbally attacks Sally for the way she publicly humiliate Brad today. Ric & Cass arrive behind Sally – and hear part of the attack,,

Brad enters, and “suggest” for Rachel to stop. he also taels Sally that he is only hear to grab a few things – as there is NO WAY that he can live here anymore.

Brad & Rachel bails, and Ric & Cass try to comfort Sally.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass tells Maddie that she is going for a walk. Maddie offers to go with her but Cass declines, so Maddie wonders if Cass if is going to see Henk. Cass insists that she is going for a walk.

Fisher & Morag wander if they can do anything to help, but Sally insists that she want o be alone. Sally goes on the back patio – and she starts to read the vows that Brad had written.

MONATGE : As we hear brad’s voiceover of the vows – in which he says that Sally gave him that courage to love again etc [all very mushy & uplifting], we saw [off course] Sally reading them but we also see Cass arrive ay the hospital – to find that Henk is no longer there. Also, we see jack putting a blanket over the still muchly asleep Martha [diner flat], and Rachel comfrot8ing Brad at her place, before returning to Sally at the very end of the vows. She totally in tears, and Pippa [like Rachel with Brad] is trying to comfort her loved one. [END OF EP]


Jack is trying to stop Sam form find out that he is still married to Martha

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah – grey [with a black cross over the bust] dress/sky blue hair band

SILVER : Annie - black [white dot lined] crop jacket/red [blue check] strapless dress

BRONZE : Maddie – light peach thin strap dress


Alf - white button up shirt/maroon tie/dark suit

Brad - white button up shirt/silver tie/dark suit

Cass – grey [with a sky blue band at the waist] halter dress

Colleen – purple [white floral] dress

Dan - white button up shirt/sky blue tie/dark suit

Fisher - white button up shirt/dark tie/dark suit

Irene – royal blue low cut dress

Little Pippa – ivory satin dress/white fleecy jacket

Luc - white button up shirt

Martha – electric blue spaghetti strap dress

Morag – white top/brown long sleeve woollen jacket

Pippa – maroon elbow length sleeves v neck top/white lacy skirt

Rachel – dark stylish grey dress

Ric – white button up shirt/sky blue tie/dark suit

Ryan – green [white vertical stripes] button up shirt

Sally – ivory satin low cut thin strap [wed] dress

Sally – red long sleeve top [with black top ‘neath]/dark blue long pants

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